LeoFinance MIcroblogging Platform: A Great Leap Towards Addiction And User Retention

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Yesterday, I stumbled upon a fine and quite educative post by @taskmaster4450 on the potentials of the forthcoming release of the microblogging platform that is being developed by Leofinance. He opined that the release of the microblogging platform, amongst other things, has the potential to attract an estimated 250,000 users within a year, which could most likely be the case.

Permit me to say that the essence of this post is not to repeat what @taskmaster4450 have already explored and explained. Instead, I will be focusing on how the emergence of the microblogging platform can infuse the much needed addiction into the Hive blockchain and ultimately result to the retention of users.

In some of my older articles published on this blockchain, I have argued that a true social media platform cannot thrive essentially on the monetary gains that the users can make from the platform. The experiment with Steem and Hive over the years has only proven that people will come for the money and go when the money slips off their fingers, which is inevitable because there will always be bull and bear cycles.

Today, there are over one million Hive accounts created but we continue to have less than 30,000 daily active users. I can bet that the number of daily active users here will quadruple if the price of Hive were to hit $3 today. To build a strong social media platform, even if we have decentralization as our key agenda, we must build addiction into this blockchain. People must see reasons to be here regardless of whether they make money off their activities or not.

If we take a look at the centralized social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram etc we would see millions of daily users who visit these platforms without expecting monetary rewards. Rather, many visit these platforms because they are addicted to the interesting things that happen there. They get the opportunity to catch up with loved ones, celebrities, and get informed on latest events.

Ironically, the same people who post free contents and waste time on mainstream social media sites would go AWOL on Hive when the price of the token is down. This is why I believe that the release of the microblogging platform would be a game changer for LEO and Hive. The ease of participation alongside the chat functionality that will be coded into the platform will get many addicted, placing less emphasis on the rewards for participation.

As more accounts come onboard, more people will come to LEO and Hive to mainly connect with the world through a new window of freedom and decentralization. That way, we would have found a solution to the ghost-town curse that happen here during bear markets.

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Can´t see those posts anymore. This is so pointless. Can we all please wait until the official announcement?

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I did not know this. Leo Finance is deleping microblogging sites like what, has taskmasters blog explained it?. I will read it.

Its got me confused more you...for I am thinking what to do with my liquid HIVE, change it to LEO, power up, or convert it into a hot crypto!!! ... anyway.

I just know in Leo page you write finance content and get LEO tokens and LEO token is into the DEFI world and all...there is more into it. They build further apps inside the HIVE blockchain is it.

BTW, I checked some social media sites like uptredd and read.cash uptredd is not doing good for me a tall, read.cash, don't know but I don't like BCH as I feel its shit coin, so only HIVE and publish0x look decent in my eyes you know. Anyway...

Yea he did explain it. I've now included the link to his post in the article. I think that it will be very interesting to see,the release.

I don't know why you think that BCH is a shitcoin. I'll remind you when it moons past 1k USD. Lool

Hold your Hive, the waves will find it soon. Cheers!

I heard his blog, part yesterday, part today as it was very long.

I think LEO token is going to shoot, however, that depends on this project being sucessfully made.

I don't know if its fun feature, for I don't like twitter stuff much other than doing campaings with my citizens group demanding to improve my City, that's fun stuff, we tweet and tag authorithies like crazy to trend and create buzz, to be caught on by news, and that group has created impacts too.

So, twitter has its benefits and no platform here can beat it because, that has bigger reach. Besides, twitter banned Donald Trump I heard for he was posting nonsense, they are better than facebook that way who don't care about posts spreading hate and stuff.

I only hope, those junk people who post unitteligently don't flood stuff here, it will congest my brain, need to consume good stuff. Anyway...lets see. I am not a tall looking for a chat feature to connect with strangers here you know, that is dangerous, like facebook is. It's better we conect here to have post our articles and be read by a global audience because in my country not many will I find, so enthusiastic about crypto, blockchain and stuff, very few, that's the advantage here.

And I am scared to post on FB, because anything related to crypto my country's legislation may look to blacklist people who are crypto holders, have then pay lots of tax and all...so I reframe from posting on FB or twitter...

its boring actually...also no real friends there, prefer real connections, although many people there were my friends just that we have different lives now but FB not a fun place to connect, nothing real, I hardly open my page there thesedays and now with rel;atives on your friends list I don't post anthing there a tall, like no privacy, anyway.

It's amazing how many things are lining up for HIVE to go through a BOOM.
The Leo Community should have no problems getting their own group of 30,000 new users to join.