Buying and Powering Up More Hive

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Last week I thought it would be fun to ask people on Twitter to like the tweet if they would want me to buy more Hive. I promised to buy 1 Hive for each tweet. I kept the number lower because who knows, what if tens of thousands of people like and end up in a position of not being able to deliver on the promise. Final likes count is 77. So I have to buy 77 Hive, which I would do gladly just because it makes sense as an investment.

In addition to this few days ago I saw Will you buy $20 of Hive with me? challenge by TheMarkyMark. You can read more about it here. Previously he has done one with $10 worth of Hive and it was fun too. So I also wanted to participate in this. Why not? Participation is what makes this platform interesting.

August 1st is here too, which is a Hive Power Up Day. That is another reason to buy more Hive and power up. I rounded all numbers up and bought 500 Hive, with fees it ended being 499.490 Hive. Success!


But wait, my wallet had some HBDs. Why not buy more Hive with those as well. Bought some more Hive for 27 HBD. Transferred 110 more Hive from another account. I need more Hive. Hive Power that is!

In the end I powered up 735.293 Hive. Getting closer and closer to unlock the Orca level.

Happy Hive Power Up Day Everybody!

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Awesome. Promoting Hive on Twitter and powering up. Thats great! Keep it up

Congratulations my friend, what can I say, 500HP is amazing, I'm more of the slow power up guy, everyday I take it upon myself to Power up at least 1 hive and that way I grow quite consistently but smaller. I have 17.6k hive power now and my aim is 20k before the end of the year. Orca before December?

I don’t know when Orca, hopefully soon.

Hopefully soon, you're my investment muse, I'll be finally going into trading soon hahaha wish me luck

Good luck! I hope you will get positive results.

Great work. Powering up always gives a good feeling. My account is also slowly growing. I'll also try to do a similar power up today. Cheers! !BEER

Thanks Bala.

August 1 is the Hive Power Up Day? I didn't know that...

But by coincidence, I also bought and powered up 4.5k Hive today! 😄

I don't remember where exactly I saw it, might be on Twitter, Discord or some post to revive power up day on the first of the month. Nice power up!

Pretty nice way of promoting the $HIVE platform on twitter. Any idea as to whether your "likers" became Hivians after the tweet likes?

Always good to see people get involved in HivePUD! Nice one on the power up! You should get a cool badge from that too!

In the end I powered up 735.293 Hive.

That's a great amount! One step closer to the Orca status!


Nice one, I'm sure you'll get to Orca pretty soon! Won't be long now, keeps ramping up as you get closer

Hey @geekgirl, here is a little bit of BEER from @bala41288 for you. Enjoy it!

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May the Hive Power be with you!

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