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Call To Action:

We've seen some articles about witnesses lately, articles about witness votes and how important witnesses are for Hive. I have published two different articles as well, which you can find here:

While one of these got a total of 11 reblogs and got a decent amount of attention, it still had very little impact. My intention was to get some of the current witnesses to change their votes, and hopefully vote for LeoFinance as well, but the most important part was to get people to stop voting for disabled witnesses and/or witnesses who haven't updated their price feed in a very, very long time.

I truly believe in LeoFinance and it should come as no surprise that LeoFinance has been paving the way for Hive & for other communities for quite some time with their innovative changes, great features and amazing communication. I personally think that LeoFinance deserves top be a top 20 witness and I know that there are a lot of people thinking in the same lines.. That is the reason for this post.

While my previous posts didn't had any major impact like I stated above, this will be a direct call-to-action where I will highlight a bunch of different users in an attempt to make them a bit more aware.

We all want what's best for Hive, but we might have different ideas to get there.. Hive deserves and needs top witnesses that are active and witnesses who have the best intentions for Hive..

What I want, is to make room for those witnesses. LeoFinance doesn't necessarily have to be one, even though I personally believe that LeoFinance deserves it.

In this article, I will go through the top 10 Hive witnesses. We will take a look at who they are voting for and if those witnesses are active or not. I will only highlight witnesses that are voting for witnesses who are inactive or haven't changed the price feed.

  • I hope you don't mind this little reminder...


Witness Position: 1 | @blocktrades.
Voting for @jesta, @netuoso and @riverhead.

  • jesta (witness #30) have not updated the price feed in 4 months.
  • netuoso (witness #32) has not produced any blocks for over a week, disabled his witness 1 month ago and haven't updated the price feed in 4 months.
  • riverhead (witness #29 ) have not updated the price feed in 5 months.

Witness Position: 2 | @gtg.
Voting for @bhuz, @liondani, @pfunk and @riverhead.

  • bhuz (witness #40) have not updated the price feed in 2 years.
  • liondani (witness #39) have not update the price feed in 4 months.
  • pfunk (witness #33) have not updated the price feed in 7 days.

Witness Position: 3 | @roelandp.
Voting for @bhuz, @firepower, @innerhive, @liondani, @pfunk, @riverhead and @steemychicken1.

  • firepower (witness #60) have not updated the price feed since last year.
  • innerhive (witness #50) have not updated the price feed in 3 months.
  • steemychicken1 (witness #85) have not updated the price feed in 7 months.

Witness Position: 4 | @good-karma.
Voting for @pfunk.

Witness Position: 5 | @ausbitbank.
Voting for @pfunk.

Witness Position: 6 | @themarkymark.
Voting for @pfunk.

Witness Position: 7 | @steempress.
Voting for @jesta, @liondani, @netuoso, @pfunk and @reggaemuffin.

  • reggaemuffin is inactive. Last block a year ago.

Witness Position: 9 | @anyx.
Voting for @aizensou, @bhuz, @c-squared, @complexring, @innerhive, @jesta, @liondani, @netuoso, @pfunk, @riverhead.

  • aizensou (witness #83) have not updated the price feed in 4 years.
  • c-squared (witness #79) has not produced any blocks for over a week, disabled 6 months ago and haven't updated the price feed in 7 months.
  • complexring (witness #82) have not updated the price feed in 3 years.

Witness Position: 10 | @pharesim.
Voting for @bhuz, @dragosroua, @firepower, @helo, @isnochys, @jesta, @pfunk and @satren.

  • dragosroua (witness #70) have not updated the price feed in 5 months.
  • helo (witness #95) have not updated the price feed since last month.
  • isnochys (witness #88) have not updated the price feed in 11 months.
  • satren (witness #76) have not updated the price feed in 2 months.

These are the top 10 Hive witnesses at the time I am writing this.
steempeak (witness #8) is the only top witness who doesn't have to review any of their votes according to this tool by @primersion.

Also note that pfunk haven't updated the price feed in 7 days which aren't much to argue about, but I include everyone from the tool in this list.

So, while I am not a blockchain-guru- or expert in any way and even though I don't know exactly how important price feeds are, it looks ridiculous to see witnesses not updating the price feed for several months, or even years.. To vote for disabled witnesses, or witnesses that aren't updating the price feed is another thing that doesn't look good in my personal opinion.

I mean, Hive witnesses are the ones who decides things. The stakeholders of Hive decides who to vote for and the Hive power decides who'll be ranked where and when within the witness list. Are we blindly just going to accept the witnesses when many of them doesn't seem to care "all that much" about Hive in the first place, except for accumulating Hive for producing blocks?

Are we supposed to blindly trust and believe in all the witnesses when many of them doesn't seem to do things public for the "average Joe's" to see and/or understand?

Many of the witnesses are inactive on Hive as well and doesn't even seem to have logged in for several weeks or months. Many of them haven't made a post in ages..

The "average Joe's" doesn't understand blockchain tech or how to produce blocks, and most of them doesn't care about it. They aren't going to learn what happens "behind the scenes" in terms of it either, because they have no interest in knowing those things. They want to- and need to hear, see and feel things to learn and understand..

Look At Your Witness Votes..
Improve Hive Today.

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Looks like pfunks price feed is working again fyi

I'm well aware of my witness votes, I just don't update them frequently (because I then get a barrage of people trying to get my vote).

Voting for a witness that is disabled is essentially a non-vote, they are ignored when it comes to getting allocated blocks.

Price feeds are important, but mostly only for the 20 top witnesses, due to the algorithm used.

I would drop a vote for a top 20 witness that wasn't maintaining their price feed.

I'll eventually update my votes, but there's no rush based on my current votes, IMO.

Hope that clears up my position.

There are two things that will change this.

The first is vote decay which means the votes will automatically expire for those who havent done anything on chain in a certain period of time, a year I believe.

Second, Leos simply need to, collectively, increase their HP. We are seeing some of this through activity but the big change will come when Leos take some of their profits and buy hive. Governance is an important issue and all should be concerned about it. After all, if someone has hundreds of thousands in LEO (and other tokens) do they want that in the hands of witnesses that might change things and not reflect the views on one?

This is not a chance that I want to take and that is why I am holding all the HP I get.

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Måske er det, det ægte circle-jerking :p Witnesses voting for witnesses xD

It's a shame

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What a great overview and I totally understand your concerns. I knew a while ago that I didn't have the time to research all of the witness candidates as thoroughly as I should so I made the decision to proxy my vote to Leo. I think that was probably one of the smartest things I have ever done. They have a lot of trust and I know they are going to be voting for witnesses who are benefiting the chain.

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I have voted leofinance a long time ago and I can't believe that other post had close to 11 reblogs and yet very little impact. What of I know is that the overly decentralised nature of hive is why many people are not having it. Leofinance Being top 20 witness will be impactful it's already evident.

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BTS gang.

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I updated my witness vote(s) after reading your previous post. Yes, I agree we as stakeholders should be more involved in the affairs of our blockchain and how it is run. I have read comments by some top witnesses and I think this post got to the right place. Cheers.

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Like that you push also. I have my Saturday or Sunday witness push where I go on disabled witnesses and see who vote for them and hit them in a mention and private chat. Till now some very good people in here have reviewed their votes

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I believe in the next HF25 is going to be a change whereby the people who are inactive won't be eligible to be witnesses.

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