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I previously published an article named: "Removing Witness Votes To Improve Hive", in where I openly talked about the fact that I truly believe that LeoFinance deserves to be a top witness and that the least you can do is to change your votes a bit so you don't vote for inactive witnesses. Some things have changed since that post. LeoFinance where witness #30 when I wrote that article 18 days ago. LeoFinance happens to be witness #28 today, which is a good thing.

However, for someone who doesn't truly understand all the heavy-lifting a witness does I have often tried to "get to know" a witness before I decide whether I should vote for him or not. The witness announcements are- or should be important for such things..

  • But they are not.

Many of them are outdated and a bunch of them are still mentioning steem.

However, I decided to look at the witnesses a bit more and I quickly realized that a lot of people are voting for witnesses who haven't updated the price feed in a very long time.

Like I told you previously, I don't know much about witnesses and all the heavy-lifting they are doing, and I don't know if price feeds are that important or not.. But I actually remember reading about it in the past:

someguy123, (witness #14) said this when he talked about witness tasks:

"the first and foremost is to produce blocks (thus process transactions), the second most important is to produce a price feed"

So, knowing that, I suppose it's pretty important. One thing lead to another and I decided to take a look at some of our top witnesses, and who they are voting for..


blocktrades (witness #1) is voting for:

  • jesta (#29) who haven't updated the price feed in 4 months.
  • riverhead (#30) who haven't updated the price feed in 4 months.
  • netuoso (#31) who haven't updated the price feed in 4 months.
    Last block #50589661 1 months ago on v1.24.4.

gtg (witness #2) is voting for:

  • bhuz (#40) who haven't updated the price feed in 2 years.
  • liondani (#39) who haven't updated the price feed in 4 months.
  • He also votes for riverhead.

roelandp (witness #3) is voting for:

  • firepower (#60) who haven't updated the price feed since last year.
  • innerhive (#50) who haven't updated the price feed in 2 months.
  • steemychicken1 (#85) who haven't updated the price feed in 7 months.
    He also votes for bhuz, liondani and riverhead.

good-karma (witness #4) is voting for:

  • lukestokes.mhth (#25) who haven't updated the price feed in 28 days.

ausbitbank (witness #5) is voting for:
- lukestokes.mhth. (See above)

And there you have it..

LeoFinance needs ~18M HP to reach the top 20 and that's a long way, but it's doable. Many of you have remaining votes, just like me.. Remove your witness votes for inactive witnesses and vote for LeoFinance.

If even the top witnesses vote on other witnesses who haven't updated the price feed for several months or even years.. And if they are voting on witneses who haven't produced a block in weeks or months..

  • Maybe you are doing that as well...?

Vote For LeoFinance!

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Back on steem, we used to have witnesses give briefings on their weekly actives. I have not been seeing much of that lately. Since the hostel takeover, there hasn't been much communication between the stakeholders and witnesses (I have seen or heard). Anyway, I am voting leofinance. I check to see if I also vote for any inactive witness. Cheers

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LeoFinance For President! :)

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I won't have it any other way 🤭

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Great post summarizing the current state regarding witness votes. I have realized the same thing. One more problem is that a few top witnesses are not really actively engaging with HIVE and just have their witness node running.

Anyways I made a great tool for quickly checking if you are voting for an inactive witness or a witness with an old price feed. Those votes will show up right at the top in red after you entered your HIVE username:

Excellent points!

In time, actively developed communities such as Leo will become sufficiently wealthy to buy up the necessary HIVE and fix this nonsense if this wake-up call fails to have any impact.

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I don't think it will have much impact, but I can at least try.. :D

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BTS gang.

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It seems you remind me every so often to revisit my witness selections or else I would never think to do it.

Leo finance is definitely leading the way and we have been friends with khaleel from the beginning. I will make sure I have them selected.

Thanks again!

I was wondering the same thing. I just found out about the fork that created my HIVE account last week, so I've been updating my witnesses. I wish there was a way to know if they were all still contributing. If not, they should be removed to allow for new blood.

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i really don't know how exactly that works. I have seen some of those that have 4 months to update the price, being active in here, even wrote a post some weeks ago, maybe a month.

That's why i don't know what's up and how it works

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Netuoso is not more active. I managed to write some friends to change the votes, and they did as they have not been aware of it. I think it is time to do another push these days on the witness vote behaviour.

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Any ideas on what could prompt people to review their witness votes more often?

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lukestokes.mhth (#25) who haven't updated the price feed in 28 days.

seems like Luke either saw your post or by coincidence noticed the feed was broken :)


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Glad to see that you are
informing all Hivers and lions
the benefit of keeping the system
#leofinance and all witnesses that put this
blockchain first should get a vote.
I wish every 30 days, there is something
that get rid of dead votes and keep this blockchain
fresh and alive with new update vote.


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Why not create a post and mention all who vote on inactive witnesses?

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