RE: If Hive's price remain at these levels, this is what comes next...

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I totally agree with you, brother, even I received two trails votes that I've received before this pump in the Hive price and the difference in rewards is just amazing!

I was receiving $8 in rewards from the first trail and almost $18-19 for the second one, now I did receive the same upvote for both projects, the first one gave me $12 in rewards and the second one gave me $25 in rewards.

So, this is a huge opportunity for people to keep creating to earn more, to keep saving and holding Hive to see their accounts become really powerful, I know that this pump is not a coincidence, I think that we probably are going to see another awesome pump like Hive had in 2020 when it was born.

I think that it won't be crazy if it passes its ATH of $0.91 before April, don't you think?

Keep working and keep growing! Good vibes from Caracas, Venezuela.

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