The Day Spiky Sold All his Hive Comic Strip (EN/ES)

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This is a comic strip i made for the contest Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest Week 175 at frist i missed the part of the contest basis and i used another charachter instead of Pinky and Spiky, then i made the versión with Pinky and Spiky in order to participate in the contest.

Something funny is that this happened to me minutes later i drawed the cartoon. When Hive reached 0.52 USDT and 0.000013 BTC in Binance, i sold to a profit of 20% when i could get 40% profits, how ironic. But i must say the amount of Hive i had was too small to split in two parts so...

I hope you like my cartoon.


Below is the previous versión with the lucky bear.

Cartoon english.jpg

I used photoshop to draw this comic strip


Esta es una caricatura que hice para el concurso Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest Week 175 aunque al principio no leí bien las bases y lo hice con otro personaje distinto a Pinky y Spiky, luego adapté el comic para incluir a Pinky y SPiky y asi poder participar en el concurso.

Algo curioso es que esto me pasó minutos después de que dibujé la caricatura. Cuando Hive alcanzó 0.52 USDT y 0.000013 BTC en Binance, vendí con una ganancia del 20% cuando pude obtener un 40% de ganancias, qué irónico. Pero debo decir que la cantidad de Hive que tenía era demasiado pequeña para dividirla en dos partes, así que ...

Espero que les guste mi caricatura.

caricuatura copia1.jpg

A continuación la versión previa con el oso suertudo

caricuatura copia.jpg

Utilicé photoshop para realizar esta caricatura

Please let me know in the comments if this has happened to you.

Házme saber en los comentarios si esto te ha pasado alguna vez.


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Muy lindas las ilustraciones. Me pareció muy gracioso y la caricatura del oso suertudo también.

Muchas gracias, me contenta que le haya parecido gracioso, basado en hechos reales jeje.

It's soooooooo frustrating to sell too early, isn't it?

Yes, so frustating as not selling and coming back near the buy price haha, but that's part of the learning for ways to take profits.

I wish I had a dollar for all the times I sold crypto only to see it skyrocket overnight lol, nice comic buddy, keep up the good work!

haha it happens all the time, now i always try to keep something for the longterm. but anyways sometimes i end up selling all my crypto, watching them go up like skyrockets. Thanks for the comment.

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Great, Hive is a good store of value.Thanks for your comment.

If we keep a large stock of hive now, it will be of great benefit in the future.

 2 months ago Reveal Comment

Yeh, the truth is told, now is the time to store it in huge quantities.

You are both right, thank you for commenting. greetings.