Sign up to Hive via Metamask? Do it on Leofinance!

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Hi Hive Friends,

What a game changer! Back in the days when we were on the other chain and now on Hive, creating a new account was near impossible for the average Joe. It either took weeks to get an account created or you need to pay for one which is not very user friendly. Who wants to wait OR pay for an account for something they haven't used before and want to try it out. I just read that this now can be done quickly via Leofinance connecting the users Metamask.

What impresses me is they will also delegate some HP to the user so they can start using LeoFinance AND Hive blockchain immediately. This is very similar to the way Splinterlands works which is a winner for the Hive blockchain. The other thing that amazes me is you can now claim your rewards then get converted to Ethereum which later will be to WLEO if I understood it correctly.

Now we can easily get more users on Leofinance and Hive simultaneously and it is a clear winner for everyone. We are lacking in new users, new investors and new vibes. The creation of new accounts have been a hurdle for years and now another avenue to onboarding these new users will make our blockchain more attractive. Another great reason LEO will be one of the great investments on Hive.

source - all photos were taken from announcement post


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