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RE: Ask Me Anything: I Work As A Tarot Reader on s Psychic Hotline. What Would You Like To know About My Business?

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Do you get paid from your job as a tarot reader in fiat or in crypto?

Have you had customers shill crypto while working as a tarot reader?

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I get paid in fiat, but would very happily accept crypto and look forward to the day when a way to accept crypto is easy and available and affordable to me.

I have never had a customer shill crypto.

Thanks for answering. I hope crypto ends up being used more in real life. At least this way we can start having less reliance on the existing fiat system.

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I agree. When I sell goods (randomly from Etsy shops or such)for crypto, I am so happy about it that I value the crypto as higher - for example I would accept HIVE as worth $1.00, and litcoin as worth $200

Thank you for your comments.

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