TIL How to use Leo Dex's Vote Weight Multiplier!

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For days ever since I started to get active back on the HIVE Blockchain, I was looking for a tool which exactly does this. A tool that lets you set your voting power different on the Main Blockchain and on the other tribes.

For almost months my Tribe Power (like Leo Power) is constantly almost at 100%. I also can't use my full upvote power over there even if I want to since if I do so I would use the same power on Hive as well and I am trying to at least keep my VP above 80%+. Basically this means I have lost a lot of curation rewards ,not that I have a lot of LP to begin with but still I want to accumulate as much LEO and other Tribe Tokens as I can. XD

Until I stumbled upon this: https://leodex.io/rewards. Which exactly does the things I mentioned above. I am still trying to get the numbers right with my auto and manual upvotes per day but after 12 hours of auto my LP only dropped down from 100% to 93% at vote weight multiplier 10. So I am planning to increase it at 12 or even 15 and see if it can handle both my auto and manual upvotes and get to 80% daily.


As for the other tribes like ProofOfBrain I am planning to set it even at 20 multiplier with not that much authors posting in there at the moment. Currently it is one of my fastest tribe growth with me getting 71 POB Power in my first week. XD

One of my goals this year is to get my Leo Power to 1500 and POB Power also to 1500. At the moment I am staking all my POB but is using my LEO to buy CUB's so it might take a while to get my LP to 1500 but once I reach 100 CUB Staked, I will put most of my resources (even profit from that CUB DEN) to ensure my Leo Power growth along with my Hive Power.

So yeah! Cool Tool! Better late than never knowing such a tool existed. :)


This is a wonderful tool that helps the user to be able to earn more curation rewards via multiple tribes on the hive blockchain...

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Yay! 🤗
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