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If you wanna stir things up, tell people you are an affiliate marketer.

If you want to see them roll their eyes, tell them you are an EMAIL marketer too....

Nothing scares more people than the dreaded 'internet sales guy or gal that sends email'!

Images of spam dance in their head and sadly the chances of doing business with these people who have already made up their mind...Is fairly low.

Rightfully so!

Look at the state of 'affiliate' marketing and what do you....

"Join now, and we'll turn you $100 a month into millions!"

"Hey thanks for signing up to my list...Buy my stuff now!"

"Guaranteed income in 30 days or less!"

The claims and schemes are everywhere. And it hurts legitimate marketers that are genuinely trying to help their customers and subscribers.

I've been in this business for 20 years now and I can't number the amount of times I've seen people come online and get suckered into one of these 'guru' programs....Only to get taken for thousands of dollars and end up giving up.

Even worse...Affiliate and Email marketing get another black eye!

At ClickTrackProfit.com we might lose a ton of business because we are VERY low on the promises of instant riches and sales of high ticket items. There is a time and place for all the 'opportunities' but we feel....We need to grow a relationship before we start asking people to pull out their credit cards (or crypto lol)

This week, I signed up to a mailing list that cemented my belief....There are GREAT online entrepreneurs that STILL want to deliver value to their members and subscribers....Rather than pitch them the latest greatest...

Check this out:


That's the email i got when I signed up to Pat Flynn's mailing list.

If you don't know who Pat is, he's one of the most popular podcasters and entrepreneurs in the online entrepreneurial space. The dude just constantly delivers value from his podcasts to the advanced training he provides.

How cool was that welcome message?

Thanks for TRUSTING me!

That's a huge statement and something I spoke about in last night's Thursday Night Live webinar.

Look, I know that some of the 'experts' will tell you that you need to sell people 24/7...They'll tell you to pitch the massive high ticket items...And the high pressure tactics are part of their model.

It's just not my cup of tea!

And here's what will happen because someone like Pat Flynn decided to treat me as a human instead of just a number on his mailing list...

  • I'll blog about him and his awesome approach to building relationships through email.

  • I'll end up doing a book review of his book - Superfans - which I'm reading right now.

  • I'll end up buying one of his training courses down the road because I think he's an expert and I can learn a ton from him.

No hard pressure sales.

No claims of income.

No scummy email marketing tactics.

Just entrepreneurs treating their subscribers and customers like...Valued people!

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totally agree with you. From a "customer" perspective the too many emails are considered spam in my dictionary and simply i don't pay any attention at all!

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Such awesome ROI from proper email marketing...Sad so many entrepreneurs abuse it.

This is a great lesson that we can all learn from in dealing with our own email lists. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

For sure...One of the best welcome messages I've ever read!

I like to listen to his podcast and I really like his tone of voice. Cant speak to his emails.

Yeah it's funny, I have been a listener of his for a while...But just recently joined his list.

I heard the same ad on your thursday night live show. I definitely would prefer no scummy email tactics as they deserve to be in my spam folder.

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Agreed...You'd be blown away at how some people still use those tactics to build a business online. It's sad.

I believe that it's time to give a new face to affiliate marketing or simply to call a more human approach differently. It could be something like community entrepreneurs. Or network marketers...

Have to move with the current times and most importantly, treat people like human beings....Not just numbers in a machine!

Very nice story, read his blog.
His humbleness and helping nature is one if the "big" reason of his success.

Absolutely. Great guy and gives a ton of value in his podcasts!

That shit is just modern day scam, I mean some big time legal robbery. I use to fall for it about 5 to 6 years ago. Its crazy how these people have ran out of scammy lies

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It's insane how many people abuse it. And leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth :(

Haha but these guys sure made a lot of Money from it.

Great welcome message it is

For sure, made me a raving fan for sure lol

This post really hits home with me! I will be honest...I hate being sold too (typical hard-selling)...and that is also the reason why I find it difficult to do marketing.

Yet, at the same time I would also like to give you credit for the fact that since I joined your program, I have never been 'put under pressure' for upgrading in any program or 'sold too' in any way. In all your posts, videos, and even your comments, I get the message loud and clear. But it is a positive message and it makes sense. I have to start communicating more and I will have to start learning about marketing if I want to see any serious results online...and it can be done without being a "pushy salesman"...

I am currently my own worst stumbling block, I admit it, but posts such as these are slowly but surely getting through to me that it's not always just about selling.

This is the year where I just have to break through my own personal barriers and turn things around.

Thanks for sharing!