Content Recycling; Why Most Content Bringers Are Systematic Plagiarist.

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Value & Intangible Content

Comedy is something that sells really well in the Nigerian Social media industry and overtime a lot of people have built a real-time venture from something intangible.

bringing comics contents via Instagram and Facebook and of course the grand earner; YouTube. In the past tangibility was always what you consider as real wealth; landed property, money in the bank and a lot of other thing like properties that could be traded for money.

Nowadays having a YouTube account with 500k subscriber is worth more than being a bank manager in a Nigerian commercial bank. Having digital skills sometimes can be better than having a degree that cannot translate to wealth or translate to value of any sort.

Nowadays the ability to be productive is what translates to wealth. When you look at most YouTube and Instagram comedians content is what classifies them.

The ability to understand a heterogeneous audience and satisfy them content wise is what makes them great professionals. Having an audience is different but maintaining them is where the problem is.

Getting them to subscribe and patent you is something else and getting them to recommend you is even more difficult. Truth is, content is what is king but then Irrespective of what content these guys out out on a timely basis we can't forget the fact that instability Is a human thing.

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How Valuable Is Comic Content?

Now when you compare music to comedy it's very different. Great musicians aren't known through their YouTube views or even Facebook pages but one thing I can tell you is that there is always a sentiment.

In Nigeria people can pay millions of naira to dance to a musician who sings fast pace beat but wouldn't do so for a musician that's based in RNB genre or blues. So the relevance people attaches to a musician is what makes them expensive.

value is relative when it comes to the entertainment industry and people's opinion of quality or fun is what makes them make a music choice over the other but then in comedy it's totally different. Humor sells and humor is synonymous and the only thing that makes one comedian valuable the the other is the quality of content, uniqueness and originality.


But then, Originality is the issue. In the industry everyone is a plagiarist. But being a smart and creative plagiarist is what differentiates a lazy and uncreative plagiarist from of course the former. Recycling is is the stage where you find a lot of content but then being able to recycle an old content into an even better one is what keeps the value coming in.

In other words recycling is healthy because it keeps contenting rather innovative, new and fresh but one of the reasons why recycling feels rather terrible is that people lacks the ability to stay productive and even when money is the motivation the Nigerian industry is more intrested in returns and input not mindful of the output they sell to the general public.

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Going Where The Money Is

Comedy sells more in Nigeria and the movie industry is now a pile of shit. Nigerians pay heavily to consume foreign content but will never pay half of that money to consume a Nigerian content even if its totally free of charge.

So gradually we have seen movie stars gradually diving into instagram comedy because that is where the audience, the affiliate marketing and the money is; soon the comedy market will be filled up and comedy will loss it's value because once again contenting will be the problem and we'd be back to square one. Too many cook spoils the broth too many unproductive people are trying to carve out a chunk of wealth for themselves but then they don't even have the base core; content.

They go about looking for audience but then they don't even have contents and lacks basic understanding of how quality recycling cleans up the entire spectrum.

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You are right. In the real sense, we all are plagiarists but what makes one different from the other is their creative ability, adding and spicing up old content or piece.

Speaking of the comedy industry, a lot of people are rushing into that field but the truth still remains, only the creative and contentful ones survive it there.

Some comedies these days just bore the hell out of me.
I remember when little Emmanuella, the Mark Angel Comedy Started, now there are counting in billions and every little child now wants to be a comedian, emulating little Emmanuella but the truth is most of them aren't even as creative or good as her.

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Beautiful comment, I think many people just wants to follow the money, to them they don't feel they need to put in the work and because of that we have a lot of contents with no creative edge. We follow the money because wealth is everything to us. Its okay to recycle in a creative way, but then people just about copy and paste

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Yes, it okay to recycle in a creative way, but some just see copy and paste as the way way out of a dog truth it is though not the best

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A Few days back, I was with a friend who brought this reality to my awareness noticing how almost everyone engage in comedy on the instagram handle. Truly that's where the money is and people are rushing into it. Plagiarism is already in the act, repeating one comedy in different styles, in few days it will loose it value

Eventually it will lose value like you have said, we wouldn't continue this way for ever. It'll eventually run out.

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