Greed As A Powerful Appeal Sold In Social Medias; The Evolution Of The Internet?

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Social media in itself is aggrandising, this is because it is enhanced or thought to be more than what it actually is. This is the same for things like advertising a commodity or shilling a prospect or even getting people to be interested or putting their money in.

Greed is an essence of course the most influential market appeal that attracts people. Social media often prys into the need of people to sell them what they often so desire it's like asking Google "what's the best way to earn without working" these informations are brought back to you in forms of adverts with the keywords you have actually used to search for these things on Google.

In all honesty not all real prospects actually needs advertising. Garri is a consummable commodity in Nigeria that has never appeared on television or social media adverts but sells more than any commodity in Nigeria. However this isn't to say advertising is bad, the only thing is that the media, the online media has made advertising so aggrandising that it's very easy for people to get scammed more.

But who gains and how loses? The answer to that question is Within you. Economic in the world hardly works the way we see it. Companies and organisations spends more money on ads more than they even spend on the produce they're trying to sell.


People search for money, experience and compatibility online and the way they find the answers to these on the media makes it too difficult to ignore and also makes it looks "too good to be real". The people who are selling are become more plentier than the people who are buying and what does this means, you have more of the fake amongst prospects that are suppose to be real.

These is why money is deemed very easy to make nowadays. On the actually front money is probably very difficult to make but with the advent of the internet we have some so called "easy money" but this doesn't take away the fact that making money is hard but some things we see on social media gives people a different impression.

What is the repercussion to this? The repercussions is apart from the fact that it creates a wrong mentality about money making, it makes it difficult to settle for promising opportunities. Back in the days, blockchain blogging was prospectful but a lot of people felt they'd prefer fiverr and waiting for airdrops on different uncertain projects.

This is because the former seems a usual nobody wants to make usual money back then. Making one dollar after putting in 3 hours of your day blogging seems really unattractive but truth is, people were ready to earn a dollar doing real-time businesses but it seems too little for them to earn on the internet. The later promised millions and these millions never came, social media sucks people in with unnatural wealth.

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Of course it's exciting to put in little work and earn huge but then what's the basis of this? The cost of advert placement nowadays is going parabolic and people are getting swindled everyday. The more people show interest the more advertising schemes become even costlier for fake ventures looking for audience to make their own.

You don't see "give and take" that easily you only see "take and take" camouflaged in "come and collect". Needless to say, no matter the advent or evolution of the internet making money legally will still come with principles and rules. Many people fall into deceit but they still keep buying into it, losing time and money when they could invest their time. Laziness often accompanies greed. The will to gain it all is the opportunity to lose it all.

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As I would say, nothing good comes easy. In the situation we are, they know many people are frustrated and looking for any means to make money thereby using it ads as an opportunity to take advantage on people.

Brother, I have lost your contact. Kindly message me on WhatsApp let me save it again.

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I have lost your contact too somehow,I'll message you with it on discord

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Greed is part of human nature @tipu curate

Yeah, excessive greed can be financial destruction anyways, too.

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the will to gain it all is the opportunity to loose it all

All messages from this post was a hit, but this last sentence blew up my mind.
Great content brother.

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Thanks a lot, that was virtually the aim of the post, the media makes us think we can have it all, while realistically we can lose everything.

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And it all falls in their gain.