The Hurdles Of Building A Sucessful Business Venture In Nigeria

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Government policies are very important to consider when permutating, looking at charts or looking at the sucess rates or failure of others in a previous business venture you aim to go into. For example a lot of people have crypto schools built in real-time where they help people to transact crypto and learning the trade too.

However its been a while now that government has alleged that crypto is used in sponsoring terrorism. In 2017, the central bank refused to patent crypto as a legal tender, these were signs that showed that Crypto might get a ban.

Its important to consider government stance on a business before going into it. I mentioned in the video that Nigeria is the most unstable economy in the world with a fast rate of inflation on its currency.

I mentioned about how business owners shouldn't put millions in Nigeria because of the factors I mentioned in the Video.
Lives and properties are lost on a daily basis and in the video I stated the hurdles involved.

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