Ripple board member arrested



Ken Kurson was placed in federal custody after being accused of stalking three people. Editor-in-Chief of The Observer, he sent threats to his friend for allegedly ruining his marriage. He probably obtained access to the social media for his victims. He installed a keylogger on one of them.
Kurson's lawyer, however, claims that there are no grounds for detention.
In 2017, Kurson joined Ripple's board of directors as an early investor.
After the seat was released by CTO David Schwartz. He shares the same board of directors with former Ripple CEO Chris Larsen and CEO of SBI Holdings Yoshita Kitao.

Ripple is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in America. Based on the Inc. list, which includes many companies, Ripple was ranked 123rd. However, it was the largest growing blockchain company in the United States.

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