@BitQueenBR with 25k followers on Twitter announced they bought HIVE because they like the ticker

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Do we have our ticker to thank for some recent HIVE purchases?

@BitQueenBR with roughly 25k followers on Twitter and the founder of two crypto related trading websites, announced that they/she are buying HIVE, in part because they/she like the "ticker"...

True story:

(Source: https://twitter.com/BitQueenBR/status/1264968455637393411)

The word is slowly starting to get out there about HIVE and tweets just like this one help move it right along, plus it sounds like our ticker is helping us out as well. :)

There were a couple interesting charts shared in that tweet relating to HIVE as well, hinting at possibly good things to come for the price in the near future...



(Source: https://twitter.com/BitQueenBR/status/1264968455637393411)

Hopefully they are right and as always, any press is good press!

Stay informed my friends.


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According to my assessment, hive will likely go down more.

It's certainly possible. What else does your assessment say?

The issue with hive is that it has inherited a lot of useless stuff from Steem. I believe the development of hive and the community will take some time. Things are going in the right direction to some extent though.

Not gonna buy until see higher high peak (looking at bittrex only)

Higher high peak? What do you mean?

Am looking for price to start growing.

As much as we want to be the hare, it is important to remember that the turtle can win the race.

Little by little, individual by individual, we grow and expand. Word is getting out there and each news item like this is another small feather in the cap.

Eventually, we will wake up one day and it will be a pillow full of feathers.

Consistency is the key and we see a lot of it on Hive.

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It is important for us to keep the momentum going any way that we can. The most direct way is on boarding more users, but we have to do better at keeping them when we do...

LoL. What a gut feeling

I guess that means we picked a good ticker!

That’s awesome I wish I had the extra income to buy something just based on the name.

Yea, though they didn't say HOW MUCH they bought...

That's true lol.

Ha. This is great. Slow and steady, we make ourselves known to the world. :D

Onwards and upwards!

tipped her some Hive.

Nice move.