Did we just bottom or more pain to come?

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Stimulus stimulus stimulus!

The stock market and basically all risk-on markets saw a banner day today, sign of a bottom or a dead cat bounce?

For much of the last several weeks, risky assets have basically only gone one direction... down.

However, today there was an interesting development in the equity markets as well as the crypto markets.

We saw a market wide rally.

From stocks to bitcoin to altcoins.

It was a banner day and a relief from the blood letting we had grown accustomed to.

Why the bounce?

The reason for the bounce was a little more apparent this time around compared with others.

We had a fresh round of stimulus talks between both parties which actually sounded like it may go somewhere.

Both sides agree that more help is needed they just disagree on how exactly the country needs said help.

Today, there was a kernel of hope that they might be able to actually agree on something in the near future.

They have long said they agree on stimulus checks for Americans and that is what is expected to be included in this latest stimulus proposal.

They said they could vote on this new round of stimulus as soon as next week:


The proposed stimulus is lower than democrats had been willing to go and higher than republicans had previosly been willing to go...

So, we will see!


(Source: https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=USD-BTC)

But, was it the bottom?

I think this was the bottom yes.

Though that likely depends on whether we get more stimulus or not.

If we do, yes this was the bottom in stocks and in bitcoin.

If we don't get more stimulus but we get hints and stimulus in the future, yes this was also the bottom.

If we don't get more stimulus and it is unclear when or if we ever will, when then we might have some more pain to come.

I am betting on one of the first two scenarios mentioned above.

Hopefully you were buying stocks and bitcoin while you got em cheap!

Stay informed my friends.

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More pain to come until we fix the root cause of these problems.

YES we need to hang the entire rotchild family!

But then we are back to baboon level.

I think that is planned for next year

Lol, I vote simply to take back the currency and civil resistance to all their moves.

Then if they still pose a danger, I vote separation to keep humanity safe.

It's also possible by simply walking ahead of them...

This is about to get heated!


Sounds interesting... do tell :)

It seems like this is real showdown - rushing in agenda 2030 quicker than planned because the old lizards are losing it - could go either way, but economically I'm picking a global recession, and a massive share crash, but a rise in some cryptos like bitcoin and monero over the next 1-2 years

Can all be broken down to simple lies by the way.

What is the Matrix? Simple lies.

and not the others

all of them would be even better, but i think they would eat each other if they weren't all under rotchild control - so that would work too

You guys and your conspiracies... :)

For me, looking at investments at this point, everything comes back to rotchlds, deep state, and agenda 2030 - that is why I'm betting on cryptos and bullion but wouldn't touch shares with a 10 foot pole

Which is?

Never bought stocks before but I’ve been looking at companies which aren’t based on crypto but seem eager to work with crypto, namely square.

I was gonna buy that Tesla a few months ago when it dipped but I missed it

 last month (edited)

Lucky escape - elon is a nwo puppet boy, and tesla is a giant scam


Agreed, typical Western with talent by the way, able to make one amazing wheel, can get the car to drive correctly, because it needs 4 wheels, not one amazing one from hell

4 Cheap wheels from Ikea will always 1 wheel. Hence China is winning.

Don’t doubt it!

You can still make a ton of money on scams... if you are nimble. :)

I like the Square idea...

I bought TSLA when it when was on the lows back in May of 2019 due to how oversold it was. Can't remember the price now that it has split but I want to say like $105 or something. Then I sold it on the bounce to $125 or so... Made 20% on the trade but as you can tell, left about 2000% gains on the table. Oops. :)

This does feel like a local bottom.
I think it's all uphill for the next 3 months on all fronts.
Don't have a lot of faith for February though.

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I sure hope so. I think things may get volatile around the election though. I think we bounce in the near term here at the very least. It all may depend on whether we get this latest proposed stimulus passed prior to the election or not...

We are not going to get any until after the election. I need sub 320 by 3:00 pm on Monday. Pray from me...

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Much more pain to come. If they can "print" another 4.3t we can break the 30t debt mark. Then the next psychological barrier will be 50t and I am sure there is the political will to get there. After that the sky's the limit!

Those that do not recognize a global financial reset and continue to play in the paper world will over time become become trapped, mentally and physically. Those that can not sustain themselves now outside the paper world will find the transition near the end difficult.