Getting wLEO listed on Uniswap is not going to be what makes wLEO Moon...

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There is something bigger at play that is going to make wLEO moon in the not too distant future

All the hype as of late has been surrounding getting wLEO listed on Uniswap.

Don't get me wrong, it's a big get.

Even bigger is the fact that the total liquidity in the wLEO pool on Uniswap is currently $167k and climbing.



Which is orders of magnitude higher than any liquidity LEO has ever seen on Hive-Engine.

This is what is going to help attract those defi traders and defi groups that love to pump them some micro cap tokens...

Which is sort of what leads me to my main point...

LEO has an ace in the hole...

Yes, getting listed on Uniswap was huge and yes there is the potential for a defi group to come in with a couple hundred grand worth of buying power and literally moon the price of wLEO in a matter of minutes, but that isn't the end game for wLEO.

The fact that that is even a possibility is all due to the minuscule market cap we are dealing with here. The total market cap of the token is roughly $700k at the current $.14 price.

This tiny micro cap is exactly what is going to make it moon in the not too distant future.

How is that going to happen exactly you may be wondering?

Well, it's all due to LEOs ace in the hole...

The ace in the hole being, ad revenue.



As it stands right now, generates ad revenue. Well, not my blog specifically, but the entire platform.

This ad revenue is used to buy up LEO on the markets and send it to the null account, effectively burning it and reducing supply.

Currently that ad revenue is said to be getting up near (and potentially over) $20 per day.

That may not sound like much, but $20 per day is $140 per week in buying pressure in the LEO markets.

Markets that routinely do a couple thousand in dollar volume per day total.

Annualized, that would come out to roughly 1% of the current market cap being purchased and burned each year, not too shabby!

Here's where it gets really exciting though...

There are currently only a couple hundred leofinance users generating that $20 per day in ad revenue.

What do you think happens to those ad revenue totals when that number goes up to a couple thousand users, or ten thousand users?

That ad revenue is going to spike in tandem.

Imagine what kind of support the price of LEO is going to get when hundreds of dollars are supplied each and every day as buying pressure in the LEO markets directly from ad revenue.

That is the game changer for LEO compared to many other crypto projects.

When you combine this potential for growth as well as revenue generation with the tiny microscopic micro-cap and you literally have all the right ingredients for the price to go significantly higher in the future.

The neat thing in all this is that as the price goes up, it will pull more people into leofinance and that will cause an increase in ad revenue, which gets put right back into the LEO markets which helps push the price higher and causes more people to come get involved etc etc etc...

It's a viscous cycle of price gains that feeds on itself.

It's exactly what people were calling for steemit,inc to do back in the day and it's what people have been calling for hive to do as well. Neither of them thought it worthwhile to do, though. LEO does.

For that reason, I think LEO has a very bright future ahead of it and considering the market cap is currently $700k, we are at the very beginning of it.

Stay informed my friends.

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Keeps on growing

Awesome. I suspect we are going to see new highs in ad revenue quite often over the coming weeks and months. :)

Yep and more things to come on top of that.

How about subscription based services utilizing LEO? How about social media capabilities surrounding finance on the UI?

These are some things in the works.

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I was even thinking of a lock up incentive for the leo holders, that would trigger people to not power down their stake but instead earn interest for specific time frames (1 month locked stake -> xleo. 3 months locked stake -> 2x leo and so on and so forth)

That would put even more pressure on the price because the only way to keep earning leo tokens would be either by creating content aka earn author rewards or by curating content aka one needs a significant stake to mine new leo tokens. Oooor...buying directly from the open market

Win win in every case. Just brainstorming here

Interesting thoughts. Isn't that what the purpose of LEO Power is though?

Nobody earns more leo tokens just because they lock their tokens as LP. I am talking about i.e everyone who decides to lock their leo tokens for 3/6/12 months without powering down their stake will earn x/2x/5x xtra leo.

Yep and I believe I heard something about collateralizing wleo? Which would be very big...

I think there will be a push for it. Getting listed in a few locations is the starting point. Will that make wLEO more attractive to the collateralizing market? We shall see.

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140$ a month taking out coins on the cheap, I mean I think at current prices it's like 45k USD worth that has already been burned so these quickly compound

That is a large amount... Just saw that the ad revenue from yesterday went over $25, nice!

I should really go ahead and make an account on leofinance 💯 Love the content and looking forward to the blast off!

you have a hive account, so that means you also have a leo account. Same blockchain in the background, just log in with your hive pw

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Yep, exactly.

You don't really need to make an account if you already have a HIVE account, you just start posting from the interface and you login with your same posting key as you login to with.

Awesome revenue will be the halo effect for the Leo Ecosystem.

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Thank you. And yep I agree, I think it's the ace in the hole. :)

It is so amzing how LEO is going up!