HIVE adds another Exchange

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In case you missed it, HIVE added yet another exchange to its growing stable

BITEEU announced that they have enabled HIVE/BTC wallets.

Check it out:


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Unfortunately this exchange does not support US based users, but for everyone else, congrats!

The exchange can be accessed here:

Does Biteeu sound familiar to you?

Well, it should.

This is the same exchange that added steem about a month ago, during the height of the Justin Sun drama...

Though, it appears they are siding with the forked version at this point.

This marks another addition to the growing pile of exchanges supporting HIVE:

  • Bittrex
  • Blocktrades
  • Probit
  • Ionomy
  • Biteeu

Plus there was a rumor that we might get an update from Binance in the coming days about a HIVE listing there as well.

Exciting times!

Stay informed my friends.



Newer heared of this one. But that's good anyway.

We need every single one we can get. Let’s keep it up.

Saw this on Twitter the other day, and I've never heard of this exchange before. Still, more attention is a good thing, right? In any case, it's good to hear that more exchanges are supporting HIVE, but has there been any luck thus far of getting this onto the big exchanges?

I’m a full time bittrex and binance user, I don’t familiar to this exchange 😅

Good news
A Man needs some BTC 👶

that's great news! the more, the better ⚡