HIVE now has 3 of the Top 6 Dapps in all of Crypto

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HIVE dapps are dominating the rankings on

If dapps are any indication of a project's success, HIVE is already doing very well.

As it stands right now, HIVE is tied with the Ethereum with 3 dapps within the Top 6.

Check it out:


HIVE currently has the #1, #3, and #6 highest rated dapps.

We're coming for you Ethereum...

Everyone thinks of Ethereum as being the place to go for dapps, but looking at the recent rankings it looks very much like there is a newcomer on the block that is giving it a run for its money.

We still have a couple months yet before Ethereum upgrades to Ethereum 2.0 so we need to strike while we have this couple month head start.

Now we just need to onboard some big numbers into these apps.

Leading the rankings with 4k daily active users isn't something we should be hanging our hats on just yet...

Not reason we can't get something with 100k daily active users, or even 1 million daily active users.

Stay informed my friends.


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Wow. Out dapps are better than the ones on Ethereum😅. I'm surprised Hive is already that good. Now we really need to put our best into this.

@jrcornel I believe we all need to work and put more effort in onboarding new members. Yourself and other big names are working day and night. We all should focus on inviting people and onboarding them on hive. Also assisting them in getting use to hive is also important. Thanks for sharing this.

Yes I agree, we can all do something, I'd like to work on figuring our to onboard entire websites/communities/businesses... bring in a bunch of people all at once type of thing.

That will definitely be a good one. Thanks

I agree with this 100%. I myself am looking for ways to bring newcomers to the platform. When we grow, everyone wins.

Thats nothing compared with what can be if Exode has a good start and I think it will have it. Splinterlands is great I'm a fan of the game but the potential of Exode is huge.

Exode is an exciting game. I hope it has the impact many of us think.

The idea is to reach outside the ecosystem and not just scalp from other games. Hopefully, word spreads among the gaming community.

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I don't know much about it... do you have a link or some info?

They're on presale still, there is an alpha version of the game. There is a wiki and many resources on Discord but just a look to the artwork of @shinoxl tells more of the game than a thousand words.


Thank you sir.

It is cool to have Splinterland on Hive now!

Yes that is a big get for HIVE.

Some incredible metrics when putting it side-by-side with those DApps on Ethereum. It's pretty exciting to see HIVE garner as much attention as it did, even though we're just a few months old. Certainly, the time is nigh to get more users into the platform, to let them start engaging and earning.

I see some Hivers including yourself having made incredible progress with on-boarding new users, and getting them used to the platform. I do think the next step up to attract new folk would be a good app. More people are spending their time on phones, and having a good app would do well to get them excited about Hive.

I do wonder what's going to be the next trending Hive-based DApp. I see some games making the rounds, like Exode or DCity. We've also got Dapplr in the works with a Hive mobile app in the pipeline. Hmm...

We still need more though... something that really gets the normies excited.

True! We're seeing a new Selfies Community here, and it's growing fast within the last few hours alone. Maybe some sort of Instagram built on Hive (did Appics made their move from Steemit? ), that should get more common folk excited for it.

Something to do with content consumption is going to be a huge part of it's future growth, I feel. Gaming, streaming, video sharing, pictures - it's that simple way to just chug new content by the bucket loads that's going to get Hive on the radar.

pretty dope.

Crazy how with 10k users that is possible. Shows how small this space still is

Yep. Which means we still need to build something the masses will want to use. The numbers show it hasn't been built yet. Or, they don't know about it yet...

LOL didn't take very long just shows how crappy the dapp market is and that we should take full advantage of that

It really is... 4k daily active users puts you in the top spot in the entire world... yikes.

There are a couple hundred signing up each day. It is nothing to rave about but if they are active, that would make a difference.

With maybe 10K active users, every little bit helps to push things forward.

The overall take is the DApp market is not heavily used at this point. We need to attract more people somehow. It seems that everyone is having issues with onboarding users.

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The dApp that will really succeed is the one you won't even know you're using crypto, this is my thinking. Or at the very least will not be the main driver of the app.

On that line of thinking, I think one that will succeed is one where you don't even know you are on a blockchain...

The thing is people go where people already are. They don't care that much that Facebook and Instragram tracks them and can potential sell their information because all of their friends and family members are already on there. We need to start pulling people little by little and then the dam will break so to speak. Instagram mainly blew up by having girls on there which of course eventually brought the guys... perhaps that should be the focus of HIVE...

I believe Hive is also suitable for ICO stuff as well.

You mean like SMTs?


Are those still being worked on??? I haven't heard much about them in a while now...

Me neither but the fact that the Hive platform's architecture supports SMTs makes me say that. I believe, technologically, Hive is a better platform than doing these ICOs than Ethereum.

Integration into exchanges, awareness, liquidity, etc. is needed, I believe Hive devs are working on it.

Is HIVE planning on launching SMTs?

IDK. I am not a part of the dev team, so I can't say.

However, I believe, yes..or why else would they have an 'SMT Whitepaper' option in the menu at the right hand side.


The link doesn't work right now but I think they have the plans for implementation.

Anyway, I was talking in general. The technology on which Hive is built is very well suited for such tokens. These tokens should actually be preferred over the ERC 20 tokens of Ethereum as they offer greater possibilities.

Wow. That's powerful.
A great direction.

Yep, agreed.

I like being here.

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an application that runs on a distributed computing system

Unfortunately this is just not a very good definition. By this definition, Facebook is a dapp, because it also runs on distributed computers. There is not just one server running the Facebook app, but many servers, likely front end applications, API's and database servers all working together to run the application.

IMO a narrower definition captures the essential idea of a dApp, which is an application where the outcome is determined by a decentralized consensus system. In that case peakd and would not be dApps on their own, but clients of a greater dApp - Hive itself being the dApp because they all share the same application logic of the native Hive smart contracts.