It looks like this guy was talking about HIVE and didn't even realize it...

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People know what they want, now we just have to let em know it already exists

Preston Pysh with roughly 90k followers on Twitter just recently talked about how a decentralized social media is coming (with tokens attached)...

In fact it almost looks like he is talking about HIVE:


That sounds great but the fact that he doesn't think it already exists is not so great...

The fact that he doesn't know HIVE already does this is a failure on our part.

We need to do all we can to shout HIVE from the rooftops right now as we likely only have a limited window here where we can get the network effect to take over and have HIVE be one of the winners of this coming movement.

@theycallmedan and a few others are doing their part...


We need a lot more of this going forward if we are to emerge as a winner from this coming movement towards decentralization and censorship resistance...

I'm not sure if we need to put together a marketing fund or what, but we need to strike now while the iron is hot and with comments just like this starting to becoming more common, that iron is certainly starting to get hot.

Stay informed my friends.


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I've joined in on the Twitter comments to pimp Hive.

Nice work!

I need to set up a Twitter account to get involved in the fun.

Been years since I used it.

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There you go. The more people talking about it on Twitter, the better.

Twitter is rubbish just a bunch of words lol.

Do it. I also only have a twitter account to shill HIVE and expose Suns shameful activities on the blockchain.

lol, this was funny 😂 almost as funny as Rowling asking what Bitcoin is 😂

Yea, too bad she didn't actually want to learn about it...

The fact that everything these days rely on advertisement
we need to push that twitter thing all at once.
Pick a day and blast #Hive all over.

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Yep for sure. HIVE needs a marketing team, more than just word of mouth. We should probably use some of those DAO funds to pay for a significant advertising/marketing campaign.

We are Hives best marketting team JR, what can a "markettting" team do that we cant pull off collectively.

Employing some external marketting to me is wasting of funds, it should be all our duty, then ofcourse some "marketting" will need funding.

Well a fund would pay for advertising spots on websites, tv, billboards etc etc etc. We by ourselves aren't likely to have the resources to do that. But yes we should be using the word of mouth method as much as possible.

Lol. So many people dont even know about decentralised social media yet. One day the masses will arrive...

That is the hope...

Suddenly it does not seem like our fight anymore to get seen, its their fight to find us. As they did bitcoin.

What do you mean?

Suddenly it doesnt seem like our fight as Hivers to get people to know about Hive anymore, its peoples fight to get to know about hive.

People who discovered bitcoin were and are privileged today, same for Hive.

Yes there is that. Though when bitcoin was first created, there weren't any other options. Right now HIVE is one of many decentralized projects that are hoping to build applications that attract the masses... The space is much more competitive now.

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It's been in the press quite a bit, but we need to start marketing the benefits of it, not just because it's been in a battle with Justin Sun and STEEM.

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In a perfect world yes. However there are countless examples throughout history where the better mousetrap didn't always win. The good enough mouse trap with superior marketing/network effects often did...