The HBD wallets have been down for weeks on Bittrex, could it be unrelated to the recent Hard Fork?

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The HBD wallets have been down for weeks on Bittrex, is that going to change any time soon?

We are now on the other side of the much anticipated Eclipse hard fork on the HIVE blockchain.

It's been in the works for literally months now.

While I won't get into the specifics of the fork here, it was done to better separate the HIVE code from the STEEM code.

It wasn't a flashy upgrade, but a needed one.

The downside of hardforks on the whole though is their impact on exchange listings.

As I type, Bittrex has something very interesting going on...

The HIVE wallets are working just fine, but the HBD wallets are not.

Check it out:



What gives?

On first glance, people would simply chalk the wallet maintenance going on with the HBD wallets as something related to the hard fork.

However, that may not be the case...

You see, the HBD wallets have been down on Bittrex for more than 3 weeks now.

Well within the time frame that major testing has been going on for the latest HF, but the HIVE wallets were not down for the same amount of time, which is a bit interesting to me.

So, why are the HBD wallets down?

The most likely scenario is still probably something related to the latest hardfork, but there is also the possibility that it is due to something else entirely.

There has been major legislation and rhetoric flowing these last several weeks related to stable coins and how to regulate them globally.

In fact, we are seeing some countries considering banning them all together.

Others are talking about significant regulations imposed upon them that would make many of them cease to function/exist.

If some of these talked about regulations eventually get passed, it may or may not impact HBD and other fiat pegged coins.

I'm not sure that is what is going on here with the Bittrex wallets being disabled for this extended period of time, but it isn't beyond the realm of possibilities.

What do you think?

Stay informed my friends.


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Since there is no regulation in place, yet, I think this probably has nothing to do with potential upcoming regulations.

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That is probably a pretty safe guess. Though it's odd that it has been down for so long. Perhaps someone needs to give them a ring...

You might be onto something. But maybe HBD just has such a small volume that they're preparing to drop it? But why not ask their customers to move their funds first?

They haven’t been down for the entire time. I transferred some HBD over there a few days ago and received them on Bittrex around 2 days later.

That is odd. I have checked almost every day for weeks and weeks now and they have been down every single time. It's getting close a month now since this started...

Same for me. I haven't checked that often, but I have easily looked a few times per week at least.

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