You can now use Metamask to sign in to!

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Well this is new...

I went to login to LeoFinance the other day and noticed something new for the first time.

It had the usual Keychain and Hivesigner options, but it also had something I hadn't seen before.

check it out:



This may be old news to some of you out there as this has been talked about for a couple days now, but this is the first time I am seeing it on my login menu.

Pretty neat stuff!

I am guessing this might also play some sort of role in what LeoFinance has coming down the pipeline...

They announced on their Twitter that they were announcing that they had an announcement coming.

You know, the old announcement of an announcement!



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YUGE news!

I am not sure exactly what that announcement will be but the ability to connect with Metamask is YUGE!

Well, potentially YUGE anyways.

Metamask is well on its way to becoming the most popular and widely used crypto wallet in the world.

There was just an announcement the other week that they had cracked the 1 million user number.

(On a side note, it goes to show how small this industry still is when 1 million users makes you one of the most popular of anything in the world)

With people able to sign for LeoFinance via Metamask and collect rewards in Ethereum, it could really take LEO to another level.

Not many people out there want to spend their time earning some unheard of altcoin that's not listed on any exchanges, but if you tell them that coin can directly be swapped for ETH, so in effect, they are able to earn ETH for their time...

Well that makes all the difference!

After a major speed bump in the road last week, LEO looks like it is ready to rock and roll and keep moving forward.

The sky is truly the limit at this point, just have to get the word out about it.

Stay informed my friends.


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So, for us with hive accounts it's useless.
But it allows people with MetaMask to log in... But what will they be able to do? I mean since they don't have a Hive account?

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From what I saw on the discussion on their videos the Hive account is created in the background so the user doesn't need to learn anything new until they select "download keys." If that's how they did end up implementing it, it makes so much sense for onboarding and something Hive should copy.

Yeah but what about the username, it shouldn't be generated so there has to be an opt-in option to select it.
I guess the first sign in should point to hive creation page. Why use Leo without it? Why would I strip myself of possible hive and second layer tokens gains?

I guess, having several types of accounts (like travelfeed) is not the best way.

Yeah good point. Username would be a must.
I'm not in discord to know details I just view their videos.
I'm curious too now then of how they implemented it.
I also agree that multiple sign ups is a turn off.

Long ago, Hive (as steemit) wanted to implement itself as a 'master sign in' that could be used across other platforms (the way hivesigner works) so the onboarding/user capture needs to be improved still. KEYS are obviously important but they confuse regular folk.

Hey @jocieprosza and @teknow, we just released a post with more details and the official announcement :)

The signup actually creates a Hive account for the user and binds it to their ETH address. This means that the user is able to post, comment, upvote, send txs, earn rewards etc. just like any other Hive user.

Their Hive account/keys are all created in the background for them so that they don't actually have to store Hive keys/learn about how Hive works unless they want to.

You can check out an example of how this works with the account @khal-eth:

LeoInfra onboards them seamlessly with 2 steps:

  1. Choose username
  2. Confirm with Metamask (similar to the Hive Keychain popup process)

We dreamt up the easiest possible signup process for new Hive users and this is the best solution we designed. Let us know your thoughts 🦁

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Yeah that's really how it should be.
I've made comment on other posts that the fact a new user needs to learn about KEYS and blockchain just to "dip their feet" was a big negative of the onboard process that has existed from the old steemit days. Granting entry with something a person is already familiar is very logical. Well done!

I really appreciate your response! Long live Leofinance

Not useless for Hive members Either, because now anyone can claim LEO rewards as ETH instead. Even after the wLEO hack we still have a deep connection to Ethereum, and that's powerful.

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Sorry, but I guess it's more practical and profitable to use Hive and Leo on Hive rather than using wLeo on ETH. I see the use cases, I really admire Leo for what they have done to promote and onboard new people into hive.

I tried installing MetaMask extension and it allowed integrating with embedded wallet in Brave browser too...

That's a great way to transition people onto the platform.
It's unfortunate that the wLEO project got cut short as it did because this metamask onboarding would definitely be converting speculators into platform entries if the wrapped Leo was still in effect.

They took it on the chin though and kept pushing so well done to them.

Similar to marvel movies, WLEO will return :)

We just need to make the previous LPs whole with redistributing LEO / saved ETH and then also design a new implementation with additional security layers

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Yeah that's great news and a good mindset. Heros get hit but get back up. As I said about your videos, they are a good way to show the human experience of the highs and lows. Obviously that's a low no one wanted but you handled it well.

I was watching a video on Mt Gox/Mark Karpeles saga and it's a strange phenomena that this industry has. Although tarnished in the moment, it evolves stronger from those low points. Silk Road another of those 'negatives' which later on become a fascination ad draw to mainstream.

Interesting 😎

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Que interesante noticia. Gracias por compartirla, estoy alegre de estar por acá, y yo que me acabo de dar cuenta que también puedo crear contenido acá jajaja, saludos.

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