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Welcome back everyone to this week's Saturday Savers Club progress report. We're in week 39. It seems forever since we started on January 1st. So many issues have happened offline in the world in the past eight months that they make my online life a bit of a reprieve. I'm able to concentrate on my fiction writing and other projects in my Hive journey. Of all my current projects, participating in the Saturday Savers Club is refreshing and rewarding. The camaraderie in the group is awesome as we share tips and tricks to saving and investing each Saturday on the Club post. Here's some of my activities this past week in the Club.

20-week Autumn Savings Challenge
It's now Week 7 of my regular participation in the Autumn Savings Challenge. I'm one-fourth of the way toward saving my $100 by November. Adding 3.71 Hive and HBD to my savings this week ensures my account is continuing to grow. In the coming weeks, a higher amount will be transferred that will really bump up my total. As of today, my balances are: 317.870 Hive and 178.814 HBD. If you'd like to participate, check out @eddie-earner's and @shanibeer's post below for more details.

September NO-BUY Month
I'm in my 25th day of the NO-BUY month. If you missed my mid-month update on the 15th, I told about my actual Entertainment Expenses that totaled 15% of my monthly budget. Eating out two to 3 times a week at $50 each trip is excessive. It equates to $450 month. So, the easiest way to realize a quick savings was to reduce that category. To date, I have saved 50% of that.

  • September NO-BUY Month [SPI GIVE-A-WAY]
    Every week during our September NO-BUY month, SPI is available as a a Give-A-Way!

For Week 1, I won the SPI Prize for my participation with my Curry Chicken Salad entry prepared entirely from foods I had on hand.
For Week 2: I left tips for low-cost or no-cost leisure activities for the entire family. You can check out my comments here for which I won the SPI giveaway. Also, congratulations to phoenixwren, jfang003 and metzli for the winning tips.
For Week 3: I won the SPI Prize for my participation again. I shared tips about other activities to avoid the temptation of in-store and online shopping. My tip was to busy myself packing up items I've already purchased to give away to charitable organizations. I usually find all types of items I've purchased and forgotten about. It reminds me that I really don't need to buy anything else. I love sharing, and going through this procedure helps me to help others. I'll set up several boxes and label them. As I find items for each category, I just add them. I amaze myself sometimes when I look back through the boxes to tally up and see all I've accumulated. I try to do this quarterly. See other tips from @riandeuk and @metzli in the Club post below.

For Week 4: This week, to win in the SPI Give-A-Way, @shanibeer would like for us to the last week of our September NO-BUY Month. This week, let us have your comments about how the no-buy month has been for you:

  • what worked and what didn't, how would you change things another time.
  • any new ideas you picked up that you're going to keep doing.
  • any interesting things you learned.

If you want to, you can let us know how much you saved through the NO-BUY approach - maybe as a percentage of your monthly expenses there's an example in this post. Feel free to make your own post and link it in the comments below..

Wednesday Wellbeing Club
To date, I've visited four communities in the hopes of spreading the word about this wonderful program. You can check out @shanibeer's Wellbeing Club post over in the Natural Medicine Community each Wednesday. Here's her latest post from this past Wednesday: Wednesday Wellbeing Club | 11 August - 24 November | Week 6: Wednesday 22 September 2021. Anyone who desires to participate is welcome.

EDS Miner (EDSM) tokens
Only 618 Tokens remain. Remember, @eddie-earner advises that EDS tokens are a low- risk income token that generates guaranteed earnings of 12% annually. The only way to obtain EDS tokens is to mine them through EDS Miner tokens. EDS pays out every Monday evening with an awesome interest rate. Last week it was 23%.

NEW CHALLENGE FOR OCTOBER: October Side-Gig Month - LBI Giveaway!
@eddie-earner and shanibeer says, "Everyone likes to have a little side hustle, don't they? Something you enjoy doing and you make a little money? Next month, we're going to be exploring all the little side gigs we can do to help boost our savings. So start gathering your ideas for next month's giveaways!

In our Golden Pig Tip for the September NO-BUY month, @shanibeer provides some great tips on looking after your investments and growing with the EDS Token and the Saturday Savers Club. Check out my new BANNER below highlighting the Club. Then visit Week 39 Saturday Savers Club post by @eddie-earner and @shanibeer: Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | Week 39 - Saturday 25 September 2021 | Week 7 - Autumn Challenge - Save $100! | SPI Giveaway for September NO-BUY month | Win EDS Tokens for Comments! Everyone Welcome for other Club news.

My Saturday Savers Club Report for Week 39:

Hive Engine Diesel PoolsReading @ecoinstant's post "How-To Use" Guide
EDS3Shared with Hive members
SPI3Shared with Hive members
CUBLife @cublife15Shared with Hive members
LEO3Shared with Hive members
ALIVE15Shared with Hive members
Saturday Savers ClubDay 268365 penny-a-day, Money Saving Challenge. ON TARGET.
Autumn Savings Challenge317.870Hive Savings Balance
Autumn Savings Challenge178.814HBD Savings Balance


As I have reiterated, I'm not a financial adviser. My post is not meant to be financial advice. My articles on cryptocurrency, investing, and saving are meant to share my personal opinion, experiences, and general information about those items once I discover interesting facts and figures. Please perform your own research before investing in any project that you feel comfortable with. In all cases, only spend and invest in project where you have the available resources.


DAYAmount Hive SavedHive BalanceAmount HBD SavedHBD Balance
Autumn Savings Challenge
Week No.Beg. Balance301.790Beg. Balance101.932
Week 1: (8/14/21)+1.05302.960+1.05102.982
Week 2: (8/21/21)+1.26304.220+1.26104.242
Week 3 (8/28/21)60 Addt'l HBD164.242
0.921 HBD166.914
Week 4 (9/4/21)+2.24308.210+2.24169.154
Week 5 (9/11/21)+2.73310.940+2.73171.884
Week 6 (9/18/21)+3.22314.160+3.22175.104
Week 7 (9/25/21)+3.71317.870+3.71178.814

In the Autumn Savings Challenge, the amounts below are now what I will save weekly.

Week No.AmountWeek No.Amount
Week 11.05 🤑Week 115.67
Week 21.26 🤑Week 126.16
Week 31.75 🤑Week 136.65
Week 42.24 🤑Week 147.14
Week 52.73 🤑Week 157.63
Week 63.22 💪🤑Week 168.12
Week 73.71 💪🤑Week 178.61
Week 84.20Week 189.10
Week 94.69Week 199.59
Week 105.18Week 2010.08
Thank you so much for your visit. I appreciate the time you out of your busy schedule to see my progress in the Saturday Savers Club.
Why not join in this fun initiative with either the Autumn Savings Challenge or the 365 Penny-A-Day Challenge and start saving. Tell me what your savings plan looks like. I'd like to hear about different ideas.
See you next week.


Proof of participation for Week 39 of 365-Day Challenge: 9/19/21 - 9/25/21
Proof of participation for Week 7 of Autumn Savings Challenge: Ending: 9/25/21

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Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 18-33-11 justclickindiva - justclickindiva PeakD.png

@flaxz initiative #alive ; #aliveandthriving (Published my Week 39 Saturday Savers Club post and my Week 6 Autumn Savings Challenge post for my blog today)


Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.







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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 75 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!


Wow. What an awesome report.Thanks for sharing your progress with us.


Fabulous banner! What a great idea 😍.
Lovely to see your progress, too, and to hear how much you enjoy the Saturday Savers Club. It is great, isn't it? I love the way commenters have committed to the Club 🙂.


I'll set up several boxes and label them. As I find items for each category, I just add them.

I do something similar when I'm purging things. I like to get things to people who will actually use them, and ergo I take the time to sort things out, like, books and magazines go into Little Free Libraries; clothes in good condition go to a neighbor who collects them for distributions for the homeless community and to clothing banks where people can go and pick things up for free; clothes that are too far gone I put in a fabric recycling bin; various items I will list for free in Buy Nothing groups. I know a lot of people just like to get it out of their house fast and so they throw everything together and take it to a Goodwill, but I do not. Firstly because Goodwill/Salvation Army/ARC type thrift stores generally receive so many donations they actually can't use them all and end up throwing a lot away themselves; secondly because Goodwill and Salvation Army are both not good institutions (as far as I know ARC is okay and so if I end up with some things I don't otherwise know what to do with, I'd rather donate it with them). Goodwill is for-profit and pays their disabled workforce slave wages (the lowest I saw was I think 23 cents an hour, and this is legal because it's considered "therapeutic" to make disabled people work for you for nearly free when they definitely have costs of living too!). Salvation Army is not only notoriously anti-LGBTQ, but also there are just gobs of reports from people who have stayed in their shelters being abused or having their belongings stolen by staff! So yeah, I will not support either of them. :/

That was a bit of an aside, so: !LUV


Thanks for the information about those two organizations. I had not heard. I give some items away to them. However, the majority of my items I either save for our family reunion or the Women's Shelters. There, the donations go directly to the people that need them.

We have numerous family affected my the storms. Our family reunion is one that tries to help everyone with non-perishable donations and clothing items. The necessities are what I donate to it each year; i.e. school supplies that I package up myself for each age group, toys, and infant items. We've had several newborns in in the family this year. There will be lots to have on hand for anyone who needs it. And the family members are not shy. They accept whatever is available.

I appreciate your response and information. I'll look into those two organizations and decide if they qualify for my future donations.

Take care, and have a good start to your week.