#piratesunday: The 2017 Cook Island One Dollar “The Bounty” Bullion Coin

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” Blackbirds tend to like Shiny Things” ~ The Bloody Raven

This is another lovely coin rescued from the fiery Furnace of Reckless Metals. We shall never know what art form this coin may have had in a new life, and I can see why I got it at just two bucks above spot at the time. The small handling scuffs may have taken away it’s original Brilliant Uncirculated condition, but I am very pleased with having my hands on the coin commemorating a famed Mutiny.

The Instagram Silver Stacking community can be great source of bullion coin without the huge retail premiums.

The Coin

2017 Cook Islands One Dollar The Bounty Bullion coin
Reverse: Sailing Ship, The Bounty
Legend; ONE DOLLAR, 1oz FINE SILVER .9999
Diameter 38.6 mm, Thickness 3mm
Weight 31.1 g

Some aspects of this famed Mutiny has it’s controversial circumstances regarding the nature of the Mutiny or whether Captain William Bligh really conducted himself in a malicious manner, but it was enough such that Acting Lieutenant Fletcher Christian and 22 of the 42 men forcibly seized the Bounty and set adrift Bligh with 16 of his loyal crew. It is noted that Captain Bligh had survived three mutinies in his career, which says something about the man’s character.

Meanwhile, Christian and the mutineers settled on Pitcairn Island. Grounded and set The Bounty a flame. The remains of the ship were discovered in 1957 by Luis Marden.

While everyone is most familiar of the Mutiny itself, I’d rather focus on the Ship itself.

2017 Cook Islands One Dollar The Bounty Bullion coin
Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II facing Right
Edge: Reeded
Minted by The Sunshine Minting Company
Mintage of 5000

The original ship was not a warship, but a small three masted Merchant ship Collier Bethia purchased for £1,950 by the Royal Navy renamed the Bounty in 1787 and converted for expedition work.

Original HMS Bounty Specifications:

Builder: Blaydes Shipyard, Kingston-upon-Hull, England
Launched: 1784
Tons Burden: 220 Tons
Length: 90 ft
Beam: 24 ft
Depth of Hold: 11 ft 4 inches
Sail Plan: Full rigged Ship
Complement: 44
Armament: 4 – 4 pounder guns and 10 Swivel guns

Bounty, the Replica.
’HMS’ Bounty 1960 Replica by Kasberger under CCO 3.0

In 1960, the major film Studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Commissioned the Smith and Rhuland Ltd of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia in building a replica of the Bounty based on the documents archived by the British Admiralty. However, the ship was built to almost twice it’s original size.

Bounty Specifications:

Builder: Smith and Rhuland Ltd of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Launched: 1960
Tonnage: 409
Length: 180 ft
Beam: 31.6 ft
Draft: 13 ft
Depth: 21 ft
Powered Inboard: 2 x John Deere 375 hp diesel engines
Sail Plan: Full-rigged ship
Crew: 12-14

Bonus Coin

1972 20 Cents Cook Islands Fairy Terns
Reverse: Fairy Tern in flight to the right
Legend; 20, JB
28.5 mm Diameter, 2mm Thickness
Copper-Nickel, Weight:11.31 g

The Bounty was completed in August of 1960 and sailed to location in Tahiti for the filming of Bounty Starring Marlon Brando. The director planned the ship to be burned at the end of the filming, but Brando protested, the ship was spared and sent the Bounty on a worldwide promotional tour. Based in Florida as a tourist attraction, The Bounty has been used in a variety of television features, films and Tours. To name a few…

1962: Mutiny on the Bounty, Marlon Brando
1963: Yellowbeard
1965: Flipper
1966: Treasure Island, Charlton Heston
1989: Treasure Island, Christian Bale

And with this ship changing hands and getting on in years, she had seen many refits and restorations if not for maintaining seaworthiness then re-configuring her for a filming production.
In October 2012 heading back to St. Petersburg Florida, the Bounty saw her end when Captain Walbridge made a fatal error steering the ship into the path of Hurricane Sandy and was sunk off the coast of North Carolina. May she rest in Peace.

1972 20 Cents Cook Islands Fairy Terns
Obverse; Queen Elizabeth facing right 2nd Portrait
Mintage of 31,000
Reference KM #5

I hope you enjoyed this mutinous epic yet seaworthy feature

Thank you for stopping by my Pirate Blog today.

I may just as well show this piece of me treasure once again for posterity.

The Mutiny – 1oz by Mutiny Metals

The #piratesunday tag is the scurvy scheme of Captain @stokjockey for #silvergoldstackers pirates to proudly showcase their shiny booty and plunder for all to see. Landlubbers arrrh…welcomed to participate and be a Pirate at heart so open yer treasure chests an’ show us what booty yea got!


1. Me own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons


Wiki: The Bounty 1960
Wiki: HMS Bounty
Web: History.com Mutiny on the Bounty

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Ahh.. that 2017 Bounty! At first, I didn't like the fields on the coin when they first came out with it. Then, I liked it!
I also like The Mutiny bar! You have been consistent in collecting any pirate-theme silver.
The bonus coin is truly simple, and beautiful! It does not have to be silver to be pretty!
Have a fantastic day, sis @kerrisravenhill! 🥰🌺🤙

It does make for a busy looking coin.
My feelings are somewhat neutral about it.
Maybe Cryptic?

Perhaps there may be more to the story of The Bounty we do not already know?
Maybe the actual fate of the Mutineers are kept TOP secret, and their expedition wasn't about Breadfruit 🤔 but a little known extraordinary Pirate woman prowling that region of the South Pacific? And her adverse connection to the City of London?

This coin has been around since 2011 I know you have some Sis, but which years? They seemed to be slightly different each year and Numista isn't quite up to date on this series on their website database.

I included the Cook Island Fairy Tern 20 cents for @melinda010100 as I flutter or waddle into the Feathered friends sphere being a Raven after all.

Always, with Love 🤗🌺💝☠️ and where my Imagination takes me.

Thanks for including the Fairy Terns coin! It is beautiful!
I love your Bounty coins and the Mutiny bar. I got to go aboard The Bounty replica when it was sailing the Great Lakes and stopped in Wisconsin. It was a beautiful ship and I was so sad when I heard that it had sank.
One of the many Bounty photos I took in 2010.

I get to see a few sailing ships come to Vancouver harbor over the years most often at a distance, as walking tours were often fully booked before I can get a chance. Lucky you. @melinda010100

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Would that be the backgrounds behind the ship??

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Yes, the web pattern that make up the coin field. Could be some cryptic meaning other than for counterfeit prevention.


Somewhere i have a two ounce version of the Bounty coin. I forgot what year it is but my guess would be 2018. I really dig the Mutiny Metals pours. I’ve yet to buy one, it’s on my list.

Mutiny Metals Prices have sure shot up from my last order earlier this spring, this bar is currently $38 but the price increase won't stop me from going back for more but not as much.
Take Care @silverd510

Good to see ya, "510"!!

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Great story, lovely coins!
I read about the Mutiny on the Bounty when I was a kid,
What happened to Mr. Christian and the Mutineers??? 😱

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You read the 1932 Version by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall?
Well some of the names were adapted for the Fictional account of genuine facts.

Those that remained on Tahiti (16) at least one was killed by Tahitians, another killed by a crew mate, the others captured by the HMS Pandora where 4 drowned when to Pandora got wrecked, survivors were subjected to the judgment of the Admiralty. Check the link for the crew list details.

Christian and most of those on Pitcairn Island died except for John Adams when the colony were finally discovered in 1808 by an American ship. Adams was posthumously acquitted. The Mutineers left behind plenty of descendants.

I read of those that went back to England and stand trial,
3 were hanged, 2 were pardoned, and 3 or 4 acquitted.
Interesting tale, but I guess like me, they all loved the
Island Girls 😋😋😋

What an exciting time,Captain Bligh had survived three mutinies🤔 That does make you wonder @kerrislravenhill? The bullion coin so nice, and the poured bar awesome my friend!🤗

Ship discipline was tough in the British Navy but Captain Bligh was particularly cruel such that he often maligned and insulted his junior officers.
I haven't researched Captain Bligh but he had quite a tumultuous career, even served under Captain Cook on the Resolution and hated as a Governor of New South Wales.

Thanks for dropping in @silvertop

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I can't imagine living in those times, under those conditions...🙄

However, the ship was built to almost twice it’s original size.

They say (and I am in no ways an expert!) the Hollywood porn industry also
does this, representing things as much larger than reality 😳🤪🤣

🤦‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️

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The Bounty replica was once owned by the Turner Network and somewhere under his ownership it was used for Pirate Porn filming.
Sorry, I don't know the titles but I kept that little fact for this very comment that I had a feeling would come from you.
I'll let you do the rest.

Lol, never underestimate a pirate woman's intuition



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As for me I enjoy going through your post.

As a passionate silver Stacker and precious metals enthusiast I can really get into my research of the role of Precious metals in history. Of course Crypto-currencies make a fine compliment to my off-the-grid portfolio.
I may not be able to explain Price actions, chart formations, or interpret a collection of data into a simple explanation, but I like history and communicate it in this fictional pirate's way. ☠️

Ships on coins has long represented opportunity, communication and commerce from the lands of Antiquity to distant lands of Discovery, ...until someone decided to put guns on them. ~ Quoteth th' Bloody Raven, Pirate

Pleasure t' 'ave yea aboard master @great-a

You sure love Sailing ship coins, epic article Pirate princess.

Great to see you here, PD

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A shame that they couldn't have avoided better the hurricane. Beautiful silver round and bonus round. Thanks for sharing the story. Take care!

Chalk it up to Captain's judgement error. He could have chosen to stay up North and waited the Hurricane to pass but tried to outrun it.

To think that Bligh was Sailing Master to Captain Cook in his round the world tours was where Bligh got his narrow colored opinion of the Indigenous people of the South Pacific Islands. There are lots of documents and records of Cook's expeditions but have yet the time to dig up anything on the Lieutenant Sailing Master's conduct on the HMS Resolution and Cook's Expedition.

Thanks for Commenting @elizabethbit

You are welcome and thanks for the info. Take care!

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