#silverpornsaturday : My Monarch Precious Metals Halloween Stack

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” Blackbirds tend to like Shiny Things” ~ The Bloody Raven

The scary aspect of Stacking is paying the extra premium well over and above that you would for generic and even Government mint precious metal products. Welcome to a dark world that few Stackers venture. Unless you have a weak constitution, set your page to Night Mode before you proceed.

Monarch Precious Metals products are a bit tough to come by from Canadian retailers as only one currently carries some on a limited basis with a steep premium. Part of the problem is that MPM clearly states that they are not able to ship Internationally, that includes Canada unless you are a dealer buying in quantity.

Persistence, patience, luck, and a few trades do yield me some results, so why not show what I have so far this Halloween as a collection.🎃

Monarch 3 Troy oz 3D Skull Bar
3 Troy oz. Big enough to have that nice chunky feel!

Human Skulls now tend to be common fare in the Poured Silver category and have since broadened into a large variety from the decorated style like as Día de Muertos ,Day of the Dead Skulls, to non-human or down right alien skulls.👽

Monarch 3 Troy oz 3D Skull Bar
Back; Laser etched- MPM logo, 3 Troy oz.
4902 of Unknown

Monarch 2 Troy Oz. Tombstone bar: Zombie
Front; R.I.P. 2 Troy oz .999 Fine Silver
Zombie hand
I believe this the first issue of the Tombstone Halloween series 2014

A favorite category even if you are not a Goth or former Goth are the Tombstone styled bars. Monarch regularly time their production and release of these bars prior to Halloween. 👻

Monarch 2 Troy Oz. Tombstone bar: Zombie
Back; MPM logo
704 of 1000 minted

Monarch 2 Troy Oz. Tombstone bar: Ghost
Front; R.I.P. 2 Troy Oz .999 Fine Silver

Bars of the Tombstone Series.

2013 Classic Tombstone bar– unknown mintage
2014 Zombie Hand – Max Mintage of 1000
2015 Ghost – Max Mintage of 2500
2016 Witch – Max Mintage of 2500
2016 Black Widow – Max Mintage of 999
2018 Jack-o-Lantern – Max Mintage of 999
Includes the overpriced glow-in-the-dark variety.

2019 Drunken Skeleton – Max Mintage of 999
2020 Mummy – Max Mintage of 998

Monarch 2 Troy Oz. Tombstone bar: Ghost
Back; MPM Logo
296 of 2500 minted

🎃 As you may see that I am far short of the complete series, my goal is to get the set! The Jack-o-Lantern will be the tough one.🎃

2017 Monarch 1 Troy oz. .999 Fine Silver Grim Reaper Round
Front: Grim Reaper holding Scythe behind Tombstones, MMXVII
I admit this round has been in my China cabinet exposed to the air and became inadvertently toned.
(As if it pried from the clutches of a corpse.)

2018 Monarch 1 Troy oz. .999 Fine Silver Grim Reaper Round
Front; Grim Reaper behind fence holding Scythe and hourglass, RIP MMXVIII

This series ended abruptly with the 2018 round with no plans by Monarch Precious metals. There are other brands that have the Grim Reaper theme like Silver Shield, and MKBarz to check out.

Sorry Grim, at 10,000 Mintage I figure the sales did not justify continuing this series is my guess.

Monarch 1 Troy oz. .999 Fine Silver Reaper Round
Common Back; Reaper in Graveyard
Legend; One Troy Ounce 999 Fine silver
Limited Edition 10,000

A deathly part of my Halloween Silver Stack
The remainder I will share next Halloween with some new pieces!

I hope you enjoyed this haunting Halloween feature

So please practice mischief, safely!


Thank you for stopping by my Halloween Blog this October 31st. 2020

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1. Me own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons
Website; Monarch Precious Metals

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Wow you hit the jackpot of Halloween Silver @kerrislravenhill!🤗
You are so correct about trying to get silver and not pay a high premium!
I have two LCS's and with Corona I haven't been to either store in a while...
Secret Santa is coming...Silvertop needs to go silver shopping!😇🤗
Have a good weekend my friend!!

I still have at least four other Halloween related posts in the past listed in this blog. I'm becoming less and less Gothic in recent years but I will still linger in the Subculture for years to come.
And gradually adding some color in my wardrobe other than black.
Sometimes a great Halloween/Gothic piece comes out like the Reckless Metals round suits my saga and personality that it requires some time to get over the Sticker shock 💀 "I must get it!"

I think we are all seeing sticker shock @kerrislravenhill, but sometimes an extra special silver round is so nice to add to the stack!!! I hope you had a good weekend my friend!!!😀

I'm hoping to find the 2 oz Jack-o-lantern Tombstone bar for under $100 CAD. 🎃

That would be an awesome find @kerrislravenhill ....I will look for the post take care my friend!!😀

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Another pretty red gem for the Treasure Chest!

Absolutely right on thank you very much for sharing that amazing silver....

In no matter what form, Silver is money, it represents freedom from economic tyranny.

Thanks for dropping in @ganjafarmer

I absolutely agree...

A great collection!
It's so worth it, sis!!!

Hugs and kisses, sis @kerrislravenhill.🥰🌺🤙

🎃 Oh the challenge of trying to complete the set! 🎃
The Monarch 'Glow-in-the-dark' Jack o Lantern Tombstone Bar is gonna be a tough to find at a fair price.

Always, with love and Halloween Chocolate 🤗🌺💘🍫

You complete it, trust me!!!🥰🌺🤙

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I hope my Alliance Family had a happy Halloween.

Thats a pretty spooky collection of silver you got going there. Would you ever sell it or are these forever kinda HODL pieces?

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Semi-forever category. If I cannot first borrow against my Precious metals as equity then I got a pile of Generic and Govt. minted precious metals I can sell first before it ever comes to sacrificing that. An example of diversifying in Precious metals asset. My Poured Pirate silver is hold forever-ish. ☠️

Are there such facilities where your metals are evaluated and you can borrow against them? Or can you do it at say a pawn shop? I know nothing about this sector lol

I think there we be opportunities for creative financing following an economic reset.
Buying a business or a Rental property perhaps.
Institutions would be prodded to stimulate the economy by offering attractive loans but most former businesses would be already bankrupt or have insufficient equity to meet minimum loan requirements.
I can put my Canadian gold and silver Maple leaf coins up as collateral for a business loan without exposing my home as collateral.
The Maple Leaf coins are recognizable as Govt issued legal tender and its value will be easier to evaluate by loaning Canadian Institutions. Therefore, I don't have to sell my gold and silver and remain in control of my asset.

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I do hope that eventually Bitcoin gets recognised like that and can be used as collateral to access capital that would be amazing, savers would be winners as they collateralise others loans and keep financial institutions solvent and can pull out at any time to find the best rates,

While holders can borrow against it take risks, generate cash flow to pay back or if they don't banks aren't at risk because the loan is collateralized

Very cool pieces my friend. Hope you had a pleasant Halloween!

Just been too busy all week so I just had a relaxing evening with my Pumpkin watching Paranormal 👻 YouTube videos before calling it a night, my kids did their own thing. 🎃 Just too exhausted to do much this time around.

Thanks for dropping in @fat-elvis

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Nice Theme Postage!


What a cool collection nurse stackitis

I got a small theme collection of Stackitis themed silver along with a different Shtick to go with it using a lot of clinical double speak. Especially when the individual is new to Stacking, It can get hilarious. And you may need a second opinion.

You have the most killer gold trinkets (especially the skull) and blog grafix too!

Sweeeeet!!! 👍👍

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It can get dull just accumulating gold and Silver Maple Leaf coins and that led me to collecting FUN Bullion like .999 Investment grade silver replica Pirate treasure. I just love this FUN way to save off Grid, higher premiums spent as a Fun Premium.
image.png image.png
Tangible Wealth in your hands.
I can play with this treasure all day as the Bloody Raven.

Thanks for dropping in for a Comment @inalittlewhile

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The slab with the zombie hand is the shit! Love em all, but that one speaks a little more to the 'dead' bwahahahahaaa!

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It's the crazy things I do as a collector (Distracted Stacking) 💀

Really unique precious metal sculptures. I enjoyed looking at the photos your shared.

Since I saw your post on LEOFinance.io I used DIM MODE. It is easier on my eyes. The photos did look neat using that mode though.

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Well thank you for dropping in @sgt-dan.
I'm kind of a night person and often do my writing late nights/ early mornings so I optimize my photographs and sometimes writing on the darker side. Slowly shedding my reclusive Gothic habits to broaden my social color scheme even if it's just a bit. :)

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