Is BAT A Sleeping Giant?

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I've been investing in BAT since the last major bull/bear cycle in crypto. After years spent investing in crypto, I've dwindled my portfolio down to just BTC, ETH, HIVE and BAT.

My portfolio is made up solely of these 4 cryptocurrencies (outside of some very minor investments in other altcoins). I have varying reasons for why I picked these 4 out of all the thousands of cryptocurrencies to choose from. In this post, I'll focus on one of the main reasons why I'm so bullish on Basic Attention Token (BAT) and why I've drastically increased my holdings of BAT in this past week.

Brave + BAT = Transparent Web 3.0

ICYMI, Brave is now the best browser in the world. Some may argue that point, but I've used several browsers including Firefox, Safari and mostly Google Chrome.

Brave delivers an experience that is both familiar (because it's built on the same base layer as Chrome) and feature-rich. Many of the features that Brave has are exactly what we need in the current state of the internet. A browser that respects our privacy, allows us to customize our experience in a layered way and also allows us to earn crypto for viewing ads - making it Web 3-enabled.

Combining BAT with the Brave browser is a genius move for many reasons. Clearly, to build a web3 browser, you're going to need some medium of exchange. While BTC and perhaps some other major cryptocurrencies could have served that purpose, creating their own token brings them up a notch. Especially in a world of high TX fees and uncertainty in the world of altcoins.

This page is the page. This is a feed of data for people who are Brave/BAT investors/curious about the progress of the project.

On the left, they show the growth numbers (a new feature that was recently added) where you can see the monthly active users (MAUs) and the daily active users (DAUs). As of now, there are 16.7 million monthly active users of the Brave browser and nearly 1 million verified content creators/websites/social channels.

I like to think of Brave as the User Interface to BAT. It's akin to the BNB token being a medium of exchange/tokenized mechanism for features on the Binance platform and ecosystem.

As the pool of users on Brave grows, so too will the potential BAT token users and HODLers. The value of BAT is inextricably to the usage of Brave.

Popular podcasters/celebrities like Joe Rogan have read ads/talked about the Brave browser and the BAT token. The level of exposure that can come with a platform like Brave underpinning the BAT token is immense. In the time we're living, privacy and independence are increasingly turning into a mainstream conversation.

On the right side, you can see the Brave-initiated BAT purchases. These are purchases that the Brave team makes with ad revenue earned from the Brave ads that you see popping up on the right side of your screen.

When Brave earns revenue - be it in Bitcoin or USD or Euros, etc. - they use a portion of it to buy BAT that is then redistributed to the users.

The amount of BAT being purchased each month is growing exponentially and its been incredible to watch the success of their advertising program. I think Brave's program is only going to grow and expand with time and with product maturity.

To sum this whole post up - one of the core reasons why I'm bullish on BAT is the underlying Brave platform. The roadmap, plan and overall mission of Brave isn't just clear, it's a usable product that anyone can download and use. Brave even has built-in crypto wallets that allow newbies to get into crypto and learn about the industry. I'll have to talk about those in a future post, but Brave can be one of the gateways to mass adoption that everyone in crypto has been waiting for.

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It’s absolutely a sleeping giant I invested in two shit coin ICOs Kind ads and affiliate coin thinking they would do something similar

The GDN network is worth multiple billions, I mean would Microsoft launch their audience network if it wasn’t? Facebook has their audience network too!

If brave can block out those 3rd party renders for ads and substitute it with its own and force these networks to submit to them as they grow a user base then this token has all the more promice

It needs a more healthy diversity of inventory to target users for income! Once that’s sorted all the need to do is partner with ecommerce sites and plugins as well as crypto sites

Imagine earning your Netflix subscription for the month? That could be what it’s like in the future

Exactly, I think BAT/Brave is leading the charge in this new age of advertising that’s better for the used, the advertiser and the creator.

Things are small and imperfect right now, but when you look at both the growth in users/advertisers/creators combined with the growth in tangible developments, the future seems promising.

BAT is one of the few crypto’s that actually gets me excited about what’s possible in a space - digital advertising - that is ripe for disruption

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If one is not careful they can take BAT for granted especially if they use the Brave browser everyday without actually even remembering they are using it.

Regulations wise BAT is doing something good behind the scenes as they were recently listed on two of Japan's biggest exchanges, Coincheck and Bitflyer. It is no easy task to get listed on those exchanges.

"without actually even remembering they are using it."

This is a fantastic point. I've gotten most of my friends/family using the Brave browser instead of Chrome and most of them have no idea about the BAT token. They simply use and enjoy a better browsing experience. In the back of my mind, I know that they will one day grow curious about the crypto side of Brave - including BAT ad rewards and the built-in crypto wallet.

I didn't know about those exchange listings. I'll have to do some research about that - sounds like a positive thing for BAT!

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Well that is another good thing. They aren't riding off of hype waves via listings. I was glad to see them get listed on the Japanese exchanges though as I can now transfer my BAT on Uphold to them. As strange as it may sound, coincheck is an exchange I trust to keep "some" of my ALTS, I was around when they got hacked for NEM and everyone got their money back.

BAT is one of those tokens I've always really liked but never got around to actually investing in. Maybe I'll take the plunge now thanks to your post and hold you personally responsible if it crashes (kidding! kidding!).

Splinterlands actually ran a Brave browser ad campaign recently and it was quite profitable for us, but the numbers were small so hard to tell if it was just a fluke yet. Overall, though, I agree that as long as they can continue to grow their userbase and sell ads, they will be one of the few crypto projects that has actual money coming in from something other than speculation which can provide real value to the token.

Haha don't hold it against me if this thing goes to 0. I bought a bunch of BAT just the other day around $0.23-$0.24 though ;)

That's awesome to hear. I've been thinking about the possibility of running an ad over on Brave as well, so it's nice to know that you guys have gotten some good results thus far. From a user point of view, I find the Brave ads to be far more engaging than any native in-page ads on websites.

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Would love to see Leofinance advertise on Brave!

You'll see us on there sooner than anyone expects. No promises, but I think we'll launch a campaign for Brave sometime before the end of 2020.

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Great news :)

Really interested to see how it works out.

Exact same thoughts here. I am a bit surpised it hasnt taken off yet but hey, more time to accumulate!

More time - exactly. I'm stacking up and have recently more than doubled my BAT bags. As long as we stay below $0.25, I'll keep building that thing up

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I love BAT and always felt like a collaboration with Hive is inevitable. I haven't bought the token because I'm not much of a hodler. I prefer buying tokens I can stake and earn dividend from inflation.

There is definitely a lot of overlap between BAT and HIVE. I hope to see something as well.

I agree with you on the inflation dividends. On brave, it's more about HODLing BAT because you believe in the growth of the underlying platform - akin to owning Facebook stock and betting on the growth of that platform.

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I had a few that I bought last year but they were just sitting there and not doing anything, so I got bored and sold it for Vite and staked to earn dividend.

#BAT is one of the leading, popular, and has the current working use case @khaleelkazi and the price is really stable and a very good investment option to take :D

I agree! It's a great investment to consider. I've been loading up my BAT bags lately ;)

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I like the coin, I just found another cheeky 100 sitting in my Huobi account that I'd forgotten about, that's one advantage of the Bittrex Hive wallet being down and being forced into using another exchange!

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Is bittrex Hive still down? That's not good.

BAT is an incredible coin. There isn't much else in crypto that excites me the way BAT, HIVE, BTC and ETH do.

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It is still down yes, I just checked, I wonder why. It's obviously a choice on their part.

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I'll throw a little cold water on them, I wrote to them a couple of weeks ago, to their ad sales email address, and got no response.

There is a form on their ad sales page: a GOOGLE form. Err no thanks Brave!

Having said that the advertising I do get paid to see is very much on point for me though that's partly because it is the place to advertise to a crypto audience though probably not good for acquisition outside of our little world.

Hmm that's strange. I'm planning on doing some investigative work before we try to run a LeoFinance ad campaign on Brave, so I may write about that experience and see if I have trouble or not.

Their ads are on point and I feel much more engaged with them than any other form of advertising. I think they've got a big business on their hands with ad revenue. We just need better scaling, more attention and - according to your experience - a better sales process

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Absolutely, if I was running a sales dept I'd have responded to this quite quickly:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Our company, JPBLiberty, is a litigation funding company set up to fund and bring a multi billion dollar class action lawsuit on behalf of the entire crypto industry against Facebook, Google and Twitter. We’re suing because their blanket ban on advertising enforced against the entire crypto industry in early 2018 breached Australia’s anti-cartel laws.

We’re not far away from filing our case and have received some recent publicity in the Daily Mail (from where the story also jumped back into the Crypto press -, Coindesk).

I’d like to explore the possibility of a Brave advertising campaign to find class members and understand what sort of costs we would be looking at. I’ve personally signed up for BlockFi myself specifically via a Brave campaign and find your adverts to be high value.

Separately, Brave itself as a company will have an enormous case for damages in our law suit and if you’d like to put us in touch with your company’s general counsel, we would be happy to explain what we’re doing in greater detail. Class members who join this action are completely protected and can remain anonymous, or not, to whichever degree they wish.

Thank you for your attention,

Brian (satisfied Brave user for a long time).

No sleeping giant.. Reward sometimes works, sometime doesn't work. Today It don't find my wallet for the first time. To date, BRAVE's (BAT) luck is what is the only crypto browser in circulation, but I don't know how long he will be able to remain alone on this market.

At the end of the day, it's all experimental tech and highly speculative. I've found their team to be highly responsive and dedicated to their community, so we'll see if they can work out those kinks.

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Thanks for reply

I am bullish on BAT and doing my research. I am still not clear on how rewards are distributed to users. Reading their BAT whitepaper, it is pretty clear that the initial focus was on publishers and advertisers. I read a review paper that was published a while ago which suggests that the Brave as a browser is becoming popular but that popularity is not projecting the BAT as expected.

In that sense, BAT is definitely a sleeping giant. I think they need to push BAT more in terms of use cases.

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They do seem less so focused on the tokenomics than they are on building the platform - which may be a pro or a con depending on how you view the evolution of a tech startup/project.

In my opinion, the use case is there. They've got the 12 million (and growing) users on the browser which might make them the most used crypto project out there. They aren't hawking the BAT token and forcing their 12m users to use it just yet, but I think their focus is to improve the product and slowly convince normies to onboard into crypto. I personally like the model

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I am okay with what they are doing with the project adoption. They already have 16.7 million active monthly users. As you said, that's a huge number. And, I saw a tweet from @Sampsonbrave where he mentioned how they think Brave is the most adopted crypto project because it's easy to understand to general users. It is exactly in line with what you are suggesting.

But, my point is to make sure that you don't lag in utilizing and applying the very token that is the basis ensuring security and privacy.

I wrote a post on leofinance yesterday where I questioned the need to make the process to calculate users' attention with regards to the distribution of rewards.

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I am a big fan of BAT, I haven't invested in it yet but I do get monthly payouts from using the Brave browser. I'm not getting rich on it but I consistently get paid every month and it has been adding up.

The consistent payouts from Brave are awesome. It's nothing crazy, but it's more than 0 - which is what I was getting before.

These days, I think privacy and getting paid for attention are only getting more important and mainstream. Brave/BAT are on the bleeding edge in these respects (IMO)

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It is important because it establishes an honest transaction: my attention is WORTH something. Even if it is a "token" payment, it recognises an exchange of value took place and cuts me in on the deal.

Brave cannot be the future of the Internet itself, since Brave Inc. does not, in my opinion, work towards a crypto currency.
Here the operation lies clearly, in the economy into the own pocket.

There can therefore be no Transparent Internet 3.0.
The trust has already been destroyed to a large extent and must be limited and improved by a worthy successor.

Brave is like Bitcoin. Simply the first idea. A successor will do everything better and become the real winner.

I'm not sure that 1 story like that will be the end of Brave/BAT and what they stand for. It definitely wasn't good press, but in the same position as Brave, I would've done the same with the aff links.

Who knows what the future holds. IMO, there is no other project out there as transparent as Brave/BAT in the digital advertising/privacy space.

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Haven't bought BAT, but been earning BAT and keeping it! I started storing it on the Celsius app to earn 2% interest on it, which is great! So far I already earned $20 just using Brave! On my way to $100! And I do agree with the prediction that the price will go up by a lot... There are a lot of people that are not using Brave and will come, and the purchases and hodlers will increase and with time the scarcity and demand of BAT will make the price moon!!

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