Are you selling your Splinterlands cards for Pennies? Think again...

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Hello everyone, what's up?

Since @Splinterlands card game is gaining momentum after it's migration to Hive and since many of my newbie friends started playing Splinterlands I thought it would be useful to them (and everyone) to get to know a little bit more about the game and how the economics work.

This is not gonna be a long and boring post. You are safe! I am just gonna highlight some info about the game and tell you why I think that HODLING (holding) your cards is the right move.

Be careful, this is not a financial advice. There are just my thoughts regarding the game and it's future


What is Splinterlands ?

Splinterlands is a card game like "Heartstone" but what makes it unique is that it is build on blockchain technology.

Combining blockchain and gaming is a revolutionary move cause it allows users to actually own their digital assets (Splinterlands Cards in our case). I will not go into details but the main thing you need to know is that once a user obtains a card in Splinterlands they own it like they would in a real life card game.

You can learn more about how Splinterlands is utilizing blockchain technology here :

What makes Splinterlands Unique?

Let me start by saying that the gameplay is so smart and amazing but that's not what makes this game unique.

Yeah, I won this one

What makes this game unique is that each card has a "print limit" and once a card reaches it's "print limit " no one except the people that already own this specific card can enoy playing it!

Imagine this scenario in a real - life card game like Yu-Gi-Oh.

For Example

Imagine that there are only 5000 "Blue Eyes White Dragon" cards printed and these cards are owned by 1000 people. The more people start playing the game the more people would want to get their hands on such a strong card. The few people that own this card can now sell it at any price they want cause there will be no other "Blue Eyes White Dragon" cards printed ever again.

The exact same thing is happening with your Splinterlands cards but this time virtually, not physically.

I am HODLING my cards

According to Splinterlands is by far the most-used Dapp all over the planet!


The Splinterlands team also announced that they are hitting new all time highs in transactions and the way I see it there is no stopping in that! I've been playing Splinterlands for over 1 year now and the the game keeps hitting new all-time highs every couple of months.
The more users sign up and start playing the more cards will cost cause all these new users will most likely want to get their hands on some of'em!

For Example


The "Exploding Dwarf" was a card that I kept getting as a reward card when I was completing my Daily Quests some months ago. Back then it costed 0.01$ and I was sick of it but now it costs 0.02$ and I own more than 30 of'em.

I know that it does not seems like much profit but imagine this happening in 100 more of your cards. You can win cards so easy just by completing your Daily Quests or by buying packs from the shop. It's an investement after all.
An investement of both time and money.

Take a look at my Splinterlands account value

Screenshot taken from

I have invested more or less 120$ and my account's total account value is at 161$. Most of my account's value comes from the 68 packs I've bought at Splinterlands Shop and all the extra money I've earned is from cards that I am hodling which I won just by completing my Daily Quests.

Having fun and earning at the same time? That's Splinterlands ladies and gentlemen


In Conclusion

The game started from scratch and in a short ammount of time it managed to attract the attention of more than 5000 Daily Users.
Splinterlands keeps hitting new all-time highs in Daily activity and that means that more and more people are playing.

Logic suggests that it will soon be a "supply and demand" card situation and only those who already own cards will be able to take advantage of it.

I am not planning on selling any of my cards any time soon.

How about you?

Thank you all for reading my blog.
As I stated above, this is just my opinion and not a financial advice.
I would love to hear your thoughts about Splinterlands at the comment section bellow.

Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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This is one train I regret missing 😓😭

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I've "missed the train" many times! There is always the next one! Hehehe.

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Ahh now.... I do sell some of my cards for pennies, but then I buy what I think are more undervalued cards!

Or have a punt by buying an orb or two!

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That's also a great tactic! I do not feel like selling any cards yet, just stacking and upgrading!

You cannot go wrong with stacking Chickens!

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Hahaaha! Let;s see if we are lucky enough and receive the new Legendary Chicken mate!

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