200 Users Required for 64,000 character post - Let's break the blockchain

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authored by @silverstackeruk

Hello LEO!! I am going to keep this post short to ensure everyone reads it and does not skip through it. If you would like more details please see the post link below. Also, I do not think we can break the blockchain. I not a tech guy but dont think it is possible and nobody has warned me about this adventure so should be ok...probably. Sure, let's try and see what happens.


Last week, I uploaded thispost. In it, I suggested that we all group together to do something silly, something stupid but something epically fun and everlasting on the blockchain as well.


What's the Idea?

With the aim of building some engagement, we have decided to upload the biggest possible post to the blockchain and then own it. We'll have the unofficial title of "biggest post on the blockchain" and we want to invite 200 users to take part. You wanna be a part of this, yes! why not? it's good fun and we will be breaking unwritten records, writing them into existence (literary).

The maximum amount of character's that can be uploaded to a post is roughly 64,000 according to the FAQ's on hive.blog. This translates to around 11,200 words. Not that big a number but google tells me that the average person can read around 200 words per minute so this will be 56 non-stop minutes when uploaded.


We need your help

We require 200 people to give us 320 characters of content based on the numbers below.

  • 64,000 characters divided by 200 people is 320 characters per person
  • 320 characters per person to include username plus 2 for formatting

username - @heyjoe = 320 minus 6 for username minus 2 for formatting equals 312 characters for content

  • Please remember that each space between words counts as 1 character
  • Pictures/videos are any media will not be accepted
  • 320 characters is around 56 words to give you a rough ballpark. It's very short.



Completely up to you. As long as it's not offensive, leave your mark your own way. For those that need a little help, here are 3 suggestions to pick from. Pick your favourite.

1/ Write something brief about LeoFinace
2/ Make a prediction (about anything) and use the post as a store of evidence so when it comes true, you have a URL to show you're a genius.
3/ Leave a short message for your 3-year future self

The most important thing is to not use over 320 characters including your username and 2 for formatting.


How to take part

To take part will cost you a minimum of 1 LEO token, there is no limit to how much to can send to take part, 1, 5, 24.712, 100 LEO all accepted. All LEO tokens received will be burned, sent to @null. You might be thinking why burn it? We burn the donations to say thank to LeoFinance for giving us all the opportunity to earn lots of dollars for very little work. Giving a little back every now will make you feel warm inside knowing you did something positive for the ecosystem. Most of us will have earned hundreds of dollars worth of LEO, some will have thousands and others will have earned tens of thousands of dollars. When I put it that way, burning a few LEO to take part in a community-building activity is the least we can do.

  • LBI will offer 3 Prizes to the top donators

Top Donator wins 15 LBI token
Second, win 10 LBI tokens
Third, win 5 LBI token

The more you donate, the more we burn the better your chance of winning some LBI tokens.

  • You have until the 4th March 6 am Eastern time to complete 2 tasks

1/ Comment below with your 320 character message
2/ Make a donation of at least 1 LEO to @lbi-funding

That is it. Comment and donate before this post payouts


If you thinking why do this?

Because nobody is else is doing stuff like this. Sometimes it is fun to go the other way. I could write an easy post about LEO, HIVE or any crypto, it would take me a little time and once it's posted and I reply to some comments, I can forget about it. I know the post will get good upvotes from token holders regardless of content. It gets boring writing about the same stuff all the time and as a content producer for LBI, I feel I have to promote us as well, not just for making a butt-ton of LEO but also for being people people. Sure, this is extra work but will the results justify the extra effort put in? I think yes.

We're here to work hard and play hard. What's good for LeoFinance is good for us. Let's break the mould and get more engaging content on LeoFinance. It's all about making new friends, joining communities, learning and of course building a nest egg for yourself from your activity on the blockchain.


Key Points

If you wish to be part of this
You have until the 4th March 6 am Eastern time to complete 2 tasks
1/ Comment below with your 320 character message
2/ Make a donation of at least 1 LEO to @lbi-funding


Thank you for reading this post

If you liked it, please give an upvote and if you really liked it, please repost to your followers to give us more exposure.

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I am absolutely in, let's go!

Let's go then!!

You've got 1 week my friend :)

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@tipu curate

Okay im stunned, i'll definately come back to participate by all means. Its a huge one, moreso i love how it will help in terms of exposure.

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Hahaha, thank man.

You have just over 6 days my friend. Looking forward to seeing your message

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Lol, this is getting interesting. I saw the first post last week or when it was and thought it's crazy, in the good sense of the word. It's been a roller coaster for me lately, so now I have to think about what can I contribute with. The donation requirement of at least 1 LEO will chase some people away, even thought it's for a good cause as it's going to be burnt.

Looking forward to reading the entries though, it's going to be fun :)

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Yeah, having to make a donation will put people off but you understand why we ask for it.

So we are getting a lot of people saying they are interested but no messages yet. They will hopefully come in a few days time.

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Good Morning @silverstackeruk!
25 FEB 21 @ 0546 PST.

"The King" is up to your challenge!

The "King's" prediction is that BTC will go stratospheric to $200,000 plus. BTC’s hijacking by bitcoin.org was taken over by the world banking cartel. BTC is/will be manipulated accordingly!

Blessings to our planet as we awaken and accept the higher vibration of LOVE.

320? That’s all? Tough!


I've not counted the characters yet but you're the first :)

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Friday, February 26, 2021

It is a challenge! I have changed the way I post and reply. Right now I am in pages in response to your reply. Because I am not sure if I have to keep the reply under 320 character count and spaces? Need to review the rules! ROFL! Have a blessed and prosperous day! (316)

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OH............. I just read the rules, (AGAIN)!!!!!! Spaces COUNT! Oh my! I have to go back and recheck!

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@lbi-token I just powered down my LEO stake. Not sure how long that will take so I can donate the 1 Leo?

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Great initiative, thank you. I'm in.

Can we share a link in the text?

If so does it need to be in markdown or just plain text (and is it ok to use a link-shortener)?

no, you write your message into these comments. I'll copy/paste it into the final post.

Thanks for showing an interest.

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I'm very curious how big will the first donation be :)

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1 LEO, its already came in

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sorry, I meant the first donation on the leaderboard ( the biggest donation ) - I can be very tired from work somedays :P

All right cool , I am in because I like to test stuffs . Instead of 200 people with 320 words , can we go ahead with 100 people with 640 words or something like it?

Well I would like to take this opportunity and mention that @taskmaster4450le and numerous users including me have been trying to break the 300 comments per post on the @leomarkettalk thread everyday and we have got very close to that but we never considered this 64k character limit . The most comments we got under it is 285 per day but I am sure it is not like every comment is over 350 words though .

Anyway I love this challenge , I will send the 1 LEO tomorrow to the @lbi-funding and since you are already burning it , why not burn it and promote this post so that more people participate ?

I will come back and interact with others soon to add more content to the post.

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Bro, I wrote about the idea last week. Im sorry but im not changing it. I understand it's short but 200 donations is twice as many as 100.

As for getting 280 comments on a post, that's amazing, why have I never heard of this? BTW, each comment is it's own post to the blockchain so each post could have 1 million comments with 1k words no problem.

I like your burning post promotion idea, if we can collect up 10 LEO are so quickly, that's deffo a great idea.

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@galenkp weekend engagement topic gets some crazy amount of comments almost every week. a lot of them are around 300 comments. this one has 698 :D

I just had a back and forth with Blocktrades about this the other day in a comment. I actually wanted to try and see if I could exceed the length with just gibberish but your idea sounds much cooler. I will add my 320 as soon as I can.

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Happy days. So it's 65536. We can aim for a full block and claim it as the LBI block :)

Thanks for sharing

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This is amazing, gonna check out this!

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@bozz - I was a bit late to the party on LEO Finance, but I am glad I finally came to my senses. It has a wealth of information about all things finance and some amazing projects in the works. I feel like we’re just on the cusp of what this platform is going to be offering three years from now. Here’s to the future!

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Dear self, i hope the previous 3 years have brought you health and prosperity.
I hope you are enjoying your thoughts today (and everyone else's thoughts maybe) - all communications are now through neural implants.
We are all one with 'the borg' - resistance is futile.
Don't forget to say your daily mantra - all hail cthulu the mighty !!!

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Great let's go, I'll send the LEO later, or maybe I did it already, surprise :D
27FEB2021:LEO is worth less than 1$ and you trusted this project from the day you discovered it, why didn't you invest all in instead of buying some other shitcoin ? 5 years later LEO is worth 1000$ and ProjectBlank (yes we didn't know the name at that time) token you got airdropped is now worth 1000$. The ends.

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Oh this. I was a way and didn't know this fun ramp was on. Let's see..

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On or before the year 2024, you would have achieved your goal of 10k LeoPower. You would be a major stakeholder in the Leo Africa community taking on projects that will improve the Leo ecosystem. All it took was hard work and some patience. So keep pushing. You're closer than you can imagine. Cheers!

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Entry below. It is 318 words leaving 2 spaces for formatting and starts in the next sentence.

@jfang003: Currently the price of HIVE is at $0.301 and LEO at $0.755. I wish to see $1 HIVE and $5 LEO in 2023. My goal is to reach 10k HP and build a diverse HIVE engine passive income streams through crypto so I will have no need to work and play games. With so many good projects, I hope to see my future earnings.

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I only just came across this, a bit belatedly it's a pretty interesting idea - TBH I had no idea the max number of characters per post was 64000 characters.

I don't think that's enough to fill a whole block I remember calculating a while ago that someone could get their PhD thesis into one block which would be about eight times as long?