The Future of Blockchain Social Media

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I have joined some blockchain social media from hive, pocketnet, and steem. I will not discuss it is decentralized or not. The main points is that the how blockchain social media in shifting mainstream social media like twitter , IG and facebook.


On Boarding

I just need to discuss my observation. In my observation I find something that in my opinion will prevent those blockchain social media to grow.
Here some conclusions that I get from the blockchain social media

  • Motivation
    Most users motivation to sign up blockchain social media is earning crypto money. It is a fact. I know when there is a post that earning is second thing after getting social, I agree with that but first time , people join is to earn cryptomoney.
  • Voting circle and game
    The case is acutally the same as general social media where there is autopost bot or autolike bot to make a post popular. In blockchain social media voting circle is to generate higher earning. When the platforms enable the features , it means that auto voting or auto like is legal. This enabling auto like or auto voting is sometimes abused by few members to gain personal benefit. Both in blockchain social media or general social media are not good. Twitter trending can be created by bot as earning high income can be earned by voting circles.
  • Like Vs Dislike Vote Vs Downvote
    In general social media dislike will not influence to the economic benefit but in blockchain social media donvote will effect to economic benefit. What I am fear is that when there are no standard of downvoting in blockchain social media. In general social media when one does not like a post, he can dislike and no problem after that. How about blockchain social media, when you post an opinion that opposites to a larger group or big stakers, you will get downvoted. You will loose economic benefit from this. The situation is not only that case. How about two larger groups or big stakers are downvoting each others? Will it be war votes or down votes. Hive and other social media is just a small scale of blockchain social in the future. When this platform has millions active users like IG or FB, I can not imagine if there are two large groups that opposite each other.
  • Possibility of Hardfork
    Hardfork is possible in blockchain social media. I think it is the case when there are two big power who want to control the media. A case in steem with hive is the biggest example. I am not sure, when hive has million users and there are groups of developers and stakers join together to make new consensus, hardfork is possible at the time. Hardfork has benefit economically because there will be big airdrop of crypto assets but there are also some disadvantages like splitting communities. Some users may stay and other may go to new ones.
  • Building reputation or power
    In general social media, an influencer is ranked by the numbers of followers and engagement so is it in blockchain social media. In blockchain social media there is additional value. That is the power and reputation. To build power one can buy stakes or earn stakes. In one of blockchain social media, reputation is very hard. Once you post is earn dislike or downvote, your reputation will be negative. When your reputation reach negative limit your account will be deactivated by the system. Badly, no standard of downvoting. It is only having different opinion about the platform then you will earn downvote to be negative. In this case, when we think pragmatism, this kind of scoring and reputation system will not be accepted by the mass. The mass will leave the platform.

In the future, blockchain social media will be trending but to be mainstream, I think need much improvement from the existing reward, like, and deactivation of users. All need simple, rewarding and easy to be popular. Can blockchain social media combine how IG, TikTok and Twitter social consensus with reward sytem in blockchain social media? I am not a developer I write in the perspective of users. I just wait hive to be booming with all great , and stable featurs.

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I agree with what you've said here, it would be very hard for blockchain social media to become mainstream. The magic model hadn't been found yet, and currently people only join for money and that would make the coin less valuable and that would in turn make people leave.

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Hope, there will be a breaktrough from leo or projectblank to be mass used that people join not only for money but true getting social. Money or coin will be the second motivation, but in that case the coin will be more valuable I think.

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