Wrapped LEO Hard Launch Date and New wLEO Explore Page

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We've had a few different potential launch dates but before nailing one down and announcing it officially, we wanted to make sure that all the tech was in place to handle wLEO along with our overall marketing strategy for DeFi/Ethereum users outside of the Hive ecosystem.

  • The wLEO contract has been created ✔️
  • 1st wLEO token was minted ✔️
  • wLEO interface is ready ✔️
  • New Explore wLEO Page ✔️
  • New LeoFinance Landing Page ✔️
  • New LeoFinance Telegram (TG is more popular than Discord amongst DeFiers -- jump in there and be ready to welcome them 🦁) ✔️
  • List of DeFi groups to contact about sharing wLEO with communities outside of Hive ✔️
  • Post-launch plan for other listings on Ethereum (outside of Uniswap) ✔️
  • ...

As you can see, there's quite a lot that's been happening behind the scenes. On top of all this, we're still building the new LeoFinance Beta interface and if you visit the site each day, you'll notice some minor/major changes rolling out in real-time. We're currently working on the Dark Mode and Mobile Version of the UI.

wLEO Hard Launch Date

Mark your calendars, wLEO officially launches on Thursday, September 17th.

What can you expect on the launch day?

  • wLEO interface where you can wrap LEO or unwrap wLEO
  • Uniswap Listing
  • Initial Liquidity donation by @leofinance ($20,000 USD - $10k ETH + $10k LEO)
  • LP bounties program (300,000 LEO distributed to LP's for the first 90 days of pooling - distribution details will be released on launch day
  • LEO outreach program (reaching out to DeFi/Ethereum groups to tell them about LeoFinance/wLEO)
  • wLEO launch party livestream (exact time: TBA) (with @nealmcspadden, @scaredycatguide, @rollandthomas and @khaleelkazi)

What can you expect after launch day?

  • Continued outreach to DeFi/Ethereum communities
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Blockfolio Listing
  • Contacting dApps/exchanges for other listings
  • 🌔?

Explore wLEO


Explore wLEO

Wrapped LEO is a complex subject. As we saw with wHIVE, a lot of users have a lot of questions about how exactly this stuff works. For Ethereum users, the reverse is true -- they don't understand how Hive works.

Especially for our Hive userbase, we created the wLEO explore page: https://leopedia.io/wleo

This page serves as a repository of info about Wrapped LEO, how it works and why it's important. The content library is actively being added to each and every day, so check back for new content - especially as we approach the launch of wLEO. The guides are just getting started.

This page will soon house information outlining every possible detail of wLEO - including how to use it, why it's valuable for our community, our future plans for listing it on other dApps/Exchanges, etc.

LEO Token


LEO Hit Parity With HIVE Yesterday (1 HIVE = 1 LEO)

Before ending this post, I have to give an honorable mention to the LEO token price. It's been exploding over the past 2 weeks as we announced wLEO and our future plans with it. As @dalz, @rollandthomas and @nealmcspadden said: anyone who's bought or earned LEO in the past 15 months has essentially become an angel investor / presale investor without actually participating in a presale or investing round.

The wLEO launch is LEO's first real step outside of the Hive ecosystem - not unlike an IPO or ICO event. Opening the doors to a wider audience with the ultimate goal of driving more users, token hodlers and attention to our project.

Up until the launch of wLEO, the only way to buy, earn or HODL LEO was if you had a Hive account. With the Wrapped LEO ERC20 token bridge, anyone with a Hive account OR an ETH address can now buy and HODL LEO. In the future, we'll reveal something mind-blowing on the earn front ;)

Our goal is (and has always been) long-term accessibility and growth for the LEO token and LeoFinance platform. The Uniswap listing/wLEO launch is just the beginning 🦁

One more time: Mark your calendars, wLEO officially launches on Thursday, September 17th.

steemleo black token divider.png

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Earn LEO + HIVE rewards by creating crypto/finance-related content in our PeakD community or directly from our hive-based interface at https://leofinance.io.

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My 66 yr old body is getting shiver like never before. My guts are sending me some strong messages.
It seldom goes wrong.

I'm going to Binance/Bittrex to collect some last left bits of my owned shitcoins. Maybe I can get a few more LEO's...

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i have the same gut feelings but sometimes its just farts :/

I bet ! Not this time !

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The day has come and the announcement has been made and there is no way back. Looking on to the future and how this community will transform itself and maybe bring more tracking to HIVE. Cross my fingers and hope this will be an event that we will all remember after the metamorphosis of one community into a true financial cryptocurrency and ecosystem.

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Thanks @behiver - the ultimate goal of LeoFinance is to onboard new hive users to our platform. Hive is our base technology and Leo is the platform on top that can change the game in terms of onboarding and educating new users. This is one step in many to come toward that mission

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Great to see the goals align and you elevate HIVE as well. Together everything is stronger and using the infrastructure and developing on top for the financial sector can be the way to do it.

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When do you expect the listing of wLeoon Uniswap will take place? On Thursday, September 17th?

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Yep, it will launch on Uniswap on Thursday :)

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Oh, that's great!

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ETH army brace yourself the LEO lions are here and we’re going to be chasing bulls baby

I hope things run smoothly for you on the 17th, and that things run smoothly also for Hive's first hard fork on the 22nd If I have been following and seeing correctly you are going to be one of the first 2nd layers of hive that Dan and others have been talking about, so it will be very nice to see you succeed.

Love it, so wonderfully upbeat!

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Excellent, I have nothing more to say.


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I'm still trying to process the stuff from yesterday and out comes LEO with more development. I'd estimate 1 LEO > 1 HIVE in the next month at this rate. Development is going great. Best of all, leo benefits hive too :)

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Simply put I just feel like I've made the right decisions with leo, then I think it's only the beginning of good things really. I'll just look for more things to sell to buy Leo

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Plan of action sets in place for great things.
A community bound for success.
Great job!

looks like in order to participate without using fiat, you have to power down?

I am excited. Not sure, it is because I am following these developments closely for the last two- three months. I hope the hype is equal for the ETH users on the other side of the fence :P

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I'm happy that I discovered the LEOfinance community and stayed. Glad that I made some tangible attempts to invest tokens. Thanks to everyone for the great work put in to build LEO and the community to this state. The future is better. I'll be glad to someday announce a great build to add to the wealth and usecase of the Leo ecosystem.

In the future, we'll reveal something mind-blowing on the earn front

My eyes are wide open.

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First of all, this is all amazing and I'm super excited about everything that LEO is doing and it's future. I just have one quick question for now:

LP bounties program (300,000 LEO distributed to LP's for the first 90 days of pooling - distribution details will be released on launch day

Will @leofinance be earning part of the 300k LEO reward for its $20k liquidity, or will that all go to the other LPs?

as far as I understood they are keeping their share out of the reward pool

I asked this on discord a couple days ago @yabapmatt and Khal is excluding the 20k from the bounty rewards. More for the rest of us. 💰

Keep it up!

I just have a few quick questions around the LeoFinance landing page

Shouldn't the conversion buttons point to Hive Onboard or something similar where new users can actually sign up?

Currently they click on a button that says 'start earning' and it just takes them to the beta interface with no obvious sign up point.

What's your vision for the ideal conversion process for new users here?

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