Week 0 - Hive Token Investment Project

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It's time for us to get started on our weekly Hive token investment project. Each week we will be investing 4 Hive into 6 different projects and tracking the returns. Our 6 projects are going to be SPI, M, LEOMM, WORKERBEE and a pair of fresh dCity's. Each week we will be reinvesting any profit from each project back into each project and tracking our results here. This is just an experiment to see what we can accomplish with small weekly investments and for a bit of fun.

We will be tracking prices based on what we could instantly sell each token for, that will make our numbers look pretty bad initially but hopefully they will improve over time.

Alright let's dive into our initial purchases:

TokenNumber HeldSell PriceProfitWeekly Earnings

Things look a bit ugly right there but really the profit % just shows th gap between buy and sell prices right now. I might have to change how I report these numbers in the future but we'll just leave things as they are for now.

As for the dCity projects I have two very different strategies that I'm hoping payoff in the long run. I wanted to rely on cheaper buildings and focus on SIM earnings. The first city is going to be made of Luxury Home's and Forest's. I was really hoping we'd be able to buy 1 of each for around 4 Hive but the markets change quite frequently so that won't always happen. This week we ended up buying 2 Luxury Home's and couldn't quite afford a forest. Our second city is a bit more of an experiment that is going to focus on accumulating Homeless/Immigrants and putting them to work at Wind Turbine's. Long term we aim to grab the tech upgrade for wind turbines but likely won't be doing that for a few months.

City 1:

City 2:

CityInvestedBankProfitWeekly Earnings
City 13.160.840%n/a
City 22.841.160%n/a

Since I don't have a way to instantly sell the cards we have, I'll just be using the lowest market price. I'm thinking that city 1 is easily going to outperform city 2 but I really want to explore what can be done with Homeless/Immigrants to help make them profitable. Most people playing have an abundance of them and being able to turn them into an additional source of SIM each day seems like a good thing.

I'm very excited to see how these projects progress and I'm hopeful that eventually we are going to see some nice earnings.

This is mainly just an exercise for fun and not an investment plan. I still want to show that there are ways to make some profit with limited resources. Fingers crossed everything works out!


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