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RE: Hive Is Under The Radar And That Is A Good Thing

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Switching domains is easy, and are open-source.
Ecency even has an application, which can be downloaded on any desktop, and does not require app store approval if push comes to shove.

Any files can be downloaded on PCs, it just takes a bit of technical know how. If hive gets attacked, the info will spread quickly and people who believe it's worth it will be able to get access to the blockchain.

The biggest issue is obviously nodes, as people running them are not anonymous and might decide to stop running them under pressure. As hive gets bigger hopefully the number of full nodes will increase. But even then, it is a fundamental tradeoff of DPOS to have a small amount of nodes.

The reason I remain bullish is because I know there will always be countries defending freedom of speech, and there is no reason nodes can't be hosted there, legally.


Too many of our consensus witnesses and RPC node operators live in Western Europe or North America. Ideally, those people should be distributed all over the globe.

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I agree, adoption takes time. Although, if extreme measures start to be taken against hive, I am sure a lot more people will come in and help. We saw this when Justin Sun tried to centralize the chains, Blocktrades was not actively working on Steem before that, and most witnesses were just doing nothing.

Since the fork activity probably did a 1000X on the witness side. If push comes to shove, I am sure we'll find the way to have nodes running in safe places.


True and a very good point, if anything big happens distribution of nodes could be essential for this blockchain.

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That is true. We need to get more into Asia and even South America.

We need spreading out on many levels, not only digitally.

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And Africa

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Is it possible to run nodes on a decentralised cloud or platforms like storj?

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Storj is for storage. All the nodes run the same software and process the same data in parallel already. It's a matter of distributing them geographically across many different jurisdiction.

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The nodes are a challenge and having things spread throughout the world, especially in those countries where crypto is being openly adopted means that we can always have a basis. The challenge is getting to that point. As was pointed out below, most of the nodes are geographically located in the US or W. Europe.

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Please see my comment above.

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Hmm I thought that node runners can be anonymous?
Why not?
They can track IP adress or get info from the internet provider or?

In the worst case scenario?

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They can be but right now they're not really. If in the future anonymous people start running nodes, they still need to be voted in the top20 witness spots. Hard to campaign anonymously.

To be quite honest 7 out of 20 consensus witnesses are anon. Given how transparent and opened the system is, I don't need to know your identity to give you a vote. The only thing that matters is how much you actually contribute.