Interesting Charts of the Day - Trading Journal (08.03.20)

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First chart lists the predictability of the stock market for the next winner of the presidency. When the market return by time of they year of the election is green the incumbent party usually wins second term while red market usually has a lose for the incumbent. In the past 23 elections only 3 times did the markets' results did not correlate to this pattern. President Trump must have some knowledge of this since he is pushing for a green SPY.

The second chart shows the total stimulus global government and central banks have injected and not surprise US top the charts. The curiosity is how much of this stimulus has been used up since in the US there is already government meetings to get to another stimulus bill. Currently the meetings is trying to get through a $3 trillion bill but what if even this bill won't be enough because the first one was not. Quite frankly people should come to realize the government and federal reserve is devaluing the dollar at the fastest pace in its history.

This third chart has been out for several days but I have found it a little odd that not many new outlets or people in general have noted that US is officially in a recession. Two negative quarters in GDP back to back is considered a recession. Either people are not accepting this data and believe it is a blip in the system since Covid19 force the country to shutdown, or they believe its worse hence did not define current conditions as a recession. In any case its worth noting as of now this is officially a recession and Q2 GDP drop is worst on record whether Covid19 was to be blamed or not.

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