It Pays To Quest ( A Little Bit )

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I recently completed a daily quest on @Splinterlands, and I thought to myself, “what is the economic value of this quest?”

A quest is not only fun to complete, but there is a small economic value to it! It did not take me long to complete, and my spoils we are real! Here are my rewards:


I was rewarded 111 DEC, Undead Rex, baby Unicorn, Nectar Queen, and Wave Runner.

I could have burned the cards for an extra 45 DEC, too! Adding an additional 51 DEC won from the actual battles, my total turned out to be, 207 DEC!

At current exchange rates, that’s about a half of a Hive Token! It’s not much, but it all adds up. It’s free money! Take it!

Obviously, the rewards always change. You never know what you’ll get!

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