Quantum Computing and your security

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An interesting article was shared yesterday by @taskmaster4450le that delved into the very real dangers of Quantum computing. It's a topic that had previously been raised as a hypothetical on leofinance some time ago but without any firm research or backing research it was only a What if".

In a really basic explanation on how scary this is for encryption (but awesome for human kind) a traditional computer works on 1s and 0s or what is referred to as on off position. A computer code comes along and spends hours putting together thoes 1s and 0s until it works out the code. Which is why we need keys as it tells the computer the correct 1s and 0s and gains access. Hacking in really basic terms is figuring out those 1s and 0s to gain access.

A Quantum computer works on a whole different level. It will work out the 1s and 0s before it even tries to access it. Think of it as walking up to a wall but the wall has a hidden door way passage not easily visible and many might not even realise its there.

Now, a human might look at this physical wall for some time before trying to walk through it. Because we can walk through walls. We will look, touch, knock run our hands along it and eventually we will find it. There might be a barrier in the way hiding it but eventually even if it requires reading the buildings plans, we will get access.

A Quantum computer does the same thing to a code, it will look at it, assess it and spend time cracking it or "thinking" before it tries to get in. This avoids the "on more chance before locked out forever".

This article goes into some detail in relation to physical and Quantum states and how Qubits play a roll in cracking codes.

The Dangers and benefits a head

For traditional banking this means your money won't be safe, fortunately for the client centralised banks under current laws will be responsible for ensuring the safety and security of our money. They will need to come up with ways to safeguard our money and also reimburse people who get robbed. But this could be a potentially dangerous game if they're not fast enough insurance premiums will be rising and more money will be printed to cover.

Who knows, there might even be a brief period of time where we all need to go back to cash for some time. Credit cards and debit cards would be easy targets to Quantum computers. We already saw in Australia where criminals were setting up card skimmers and cameras on ATM'S to get your card scan ID and password.

A Quantum computer would not require that. All you'd need is a Quantum computer with WiFi receptor that could read debit card chips and that's it. They now have access to your cash. So those chips, might be a thing of the past.

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In fact, anything with a card reader or a chip is in danger, casino safe rooms, security rooms, unauthorised areas of anywhere. A Quantum computer attached to a card reader could become the ultimate skeleton/master key. No area off grounds making any robbery easy and without detection. A system won't know its been hacked.

The benefits of Quantum computing to society is immense though we will learn and know new things. Things that we have only ever dreamed of knowing will be confirmed. Black holes, outter space, depths of the ocean, how to get to these places.

You'll probably never be able to best this AI at a coin toss or a game of chess. It will deliver a new age of science and humanity.

How soon?

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I honestly didn't think they were this close as Quantum computers require significant pressure and cold temperatures as they run hot. The prototypes currently developed are underground operating in freezers just to keep them cold enough to be able to turn them on and not melt.

But it's alot closer than I thought with the first operational Quantum computers becoming fully operational by 2025. As pointed out in the original article shared yesterday which can be found Here

There is discussion in the article that people are already starting to come up with new ways to tackle the issue. It's interesting how they suggest that it won't happen overnight all the great break ins. But I have a different opinion. We already see other nations constantly attempting to hack each other and gain access to each other's systems.

The moment one nation has one of these bad boys operational no one is safe. Any system will be broken and code will be inserted to gain access and no one will ever know.

As more come on line, no doubt many seeds will be planted and where it won't be an overnight robbery I bet they will just be sitting there waiting.

Quantum computers will also be able to unlock block chain wallets and get into all those lost bitcoin wallets. That will be fun, I bet alot of people go straight for that cash. It's unclaimed, it doesn't belong to no one and it's lost. Free cash.

My opinion on the matter is that it will require another Quantum computer to act as a guard dog to safe guard systems. You can't assess two perpetual states in constant motion, can you? Who knows.

In time though, we will all have one of these computers in the palm of our hands just like we do today with our phones.

The first computer was the size of a factory and slow but it got people to the moon.

Today, the computer in my hand is far more powerful than the 90s commodore that once took up an entire corner of my house, ran hot, constantly shut down and was noisy as anything.

We're on the age of an information technology breakthrough and the world will change.

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