Ask Me Anything: I Work As A Tarot Reader on s Psychic Hotline. What Would You Like To know About My Business?

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I saw the call to action regarding "ask me anything"

This is a Leofinance Post so please keep it finance related.

Feel free to ask about my training: how long I trained, where, costs, etc

Want to know how I get paid? Platform fees, long term clients, etc.

Ask me about my tools? What does one need $$$ to get started?

@taskmaster4450 set a goal of 100 questions on his post.

I would be happy with 10.

And yes, I can read for you. And yes, I would accept crypto and yes, I would accept tokens, and yes, how to accept crypto as payment is finance related.

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Ask Me Anything

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what are the biggest scams to watch out for in yr business/telltale signs someone is a phony or conning you?

for example, maybe in yr case of pay per minute, it would be advantageous to you to draw every minute out, adding to the charge.

you could be the miss cleo of crypto, great branding opportunity😎

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The biggest most obvious scams, are when someone tells you that you need to give them money or else (insert bad omen here) . One thing is for you to legit be having bad luck, and search someone to help you; another is to go get a tarot readings at a fair and all of a sudden need an exorcism.

Aside from that - I guess one could draw minutes out, and other "tricks" to draw conversations out but at the end of the day, customer service is KING in any and all service industries. I would much rather get my conversation started and finished in 3 minutes or less, and have my client call me back whenever they need, then draw the convo out to 10 minutes, and never hear from them again (cause you will still be a great reader - just expensive).

LOL - Miss Cleo of Crypto. All I need is a good bandana, and a crystal ball and a 3 speak account. Hmmmmmmmmm.

That's pretty cool.

When i growing up my mom was a psychic, she would do readings in the house.

She was good friends with the mayor and his wife , and a few other celebs - i remember this cool lady that did make up in hollywood too.

I've thought about doing that as a side gig - I haven't practiced for 30+ years though,

should i just go for it ???

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every perspective is important, needed, and searched for.

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Do you also use Tarot for your crypto decisions?

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I don't really use the tarot for myself.

For me, I use manifestation techniques like dream boards, affirmation questions, and clearing statements. I connect to the light, see if the changes I am making are for my best and highest good, and use daily intuition and prayer.

I have thought about using the tarot for market predictions but think that is most helpful for traders and I am a HODLer.

Although, when I finally sold the ETC I was holding for years - I did pull up a quick card. But, the answer seemed obvious before I even saw the card: Sell, ETC for CUB - uh, yeah.

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Are you only in crypto market or you are involved in forex msrket as well. As a Forex trader, I would like to know if you get a chance to manage a Prop firm capital, would you do it?

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I am not involved in forex. Does managing a Prop Firm Capital pay at bleast $30 an hour? If yes, maybe.

Thank you for visiting.

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Basically I am doing Prop Funds Trading. They let you trade their capital once you pass their evaluation. The evaluation has a small fees i.e $500 to $650 and after passing they provide you with $100k trading account. You get 70 to 80% of the profits you make on that trading accounts.

I understand that you are making per hour and if you haven't heard of Prop Trading Firms, you will find it tough what I am saying. I will try to post all the process about Prop Trading and how to get benefits from them.

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That sounds like an awesome opportunity... for someone else. I would still love to read about it and understand.

You get 80% of the profits and how many of the losses are you responsible for?

After passing evaluation, we get funded accounts. We are not liable for losses in funded account. We have a drawdown limit of 10%. After that company take the account back

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When did you get into cryptocurrency?

What do the people around you, friends and family, think of your endeavor into this?

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I got into cryto through steemit in Dec 2017.

It was suggested to me by my husband, he knew I had been wanting to learn to invest in bitcoin, and suggested I earn crypto for blogging.

Every crypto move has stemmed from what I learned there, here, through the community aka this community.

My friends and family mostly think its "one of those things she does" to make money. I inherently hate "working" or having a boss. I have four children and don't have a lot of consistent time to dedicate. I do lots of different gigs that allow me to work: when the baby is napping, while the cake is in the oven, on saturday mornings when they are sleeping in, late at night, when everyone is watching a movie, on my laptop while they play outside, etc.

But my friends and family pay more attention everyday. They know I am on a team that manages "a bunch of money" aka spinvest, they know I make money writing, they know that my bags have gone from "play money" to "consider this income when buying a house money" and they ask more and more questions everyday.

Of course, since I have since 2017, read the tarot, written ebooks, freelance wrote, sold children's books, gotten a "real" job, got "lucky" in real estate, and "got lucky" in crypto - I need to keep at this "crypto thing" for a few more years before it gets taken seriously as something "even @metzli can do"

Thanks for asking :)

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I haven't interacted much with you colleague, I don't know much about your work. My question:

"What exactly is your job and based on that, what are your next goals in this crypto world?"

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My current job is such: I log onto a platform in which different advisors are available to give advice via the Tarot.

When I connect with a client, I get paid per minute to offer them advice.

My income depends on how many clients I connect with per session.

My goals in the crypto world are a little stagnant, since I reached the original goals I wanted. AKA reaching 10,000 HIVE Power, along with some Hive Engine Token Goals.

I know I want to keep accumulating HIVE, LEO, CUB. I have certain tokens that I am accumulating as well.

I had thought that when I reached these amounts, I would start taking out a monthly stipend to take my children out to the movies or something, but I find that now that I have these amounts, and my blogging could make enough to take out some fiat now and then - I don't want to. Now I want to HODL.

I will keep staking my HIVE, LEO, CUB, and tokens, and I will keep Storing Value in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Spinvest.

I want to say that my next HIVE goal is 50,000 HP, but I don't see myself investing $20,000 into Crypto at the moment and don't really want to wish it back down to the $ 0.10 - 0.15 mark.

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Excellent your work, in fact I have relatives who work with that too.

Regarding your goals, congratulations for reaching 10,000 HP👏👏. It's a very good idea to keep accumulating LEO, CUB and other cryptos. I think they will be worth a lot more money in a while. I personally want to raise capital to invest it in more LEO and also Cubfinance farms.

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I definitely want more CUB...

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I don't have one yet, I don't want to be left out hahaha.

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I like the idea of 5,000 Leo Power.
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Do you get paid from your job as a tarot reader in fiat or in crypto?

Have you had customers shill crypto while working as a tarot reader?

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I get paid in fiat, but would very happily accept crypto and look forward to the day when a way to accept crypto is easy and available and affordable to me.

I have never had a customer shill crypto.

Thanks for answering. I hope crypto ends up being used more in real life. At least this way we can start having less reliance on the existing fiat system.

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I agree. When I sell goods (randomly from Etsy shops or such)for crypto, I am so happy about it that I value the crypto as higher - for example I would accept HIVE as worth $1.00, and litcoin as worth $200

Thank you for your comments.

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What's the worst part of working for a Psychic Hotline? And what's the best Part?

The worst part is getting questions that you really don't need to be intuitive to be able to answer. Example: Will he stop cheating (its the fifth time)? Will she leave her husband for me (she told me she wouldn't, but maybe)? Am I pregnant? Etc.

Sometimes, I have to remind people that I am not a doctor or financial advisor.

The best part, is when you get a client who needs that little motivational push to do something great, and you are able to provide it.

IDK much about psychics and the related arts, but I do credit you with a lot of my recent financial positioning, @metzli! 💪😎👍

Your article, something about what will it take for you to reach $1 million in the coming bull run was a real eye-opener for me. I got to reading and researching, and looking into my past "investments" and realized that I should ALREADY BE THERE, and then some!!

I have since made a series of moves that are going to make up a lot of ground in the coming year. Certainly, I will be so much better off unless there are catastrophic selloffs in most of crypto. More info is available to you, if you are interested...


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I would say it does not matter the skill or ability level of the tarot reader as much as the skill or ability of the marketing team.

Fees also vary more upon how much money the tarot reader is open to receiving rather than how good they are.

For example, I have been an "amazing tarot reader" for many years, but before I did so on Etsy, for $5 per reading and got just few customers a month. Or in person, working odd nights for tips. Now I charge $3.49 per minute and have a few customers per night. I have also agreed to do in persons again once I am vaccinated and the going rate is $360 per hour.

My skills as a tarot reader have improved slightly (anyone who practices anything gets better) but my skills in accepting to get paid for my California Standard of Living have improved a whole lot more.

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