Congratulations to the Newest De-Fi Investor: Me!

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When the LEO team said it they would make it "easy," they were being a mom of four telling their kindergarten boy to "just" stop fighting with his sister.

It was as easy as cooking over easy eggs, on a non-seasoned cast iron skillet.

If it wasn't for the free money, I would not have done it

Seriously. I am from the US and don't know how to make my computer not be from the US.

Screenshot 20210315 at 3.07.12 PM.png

Which means it took a few extra steps for me.

I even had to give "them" my SSN.

I really wanted to quit at that point, but @edicted has written so many articles about how awesome this is that I could not ignore the benefits.

And also, the whole point of this airdrop was to get people to use it.

I feel like I am an integral part of the LEO team

And if I don't take the extra steps, and I don't take the opportunities that are being tossed my way, then how can I ever expect "them" to bring lots of people to the platform so that I can watch my account keep growing in value?

It has got to be us.

Screenshot 20210315 at 3.06.23 PM.png

I feel like I lost a lot of $$

I started trying this process when the APR's were saying 3000%. The number kept dwindling down until today's price of 500%.

Then I laughed at myself

500% APR on "free" money is GREAT

Thank you again to the LEO team.

And thanks to the countless tutorials, expecially the ones that reminded us US Californians that we had to do "extra" stuff.

Let's keep building and I look forward to #projectblank

And lastly, one of the many things I did trying to get "this" to work, was wrapping leo into bleo.

What do I do with Bleo now?

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You could exchange your Bleo for Cub. Was this a big pain because you didn't have any BNB?

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That was the exact problem. No BNB.

Silly enough, it took me a few days to realize that I couldn't buy BNB because I didn't have any BNB to power the purchase...

Now I have BNB on three different platforms. lol.

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Ooooh, I can buy MORE Cub...

Seems like I should be investing in BNB instead, since everyone needs to buy some to use the system.

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I took the "easy" way out. I borrowed some BNB from users on Leofinance discord. Thanks guys!

Since then, I just "convert" some bLEO into BNB on the cubdefi exchange to keep enough BNB for the fees. I just hope I don't get careless and run out of BNB with my ADD.

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I couldn't even figure out that I needed BNB facepalm

I am still playing with the system.

How do you like being a DeFi investor so far? I have not harvested yet. I think I might go harvest right now.

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I love it so far. I only farmed for a brief time. Already harvested my farm and moved everything over to the den. Too risky for me.

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Thank you!

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