## APOLOGIES TO THE HIVE COMMUNITY ## Staying on STEEM Was the Right Decision For Me

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This post was meant to live on the steem blockchain. I plan on keeping my account there - but I am VERY pro-hives. This post was NOT meant to be on the hives blockchain. I used the steemleo interface and now it posts directly on the hives blockchain, How? I do not know... I know I have been posting on steem for the steem blockchain, and on hives for the hives blockchain Two different audiences, and two different blogs with the same writer. Somehow the wires are getting crossed.

I did finally hit that power down button

But, it wasn't because I am blindly moving to hives. It is because it is time for me to reward myself for all the blogging (and investing) I have been doing for the past couple of years.

What do I want?

A backpack diaper bag, and steem is going to pay for it. Why not? It seems like I just doubled my investment.

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 5.04.39 PM.png
Backpack Diaper Bag

I hadn't wanted to power down at $0.50

Which is what I am thinking both coins on both blockchains are combined. But I also didn't think that Covid-19 was going to keep me indoors during my baby shower, stop the world economy, and make it so that I am a Homeschooling mom again (oooooh, I LOVE that soooo much).

More reasons to stay

I have tons of tokens.

I need my STEEM power so that I can keep earning those

dlike is staying
I have been watching (and delegating to this project waaaaaay too long for me to just abandon it).

Drugwars is staying
Don't you know I am a mafioso?

Writers I like are staying
I like their work, why stop reading it?

I am changing things up a bit

It does seem like steem will be more automated, have more bidbots, and different types of posts. My automatic votes were earned and I intend to keep them.

Still, I will not be cross posting.

I was gifted the ability to post on two different platforms and I plan on using it well

More dlike posts (with plenty of commentary from me), more posts about growing an online business, more posts specifically related to the tribes I am vested in.

There are exciting times, let's keep growing


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Do you see now?
I told you, you have a lot to learn.

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Oh silly @oldtimer.... you still didn't understand what I was saying...

It is ok. You usually don't.

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Each has to decide where they fit.

The wonderful part of all this is that people have choices.

That is what it is all about.

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Baby will soon be here!!
Stay safe @metzli ❤️

Right now it may seem like duplication but as each community grows it will become different, steem will go their own way and HIVE is definitely going to do its own thing so in the future it may be very different experiences and worth having an account on both, we'll see

Steemleo made the announcement that they've been migrated to HIVE, NEOXIAN and Creative Coin are moving too, HIVE engine will also be launched soon

bidding bots? hmmmmmm :)

Also, nice backpack :) Hopefully, it'll be back in stock before 13 weeks :)