The Psychic Hotline is BORING Tonight, May As Well Blog For My Income

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The Very Bestest Part of Being A Pay-Per-Minute Tarot Reader is that you get to spend time being as quiet as possible, While You Wait for your clients to show up

A pretty typical day has been to log in and turn on my chat. I then begin to check my emails, check my pings, and update my blog.

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Clients chime in, I read for them, and then I send them a follow up email. You're "supposed to" wrap chats up when you see the timer going off, but I like to read until the very last second, or the client feels they got a "good enough" reading.

My follow up email is filled with any messages I may have already heard but didn't have enough time to deliver. I used to charge for these "follow up" emails, but now I just send them. Clients LOVE them, and giving service people LOVE is the best way to future business. I also give free minutes for a future chat.

Today, I did all those tasks and even took the time to email past clients, offering the free email readings.

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And now I am bored because the phone is not ringing

It is at these times that I begin to wonder if this endeavor is "worth it."

Of course, since my other income sources are projects on the HIVE Blockchain, yes, it is worth it.

It turns out that Tarot Readings are the only "job" I like doing

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Teaching, meh.

Crypto Blogger? Can I get paid to read those instead (turns out you can, just not enough to earn a Northern California income, especially if your goal is to own multiple primary residences)

Freelance Writer - Meh

Etsy Shop Owner - Meh

Investor - LOVE THIS TOO! lol

Book Rep - Eh

Court Reporting Agency - Got fired Twice

Loan Processor - meh

Real Estate Copy Writer - meh

Short Autobiography Writer - Meh


Seriously, I am surprised I haven't given up on being a mom. I gave up on making the boy take daily showers, but that's a different story.

Property Manager - Meh

Notary Public - Meh

Call Center Representative - lasted 16 hours over 3 days. Managed to make a bonus. Wasn't worth it. I would make a joke about a little part of my soul being left behind but I believe that words are magic and I want my WHOLE SOUL right with me.

Maybe I should have titled that, the Real Life Resume of the first millennial.

This is the part of my endeavors that I really dislike.

Where I take a look at how much I am really making (selling crochet fairy dresses, or vintage stickers, or blogging on the blockchain) and realize that my time is worth so much more than that.

Here is goes.

Last week, I logged on for 14 hours. I received in my bank account $185.01. This means that my hourly wage was: $13.215.

I would make more money working at Michael's and I would get 30% off all craft supplies.

But, lets see the "good" here.

I am working 10pm - 2am. I don't need to pay a babysitter or expose my kids to covid.

I don't need to travel

I can wear my mom clothes

I can play on the Blockchain when things get "slow"

I can use downtime to market my business and figure out how to have less down time.

OK. Me and my $7.57 earned from 10 pm - 12:00 PM are going to go now.

Does logging off early really change your dollar cost averaging?

I'll ask the cards.


Want a tarot reading?

I want to give them on the blockchain, but I haven't quite figured out the specifics of how. That's exactly why I keep handing a platform over TWICE my earnings.

If anyone decides to build a Psychic Hotline on the blockchain, those places makes some mula.

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LOL...I loved this. It shows the neverending trials and tribulations some of us have to endure as we juggle our various 'hats'!
Despite having no religion, I know that god loves a trier and surely one day, the stars shall align and all your hard work shall pay off big time!

Now I just need to know how you got fired twice from the Court Reporting Agency?

You and your family take care there and keep smiling :-)

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