WWIT to have 1,000,000 USD in Crypto?

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A few days ago @taskmaster4450 posted a video where he asked his listeners if they had enough crypto in their bags to amass 1,000,000 USD next crypto bull run.

This made me realize that I did not have an investment plan past "and then a coin you own moons and you have a bunch of money to spend on a lambo."

In order to create some goals for myself, I created a list of coins I would get behind, tallied up how much they are worth now, and guessed at how much they would grow once bitcoin got to 10X what it is worth now. Then I added up how many of them I would have to own to become a millionaire next bull run.

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 11.20.14 PM.png

By my own calculations, I would need almost $60,000 US investment in today's prices, to become a millionaire the next bull run.

I also see that I am HIVE heavy, maybe I will rework those numbers.

I also don't think this list is diverse enough so I will be looking at more coins to get behind.

This means that if I want to go further with less income, I need a gem that is still about to rise 100X in value

Do you have any guesses as to what gem is still to grow 100x? I would love to hear about it.

What other tokens and coins do you stand behind?


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I go for enjin. From 2017 and Will continiue.
I Believe that ingame currency (*like DEC) Will grow

I will have to look into enjin.

Thanks for the heads up.

DEC is likely being cashed out by the issuers, I see no growth potential

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thats true. I was talking about DEC as an exampel of ingame-currencie. That is a trend I think will be bigger.
When enjin is a popular ingame currencie I think the value will stop go up too.

I believe the overall concept, and I also have no problem with game creators getting paid. Just an observation LOL!!
Enjin, you say?

Well, enjin is a high risk chance. But I like the idea. in-game money.

This is an interesting idea :)
I hadn't thought about having a target I would like to reach or even what I would like to do with that amount of money!
I guess you could also plan your investment over time, so you maybe decide to budget x amount each day/week/month and set buy orders which may take time to fulfill. Or you just buy small amounts regularly, regardless of the price.
The latter is my plan, although if I notice the price is suddenly lower, I'm not averse to adding a few pennies :)

Time and diversity seem to be the answer time and time again.


Very interesting lol I'd love to be a dollar millionaire in crypto, I'm basically already one in my own currency lol

I'd say Monero is a good one to go for, no ones really been better at privacy than those guys.

Also Tezos and Link are quite hyped up I own a bit of those but just to stake and earn extra income.

the way the money printing is going and looking for yield I can see BTC moving up to the 10x range as you said. But what I think is your calculations are rather modest on the alts, for me I see the adults having very little liquidity so BTC going up 10x even 5x would see these coins shoot up and overcorrect in ways we cannot predict.

I mean steem hit 8 bucks 1 year into its run, so gosh a lot of these alts will go nuts. Especially the ones that are seen as "Fiat cheap" since they sit around a few cents retail investors will pile into those like its nobodies business

I hope you are right about the alts running crazy high.

I think it is time to look at tezos, monero, and link.

How high would you guess the hives, steem, litcoin, and cardano would go up by?

If BTC does do the 200k level, my prediction would be

  • ADA is such a hype coin I can easily see it go up 40x to 4-5 bucks
  • LTC is a legend in the game $1000 at 20x doesn't seem too unreasonable
  • HIVE/STEEM has so little liquidity and as users flock in they need HIVE powered up o use the chain and earn that's why I feel like a 50x gain to around $10 is not impossible

I like your numbers better.

LOL! I’m sure but I think yours are far more realistic but that’s the fun part speculating because hell we know anything can happen in crypto

I am gonna play with tokens today.

Guessing on how many I need to have $10,000 USD when HIVES Moons to 1USD.

Lol I don’t know if I’ll be excited for prices like that or will I be like I’m not selling i actually prefer the boring times the moon times make me nervous if I’m making the right decision or not


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Thanks for viewing the video and the reference.

I believe the path that you seek is not in the tokens mentioned although that could well work in your favor.

The 100x that you seek is not likely to come from BTC, ETH, or HIVE. While anything is possible the likelihood is not great.

That said, we could find potential 100x in things such as LEO or Splinterland cards. People who are focused upon assets in those realms could see a major windfall. For example, as another comment mentioned, could one amass a great stake in DEC? It is highly possible.

Hive provides a wonderful opportunity to acquire digital assets that could really go up in value. It is not the only one however. There are many options for people to approach this subject in the manner you laid out here.

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What would it take to have 100,000 USD in token assets?

Sounds like a good topic for my next spinvest post.

Thanks for the sound off.


We have one set up for 100x growth right here on the hive engine...

I'm a whale, you can be too, and if it hits $1 that one alone will be a millionaire maker! Currently trading around 50:1 with Hive

I'm betting SPI will be a YUGE part of my Crypto Millionaire Plan.
I really like your write-up, I have not put nearly as much thought
into it, but I have a similar portfolio and I'm well on my way.
I have 5 figures of fiat input to crypto since I started. $700 was
my initial investment! If I had put that into GOLD I'd be way ahead,
but I'd also be further ahead if I had just put it into BTC and HODL'ed

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Steem is making sense too

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