I keep receiving free Hive from Ionomy. Do you believe in magic? After this one...I do.

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OK I'll keep this one as short as possible because obviously there isn't much I can say...

A picture is worth a thousands words, right? Right and in this case it definitely does...

So cut to the chase!

I am pretty sure that you all know about another airdrop we have all received. It's on Blurt. They took a snapshot of your STEEM wallet at some point, also forked Steem a few months ago airdropped a few thousand BLURT tokens depending on the amount of STEEM one was holding the moment of the snapshot, and launched Blurt blockchain.

Personally I give zero fucks about Blurt and think it's just free HIVE money. At least that's how I treat it.

And when I say free, I mean free. Free for real...Keep reading.

Now Blurt is being listed on Ionomy. I think it is also listed on a few other small exchanges too like Probit(?) if my memory serves me well.

I've never used Blurt.blog. I haven't posted a single word there...

20201004 19_09_57mindtrap — Blurt.png

They only reason I use this blockchain is because every Saturday I receive my weekly payment from the powerdown I initiated some 3 months ago...

20201004 19_10_36Blurt Wallet.png

and directly send it to Ionomy exchange, where I literally kill it only to buy some more HIVE (not much...between 50 and 80 every time) and send it back to my Hive wallet.

Today it was no different. Followed the exact same steps...

Sent 1066 Blurt tokens to Ionomy about 0 minutes ago as you can see in the screenshot above, sold it at the ask price...and bought ~83 HIVE tokens which I directly sent to my Hive wallet.

20201004 18_51_13ionomy.com  The Business of Fun.png

My activity on Ionomy

Gina notified me about a minute later that 82.465 HIVE were transferred to my wallet.

And then...

...a minute later Gina notified me again that I received another 82.465 HIVE tokens from Ionomy...

And a couple of minutes after that...again.

20201004 18_53_32GINAbot  Discord.png

I thought that it is probably some kind of glitch because nodes lately perform like shit due to preparations for the upcoming hardfork...

So I went straight in my wallet refreshed it and BANG.

Ionomy indeed had sent me 3 times the amount I had originally withdrawn...

20201004 19_31_51ionomy.com  The Business of Fun.png

My overall transaction history on Ionomy

But it doesn't end here...

Because as I am writing these lines I have received at least 10 more HIVE deposits from Ionomy.

82.645 each...

Holy fuck...

Keep them coming guys...who knows I may wake up in the morning and be a Hive whale...
Oups...another one...


Have a look at my wallet in case you don't believe me...

Have a good one people.

Cheers! Cheers Ionomy!

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lol who does not like free money ;)

I thought that it is probably some kind of glitch because nodes lately perform like shit due to preparations for the upcoming hardfork...

hahaha, you made me laugh with that, I use blurt but to collect a decent amount of chips and then power down, I'm posting daily there

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I am focused on Hive bud. Good thing you're diversifying tho..

Perhaps this is manna from above. Enjoy man.


I know blurt I enjoy the free money too. About 3 times? That's horror lol obviously the glitch could have turned out bad like not sending your hive to you but well seems it's in your favour enjoy the glitches lol.

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3 times?

Well according to my Hive wallet and Gina of course 19 transfer have been made from Ionomy...so far...

Whale status here I comeeee

Wow, crypto has a way of even bringing a whole new level of craze just when we think we've seen it all

It feel like wow... free its free.. enjoy....

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You are lucky man ;-)


If they get tired of giving it to you I'd be happy to take it. Good for you.

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I ain't tired receiving it :P

You're lucky. They are now in "Maintenance mode

Deposits and withdrawals are currently disabled for HIVE until further notice."

I tried to trick em too, but not too much of good karma on my side.

Dammit...got used to it...

Like 30 transfers or so...

Gone into maintenance mode now. You got a lot of withdrawals before it stopped. A nice bonus. I got 5 when i withdrew hive i had sitting there from my blurt sales.

Well party's over bud. Enjoy too

Holy shit!
Almost 2,500 HIVE.
Enjoy the free money!


Wow! That's quite a lovely glitch!

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Glitches are never lovely. But in this case...well...

I didn't have a huge Blurt airdrop ( like you ) and instead bought loads of Blurt, months ago, hoping for a pump. Didn't invest so much that it matters if I lose it all but it might be worth quite a lot if the platform actually takes off or if they start some serious pumping.

I even considered blogging on Blurt but I can't work up the energy ( one platform is enough for me ) but I keep an eye on their discord to get an idea of the developments and exchange listings.

Enjoy your early Christmas present.

Just like you said...I don't really have time or energy for any other platform than Hive and Leo. And if there's one Steem's fork that should do well then it's got to be Hive...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts bud.

And if there's one Steem's fork that should do well then it's got to be Hive...

I 100% agree with that :<)

Looks like they blocked you he transfers now after a few HIVIans exploited the bug @nickyhavey was able to score 2000 HIVE

I had no plans to score anything really. Just following my routine when this happened...

They will likely send you an email requesting it back as they have done with me. I got an additional 2,500 HIVE from them earlier today but they are asking for it back in return for a "subscription which gives 50% off trades"

Wow! I know they say "there's no such thing as a free lunch," but DUDE! FREE MONEY!

Enjoy your early Christmas present, indeed!


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This happened to me also, was just doing my normal transfer of blurt to Hive and then got sent a load of additional transfers! Just had an email from someone claiming to be from ionomy and to send the hive back in return for premium subscription...

Genial que sucedan esas cosas a buenas personas... Quisiera que algo así pasara en mi billetera jajajajajajajja... Que vas a hacer... A celebrar se ha dicho. Ganar una de esas debe ser cosa de los dioses... Mil Bendiciones...

I see, some people are actually making good money on blurt as well.

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Holy sh*t man! You lucky dude!

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