How the MPATH Program Works [May 2020]

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The MPATH program and token on the Hive blockchain were created as a parallel system to MAXUV on Steem.

The main aim is to increase income to token-holders through both votes and reward-sharing.

MPATH token-holders receive one upvote per day from our system of voters plus a weekly share in the profits made by the program.


The MPATH program on Hive is the evolution of about 9 months worth of work and feedback of similar "vote bonds" developed on Steem. We have developed this mixed-model so that everybody may benefit, both bloggers and investors. The total income we are able to generate for members is a mixture of votes and direct income distribution. We are not able to deliver "fantastical" votes, but we can bring back some form of proportionality between stake and income. This means that the average member can benefit more fully from the income that the Hive blockchain generates.

Our own income comes from a variety of sources, such as posting and curation rewards, investment in other tokens plus participation in other blockchain ventures. This allows MPATH to be both flexible and resilient. Those members who have received airdropped tokens from our MAXUV program, will testify that we have managed our programs in the best interests of all our members. Indeed, our other new Hive token, M, is based on 2.5 years experience of running the same fund on Steem.

Simple MPATH Rules

A maximum of 2,000 MPATH tokens will yield a 100% upvote per day - so every 20 MPATHs yields +1%.

A maximum of 5,000 MPATH tokens will receive the largest share of the weekly payouts.

Holdings of MPATH tokens lower than the above maxima will give the same benefits in proportion to such holdings.

Weekly payouts are done in MPATH tokens paid through Hive-Engine.

A minimum of 1 MPATH token is needed to receive any benefits.

MPATH tokens are traded on the Hive-Engine.

No delegations are accepted.

Further Comments

So, if you hold 500 MPATH tokens, you will receive a vote of 25% once per day on a post. You will also receive a share in the weekly reward distribution in proportion to those 500 tokens. So, if the total fund has 20,000 tokens active, that 500 will yield 2.5% of our distribution for that week.

If you hold more than 2,000 MPATH tokens, you will still receive the maximum 100% vote once per day but you will also earn more from the weekly payouts.

If you hold more than 5,000 MPATH tokens, you obviously receive the maximum vote but your proportion of the weekly payout is capped at that generated by 5,000 tokens. You may hold more than 5,000 tokens as an investment and sell them whenever you need.

These numbers can be changed in the future if we see the demand for it.

Note that we have more than one voting account and the weekly reports give details of our fund value, our active HP and the reward payouts. So if you're looking at the votes received, check the sum of all voters. Because of the Hive fork, we have kept the "maxuv" accounts operational on Hive as they hold the fund value and HP.

After our weekly token distribution, we also issue some token buy-backs on the market. This is normally equivalent to the value of tokens distributed and gives holders the chance to liquidate them. However, the MPATH tokens are on a market and people should use that market to buy and sell as they wish. The MPATH program is a managed fund, so if we see there is some selling pressure we shall use our modest weekly power-downs to satisfy that demand. Such power-downs can also be adjusted, but as everybody knows, they take time to come through.

This mixed-strategy program has some useful member benefits. Although bloggers are rewarded for posting, there is no pressure to post every day - you will still be earning the weekly rewards, whether you post or not. Our active voting HP is far higher than any individual token-holder (that's why we set some limits) so our votes will help everyone who is affected by the new reward curve. The votes themselves may not seem "astronomical" but they are designed to yield more than self-voting. Without delving into the mathematics, the best proof is in the experience, so is easiest to see the program in action by buying, say, 100 MPATH tokens.

I hope I have covered all the basics of the MPATH program and token. If you have any questions, please ask below or come join our public chatroom.

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Thanks for laying out the details.

Apologies to you and a few other people that this took so long. It all started with the airdrop to MAXUV members, so they all knew how it worked, but I can see new members now on Hive, so was about time I wrote this!
Thanks for your interest :-)

Hello! Great write up, one question we are left with is, how can we compare the value of the votes delivered to the token payout. We would love to see this teased out in the weekly reports, and we think it would make it more clear to new comers that the votebond structure produces a combined APR (before thinking about APY token price increases) of votes and payments.

Those details have now been added to the weekly accounts posts.
The balance between votes and payouts remains under management, so will vary as the fund grows.

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