Decentralising our collective HIVE Twitter Movement with HIVE Twitter Hustler (NathanMars) DHF Proposal

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Thanks a million everyone who are representing HIVE on Twitter day in day out. Most of us like myself ONLY represent HIVE via Twitter. We're building a solid foundation to grow HIVE Network Effects in the years to come.

Do one thing and do it well and bring long term value

This is my individual proposal, I planning to dedicate minimum 1-5 hour per day on Twitter to bring value to our HIVE Network. It's almost 7 months I came back to HIVE. I was already doing this for the last 7 months for free. And my previous two months DHF proposal is ended unfunded. If you're contributing our collective HIVE Twitter movement individually or as a team then please put up your own individual or team DHF proposal. More the merrier. We're just building foundation with 2025 vision.

ADA community has Charles Hoskinson on Twitter
EOS community has Brendon on Twitter
ETH community has Vitalik on Twitter
BNB community has CZ on Twitter

There are many people who are representing Bitcoin on Twitter and We need many people and project to represent HIVE on Twitter and We can gradually move those people from Web 2.0 Social media platforms to our HIVE Network. I truly believe that HIVE is only one major investor away from totally different price. We can make this happen sooner with our collective HIVETwitter effects.

What USD is to Bitcoin is what Twitter is to HIVE.

Vote for this proposal on
Vote for this Proposal on

Thank you

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Bad internet connection at the moment, will be back soon!

Driving the message is powerful and does gain momentum when using specific tags in Twitter.

Well done and keep going, some amazing Hivean's pop in and out daily.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee - Muhammad Ali

@tipu curate

Hope you get your internet connection soon :)

using specific tags in Twitter

Important point!

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Honestly enough I really don't see Twitter as being such a valuable platform for us to pay such an exorbitant amount for you to play around on the internet...

Personally why isn't the local meetups being funded?

Honestly enough getting to meet other local people interact and be brought together by a website is way more important than you commenting on people and being regarded as spam....

sorry I mean it's a good idea and all but one to five hours per day is not worth 2,700 tokens.

Now honestly enough if you would put more effort into something maybe it could be worth it but I really just don't see the value of Twitter....

For that matter how many users really have been brought over here just because of Twitter?

I'm definitely going to say not really too much.

I have gotten people from real life as well as multiple different platforms and this idea that you're going to exclusively work off of Twitter and this is going to bring a huge amount of value just is really a pipe dream...

Best of luck and hopefully one of these days we can actually get back to our roots and start the hive meetups. Personal interactions are way more of an investment than somebody playing around for a couple hours a day on Twitter....

Appreciate your thoughtful comment.

I value local HIVE meetups and I personally hosted 4 HIVE meetups in London and attended one in Halifax UK. Because of Covid I had to stop hosting it. Attended SteemFestival 3 in 2018.

Twitter will bring investors and partnership, That's why leofinance, 3speak, splinderlands, dbuzz and dapplr are on Twitter.

When HIVE hits $1 many dead HIVE community members will wake up!

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I'm not on Twitter I know a ton of people who aren't on Twitter...

personally the more effective route is of course the direct meetups and to a lesser extent people doing what you're doing or doing it because they believe in promoting our ecosystem not because they are getting paid to do it...

Yes we do have some rewards but come on... Is really playing around on Twitter that valuable to our ecosystem? By all means show me some information and change my mind...

Personally I think it is cool and you guys should do it but with everybody doing it so much the value of your word pretty much starts to lose value quickly...

I'm just saying. I totally would love every marketing campaign to be successful and to help us out but realistically...

If you have an effective way to bring value to our HIVE network then please do it and do it your way.

I truly believe HIVE Twitter movement can bring long term value to HIVE and my approach can be wrong and it can only get better.

Appreciate your feedback.

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I definitely hope you success for your endeavors.

With everybody working to promote it to those that need it.. amazing job keep it up and hopefully we can get individuals however I primarily focus on recruitment in other sources.

Really not interested in getting a Twitter or dealing with that small pond but I'm glad you guys got it covered.

Keep it going man!

Happy to tow the rope and represent regularly on Twitter. I wouldnt have an account if it were not to promote Hive.
I prefer to limit my engagement from spamming every crypto post with $hive and concentrate on promoting #hive as the blog everyone should start for themselves. Is your twitter account worth $1000USD? Oh too bad! ;)

Same here. I wouldn't have an account if it were not to promote our HIVE.

I understand about spam and we need to improve our strategy about how we grow network effects of HIVE via Twitter. Luckily with decentralised community everyone can promote HIVE with their own approach. I personally willing to listen to feedback that helps our collective Twitter movement.

My Twitter account can be worth lot of money when $HIVE hits $5

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It's an honor to share the same battlefield Sensei! You know I've been tirelessly promoting Hive to the bones. I should make my proposal as well. Thanks for giving us the blueprint!

We've new energy to our collective HIVE Twitter movement ever since you came back!

More DHF proposal is the merrier. Regardless of the size/amount/length

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Jon Snow always comes back Sensei! This time around for good!

Oh wow honestly enough you guys are taking this way too seriously and it's pretty funny...

I take it you don't understand what these words mean.

I don't understand why hive tries to lean on platforms that cease, have rights and have a hidden globalist agent, we must be our own.

They are just a mean to promote the real thing which is Hive. We fight the fight in their backyard until we have voice enough to fight in hour house! It's an inside outside inside approach! Mike Tyson baby!

Honestly enough I really get it and there really isn't that much value on Twitter or interactions it's really brief snippets..

Paying somebody to promote or blockchain on Twitter is like paying somebody to tell others about the wonders of rain.

Why would we want to pay somebody who really isn't doing anything in the long term to affect change.

Again I say local meetups need to be funded over dumb internet proposals that people are currently already doing but are now expecting to be paid to play on their internet...

I absolutely don't really see the worth here...

If it wasn't for Twitter, Donald Trump wouldn't have been President of the United states. It's marketing mate.

Exactly !

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Honestly enough I really don't see the leverage there if you guys do congratulations but in all reality I just don't see it.

Having a coordinated internet marketing campaign where you use multiple different platforms I can see but just focusing on Twitter?

Honestly enough I don't use it a lot of people I know don't use it so reaching these individuals with your marketing strategy is just not going to work.

However the original marketing strategy with the meetups for our website was absolutely legendary. They actually inspired quite a few people not only to connect but also to actually interact in real life.

By all means go ahead and do what you want to do I'm just saying it's really not worth throwing the funds at it that you are requesting. But alone the ego part of that you guys are doing this huge thing when it is cool yes but it isn't as big as you think it is.

Twitter's only one pond in the entire internet.

We need to bring people from Twitter to HIVE

Eventually we can together exit HIVE once HIVE grows and hit critical mass.

Like Bitcoin not in danger because it has network effects. HIVE is less than one year old and We need to grow HIVE network effects and Twitter is one way to do it

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Good point, there are many people worth inviting on twitter.

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.