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"If you build it they will come."

This is not particularly accurate as we all know that people will not come and see it if you don't tell people that these solutions exist. That is why companies have huge marketing budgets.

Welcome to Leofinance and the #Hive blockchain.


If you are reading this post then I would like to thank you first of all for taking the time to follow my link and explore new options. Secondly for having an open mind to new experiences and ideas.

As you can see, I am posting this message from the site which is a tokenized community build onto the decentralized hive blockchain. It is a community focused on crypto, finance, technology and innovation that is built onto one of the most technologically advanced blockchains out there.

Not only is Hive an immutable and decentralized option, it has 3 second, free transactions and the ability to build web3 and tokenized solutions in a space where there is already an existing and knowledgeable user base.

Users ready and willing to get onboard with your ideas. Or sometimes to debate them which can be even more helpful at times.



Since you are reading my post right now then you will already have had your first glimpse of the Leofinance site and it's operations.

As stated, Leofinance is a tokenized community built onto the hive blockchain.

It's token $LEO is rewarded to users by the community using proof of stake voting. This allows both authors and participants to be rewarded for their activity by holders of the $LEO token.

The token has the same 3 second, free transactions as hive making it ideal for rewards, tips and other micro-activity that is not suitable on all other blockchains.

While in time a large group might consider setting up their own tokenized community on hive.

For now I would like to invite you to participate in this existing community by posting to it on a regular basis and creating content in a space dedicated to the technology that you are also working hard to help build.

  • Technology
  • Web3
  • Crypto
  • Blockchain
  • Finance
  • DEFI
  • Development
  • Game development
  • All related topics.


While a lot of groups use larger and more prominent sites for creating content and posting their project related information, I think that a site like Leofinance has some distinct advantages over these options.


One of the biggest issues we see online today is the censorship exhibited by large media sites and corporations. While some of the content could be improper a lot of it just goes against the ideas of the people in charge of the site and gets taken down for no good reason.

Since Leofinance is a web3 solution, you will own your own hive account which cannot be deleted on you. This ensures that your funds, followers and content will be stored safely in your trust. Not in the trust of a company which can then be taken from you. While the Leo team can remove your content from their front end, the content is stored immutably on the hive blockchain and they cannot effect your account/wallet.


If you are involved in any of the above topics, there can be a steep learning curve or a struggle to educate new users in the benefit of what you are building. By posting to Leofinance, you are sharing content to a group of people that are highly versed in crypto, finances and emerging technology. There is a far higher chance of new users and participation in your concept from people with a lower barrier to entry as they have a higher knowledge and skillset.

This is an audience hungry for information and areas to move into. It is a community built on investment, adoption and building. Where better to build yourself than with a group of willing participants.


Some people see crypto as an arms race where your favorite token has to beat all of the others. In reality we will see a lot more co-operation, cross-chain application and interoperability going forward. Different blockchains has different benefits depending on what you are looking to do.

We have already seen a large amount of projects move in this direction so far this year as the benefits of working together far outweigh the benefits of fighting for supremacy. This is still a niche space and there is room for all of us to grow and prosper as a whole community building together.

We already have some groups posting through the Leofinance site and to the Hive blockchain to bootstrap our existing community for their own projects. We would love to see a lot more by the end of the year.

This is a welcoming and interested group of users with a depth of knowledge and the ideal place to create an information center for your project to grow and prosper.


The HIVE blockchain.


The hive blockchain is a full ecosystem of sites, games, communities, defi, art, dapps, nft's, development and so much yet undiscovered.

It does however have what might be the best technological base in the blockchain world with fast, free transactions, layer two solutions, decentralized governance, self funding DAO, easy to use wallets and the ability to scale massively from this point. These are a huge advantage over the majority of blockchains and will be a big factor in future growth.

There is an inbuild rewards distributions through stake weighted voting and by using any of the existing communities you can reward participants for free using your own stake. A great way to incentivize interaction and participation in your activities.


As with any emerging technology it takes some people to be innovators in this space. While we see lots of brilliant projects built, it doesn't mean anything until people adopt it for use.

We all know that people follow the trend so it takes first movers to set those trends.

By utilizing a newer, niche site you will not have as many eyes on your content in the beginning. While this is a disadvantage what you would be doing is going for quality over quantity as the eyes that you do have are more likely to be interested or participate in what you are putting out there.

This will change over time as more groups realize the advantage of using web3 tokenized, immutable sites where you are in control of your actions and accounts.

I feel that we will soon witness a change in consumer behavior as people will be shown how to make the most of their online experience. Protect their accounts, earn from their activities and build lasting communities on the blockchain.

I feel that Leofinance will be a central hub to this innovation as a successful example and as more people visit for information that doesn't exist anywhere else. People, who over time will want to create their own unique community on Hive for all of the advantages that come with it over traditional sites.

By hosting your content on Hive, you will be one of the first movers and will stand to benefit hugely as the eco-system grows exponentially from this point and also the value of everyone and everything contained within that system.


Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal and for coming to the site from my invitation.

I hope to see a lot more business, communities, developers and projects hosting their content here soon and feel free to tag me @niallon11 when you do so for visibility and for information.

I would be delighted to see more and more groups becoming part of this technological information hub that is the Leofinance eco-system.

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Nice one @niallon11, a call to BUIDLers and investors is required for the growth of this platform. We have an amazing and welcoming community which believes in collaboration rather than competition. Everyone is welcome here to add value irrespective of their backgrounds and HIVE/LEO provides ample amount of opportunities to build.

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The idea for this is to be shared or messaged to relevant people whom i come in contact with or anybody else who would like to pass it forward. I interact with a lot of people on twitter and instead of spamming their comments I would like to ask them politely to have a read and see what they would think about joining @leofinance and posting through the site.

Getting a few more groups or influencers like @telosfoundation, @dan, @cryptowendyo and @blocktrades using the eco-system would give us greater visibility and the chance for more partnerships and interoperability.

It's a win-win to combine crypto communities as we grow and develop.

That's a noble thought. The more bridges we create, the more breadth we increase in all directions.

Btw, what's your Twitter? Would give you a follow. Mine is
I am also quite active there, especially among the $Hive community.

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That is the joy of marketing and networking. The more connections that we can make, the stronger that we will get over time. Growth is exponential and the first few layers are the toughest. After that you have more of a base and a brand to build form that will speed things up massively.

This is the one that I use for most of my twitter activity,

but my personal one is @niallon11 as well. Don't have much time to use it but always welcome a new follow.

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That's true buddy. Thanks for the wonderful advice, I am trying to build my account slowly and steadily. Will give it a year to set the base and then take it forward from there.

Btw, I am already following 'Hive_Blockchain', didn't realize it was your. :P

Followed your personal account too. Nice to e-meet you ;) Cheers!

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I will share this on every platform I use.

Solid invitation with risk and opportunity sharing the spotlight. The real risk is becoming a good writer and financial analyst and making some more money because of it!

My advice is to take this leader up on his offer as being adopted on this blockchain by him will pay dividends in and of itself.

Warm invitation and welcome!

Thanks for that. And your right, while this is aimed at larger groups to start using leo as a base, it is also an open invitation to everybody to come and start enjoying the benefits as well.

For anybody wanting to learn more on these subjects, leo is a great place to start diving in. The knowledge, community and set up is brilliant for people that want to expand their tech, financial and crypto learning.

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We beed more messages like this. Adoption is the key foe leo and hive's future.

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Thanks and feel free to share it to any people or groups that you feel might be interested. We already know the benefits of being on Leo, it's the people that don't who I am trying to reach and to get started.

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This is very nice. Thank you for making this so easy to understand. Have a good day.

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Excellent contribution

There is a far higher chance of new users and participation in your concept from people with a lower barrier to entry as they have a higher knowledge and skillset.

This is a crucial point and anyone looking to launch something in the Defi or Crypto space would not find a better platform for showcasing their ideas. Advertisers talk about eyeballs or how many people are looking at something. With Hive and Leo those 'eyeballs' tend to be cultured crypto enthusiasts.

I feel that we will soon witness a change in consumer behavior as people will be shown how to make the most of their online experience. Protect their accounts, earn from their activities and build lasting communities on the blockchain.

Yes, you would have to believe it is just a matter of time before that happens. I foresee many more similar tokenised social networks, but none have the depth of knowledge and early mover advantages we have on Hive and Leo.