Expanding your network.

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As content creators we are all our own brand.


This is something to consider as every action that we make online has an effect on our brand going forward. A lot of people will only know us by our words, actions and screen-name.

This puts a lot of emphasis on how we act as users of the eco-system as i'm sure that we have all made associations and assumptions about users based on their past actions. We all know good users that are adding to the eco-system and know some bad ones that have hurt our growth.

Some things might change over time but once your name is tarred it can be very hard to clean it up again.

Building a brand is a very important part of success which can be seen form all of the major players in any industry that you take a look at. Brand recognition is a very valuable asset to a company and can make the difference between success and failure. Why people will pick your product over a similar option.

It works the exact same way for content creators and influencers and while we are still a small eco-system on hive you can probably name the top influential users and creators already. We all know them and listen to their words with an expectation.

We trust their thoughts and opinions as they have proven their status as quality users over time. They have either though us something new or added something good to our experience on hive which makes them very valuable to the rest of us here.

As we grow the eco-system even further, that will elevate more users to that bracket of influential and recognizable users across the different tribes and areas. A person that creates great financial content on leo might only browse the tv tribe where others have a large following and a long established reputation for finding great new shows.

Building connections now will pay dividends in future.


In all business expanding your network is a vital part of growth.

Every person is an opportunity to build a new connection and to enhance your online brand.

For a content creator it can be as simple as answering comments and creating a good impression.

It can be helping a user to learn something new or solve a problem. It can be writing insightful and useful content that others can learn form.

Creating conversation threads can lead to a lot of new opportunities and new possibilities. All of these interactions can bring new people into your circle with various skills, interests and ideas which you can use to further your brand as well. It can work both ways where they gain from your knowledge and you gain form theirs.

The further that you can expand your network the better. It will lead to even more amazing opportunities in the future as your name becomes well known and carries more weight.

People rather follow others that they have a connection with and recognize. That is how celebrities become so well known as they built up an image over time that fans recognize and can relate to.

They built a brand and expanded their network to the point that it took on a life of it's own and grew organically.

The same will happen here without a doubt as every tribe will have it's own personalities and leaders.

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Networking really is the key differentiator here and on all social media. Probably moreso here because of the transparency and the incredible value of networking with likeminded people who support each other. Content will go unnoticed/underappreciated without a good network no matter how much time you spend being consistent.

Coming from a marketing education and now owning a digital marketing company, I have always been about brand. When you consider building a legitimate brand, it makes networking that much more rewarding. Also cuts through the spammers who couldn't be arsed to brand themselves and are looking to simply make quick money.

Great thoughts and a perfect fit for #leofinance!

Thanks Zeke.

I can only say that it is people like yourself who are on hive and take the time to follow me that give me the motivation to keep going and do better.

Your username is very recognisable to me from constant engagement and positive attitude. I would say that you have built a great brand behind your profile and one that I would be happy to recommend to any new users that haven't already met you.

That says a lot in terms of your personal brand and network.

Wow that is high praise coming from a veteran like you! I think I have followed you since early 2018 when I was just getting started. It was so different back then.

I try and only post once a day so I can spend my time manually curating and engaging. Met so many people like that and it all started posting comments on each @broncnutz post so that I could get his attention for an upvote. ;)

Those were the days but it is a great time to be alive, have your game established, and a brand ready for the next big wave of life rafts from centralized social media.

See, i never think of myself as a veteran. I still feel like a noob at times as lots of the people that i follow have been here since long before myself.
Commenting is the best way to get a following here as people appreciate the effort and feedback. I made my first gains here by getting good votes on my comments as its much easier than writing without any followers.
It was also fun to join the engagement leagues and win some prizes for doing it too. I try to vote all comments on my posts as it gives people a chance to earn and spreads the love a bit better.

Yah same here man.

I remember getting an upvote from a comment by people like you and being so happy to add them to my follow list. Your support through the years is such a gift and an added bonus is the unexpected remote friendships I have developed.

Through a blockchain. Who knew?

For a content creator it can be as simple as answering comments and creating a good impression. <

I think this is very well said, I make it a point of emphasis to try to answer every comment that I'm lucky enough to get. It can only help your image and your tangible success to continue to interact positively with those who took the time to read your work

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It's a great starting point and people will respect you for it.
They will also get to know more about you and your personality through those comments. I love getting feedback and questions on my writing as it helps me to move forward as well.

Even if they only write "nice post" I will say thanks. But if they leave honest commentary I will leave a nice vote too. I want to encourage more people to follow me and to engage here.

Like you said, these people took the time to read your work and it is only polite to take the time to read what they offer as well.

Exactly right, I think that one thing that lacks on this network is the following of people that you read. I've tried to make a point that I really want people to engage with my content regularly and the best way to have that audience is for them to be following me. So I've taken the initiative to follow people first and comment letting them know I did (along with a comment on their actual article). I hope we can get consistent feedback and engagement as the ecosystem grows!

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It important to build a good following on hive. It's a great way to encourage use and growth of your network in general. Part of the reason that i am so active here is the great people that i have met on my crypto journey.

I am picky on who i follow but it is probably time to update my reading list and find some new and interesting authors as it has been awhile since i expanded my circle.

I am going to try and create more engaging articles as well that invite commentary and feedback for the readers. Content that asks questions or invites opinion.

Love the idea of inviting more feedback, I plan on being one of the contributors! Looking forward to your stuff

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Great to hear it.

The more connections that i can make in this space the better.

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True and the country where i found myself; if you know nobody or have any human relation skill you just on your own and most times keeps the person in a spot.

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That is very true.
Without a good network it is very hard to move forward. You need those contacts as one person alone doesn't have all the answers.

Great post and you practice what you preach with the excellent advise you gave me recently regarding Leo and Cub.

once your name is tarred it can be very hard to clean it up again.

First inpressions matter and they last, no doubt about it.

Happy to help. I have spent a few years here trying to learn as much as possible and have gotten plenty help along the way too.

That's the great thing about building a network. Together you have a lot more knowledge than alone.

100% The Communities here are top class and in vast majority of cases, people want to help amd understand that the more everyone grows the better. I think the average quality of content has improved over the past few years too. There seems to be less lazy posting and when new users do it, plenty of friendly advise materialises in the comments below.

All fair points. The different tribes help a lot in this as people are writing for a real audience instead of just posting for money. THe people are interested in what they have to say and want to encourage good practices.