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At the moment it's easy to get caught up in everything that is unfolding right in front of our eyes. Things are moving so fast at the moment especially in crypto that we get lost in the noise. We are looking days ahead instead of years.

People are more concerned with making a hundred bucks now on a shitcoins than building a fortune by looking at where all of this is heading. What are the use cases that crypto and digital assets will bring by 2025?

Are people looking for five years of hype and air or do they want to see projects grow and evolve into useable products. Eco-systems that expand into thousands of other areas and business that have millions of customers?

What we have at the moment is so small scale that it's almost irrelevant. The prices are hyped but not backed by use case. A few are fit for purpose but most crypto does nothing. It goes iup and down but has no use case to make it worth holding.

I might miss out on some small profits this time around but i would rather that than miss out on huge ones in the future by losing hive stack or trading away my holdings. I will play the building game instead and keep growing my stack. The only trading i will be doing with my hive is to earn even more hive.

If I do have enough profit at the end of this bull run, it would be great to build something. Build a project for next year that suck in hive and users in equal amounts.

We can all add to this future in our own small ways and it can be as simple as buying some hive, posting comments, adding to the eco-system.

Many hands makes light work. We have many hands here so it's a good idea to help make this growth possible by adding to hive rather than taking away. That is how we reach success.

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I am with you, my Hive is pretty much hands off at this point. I power it all up so I am not even tempted to trade it for something outside of the Hive ecosystem. Everything stays intact!

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I am Powering Dow a small bit in case of bull run but that is it. If we do hit $5 by some miracle then it would be nice to have some liquid and ready to buy back at a lower price. Other than that it's keep Powering up all the way.

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I admire you for that. I am horrible about keeping Hive liquid. I always power it up or move it into something else! I have zero will power.

Same as you and @bozz here, while I am still active and of sound mind, I simply continue to build. No sense in destroying the future.

Stack hard and stack often. It's the only way to win the game.

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Totally agreed and that's what we do, even though we only have our post income.

I am with bozz and papillioncharity as well. I am just thinking of filling my bags now because I think those with use cases will be the future of crypto. So I see no reason to chase Doge and I plan on just watching it on the sidelines. Chasing FOMO is not a good thing and sometimes they require a lesson before they learn.

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The eco-system is expanding nicely so I am very hopeful over the next few years. This is a great chance to stack you account strongly for that future. We will probably see a dip again at some stage but only short term.

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