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RE: Remember When All You Could Do With Your Leo Was Stake or Trade For Hive?

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It's amazing to see how the project has grown. I remember getting the airdrop and selling at some point after the hostile takeover by Justin. I thought everything would come crashing down but it didn't. Hive survived and Leo is doing more than just surviving. It is thriving. The community is growing bigger and as you mentioned leo's utility has multipled. There is a wide range of things one can do with Leo. The compounding effect of holding is mindblowing. No one told me it was this easy to become rich. Just hodl.

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Holding on after that fork was a good decision for me.

Glad you are still here, and yes, just HODL!

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I sure will. I think Leo might hit $5 this year. So I am holding on to as much as I can earn.

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I would love some $5 LEO.