First Post Using LeoFinance! (Took me long enough)

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Well, don't I feel silly!

I was one of those losers who sold his LEO airdrop almost immediately back when it first came out. At the time, I wasn't really paying much attention, and there were tons of hive-engine tokens being dropped on people. Also, I just didn't really think I'd have any use for LEO, being that I am a terrible investor and really have nothing to say that would be of any help to anyone.


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However, it seems that LEO has become much more than just a tribe to post about what you think BTC is going to do this week. Every day, I keep reading about the incredible stuff that these guys are doing. I now regularly use, and am also embarrassed to admit that I only just discovered! With only a 0.25% fee for withdrawal, I feel like a fool for all of the Hive that I've been losing using hive-engine.

When Leo started selling LEOM miners for 2 Hive each, I took the plunge and bought 900 of them. I was almost certain that they'd be worthless given my track record. I have been mining LEO for quite some time now, and immediately selling it for the purpose of getting a ROI, and then I'd just stake everything afterward.

I have been keeping track in a spreadsheet, and have amazingly made my money back already. Oh, I also bought about 12 LEOMM for 8 Hive each. I was blown away to see what all of these miners are worth now! Suffice it to say that those 900 LEOM are by far the best buy that I've made for several years in Crypto.

To be honest, I see some really good times ahead for Hive and Leo if the team keeps innovating and pushing forward like they are. I haven't felt this way in a long time about anything, so thanks a lot for your hard work! Looking forward to all the pain of the last couple of years being worth it!

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I know how it feels to not get into Leo and buy some at 0.01$-0.02$ level. However, Leofinance is amazing and even now at this price range I think there is a looot of room for growth.

Glad to see you here. Best of luck with your journey.

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Thanks buddy! I am glad to be here. It's definitely been a roller coaster ride.

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Wow, that is pretty awesome you were able to be forward thinking enough to pick up that many miners. I wish I had been smart enough to get some back then as well. I still don't own any, but I have been slowly earning Leo by posting, voting and commenting on here. It really is a great community with lots of really cool stuff in the works.

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What's crazy is how cheap LEO tokens were, and how much they are worth now. Lots of people have LEO holdings that are worth way more than their Hive holdings, which is nuts! Especially when you consider that they got them nearly for free. I am regretting selling all of mine early on, but that's how it goes. I don't regret it as much as I regret selling my BTC for Hive. haha!

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Haha, yeah I hear you. I think some good things are on the way for hive. It is just taking a little longer than the rest of the market. Lots of people building some really great things here.

Lol...well don't I feel silly, I bough a couple of miners cheap and sold them cheap, now I look at the miners worth and I'm thinking oh shiiii!

But I'm glad I got in to the Leo ship early enough, held a bunch of the airdrop, bought more, wrote more, all early, now its all smiles...

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Nice! It seems like this whole crypto game is a combination of FOMO, regrets and the occasional happy accident. If I could have my way, I'd go back in time and just not sell anything. My flaw is that when I want some coin, I have to sell another instead of keeping the first one, and buying more with Fiat. I'd be so rich right now if I had done that.

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Great . Finally you are here :) It's not too late yet obviously .


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Thanks! Glad to be here.

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