This is why I hate Ethereum!

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It sucks

I know people will say to me, Ethereum is a great chain with immense possibilities and dapp potential. But, in the meanwhile Ethereum is also a payment system. And a carrier of value. But it just doesn't seem like that. It is incredibly hard to do transactions fast, and transactions are expensive, especially small ones.


Look at this, I have been trying to do a transaction for over 10 days now. And as you see in my Metamask wallet, it keeps stalling. I have tried to speed it up, and consequently pay more fees. It didn't go through. Now I tried to cancel it and speed that up, again more fees, but also no luck!

It just keeps sitting there "queued" and blocking all other possible transactions.
That is why I hate Ethereum, if you ask me, Hive is a way better working chain than Ethereum, and a hell of a lot faster and scalable...




We all see the source of problem - people treat it as a payment system.

But it is NOT.

This is not the main purpose of ETH

This happens when user base grows faster than the tech they use

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The majority of people see every crypto platform as a payment system. That's the real issue with crypto. It's just a replacement for money.

While on the other hand, platforms like Hive are / can be so much more. So, we should be happy to be aware of Hive and to be here :)

And use ETH and BTC and ... when we need to and bicker about the fees, of course :)

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Like Bitcoin, on Ethereum you should always trade with larger transactions. As the prices rises on the exchanges, the fees do not scale that well which is why we have cryptos like Steem/Hive, Dogecoin and other cheaper alternatives and other alts that we can use.

Ethereum is very useful, so don't hate the coin :P hehe, there are a lot of ways that you can benefit from the blockchains features, but yes I agree the transaction costs suck. During the next upgrade (Ethereum 2.0) the devs are working to fix this issue to make transaction fees cheaper. Let's hope its cheap enough!

Best of luck to you, and I hope you do well with all cryptos!

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It's probably metamask's issue. I agree with you in regards of your analogy with Hive. Doge is also fast as hell.

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Ethereum's gas system is the main bottleneck of the platform. I can't imagine how is it possible that Vitalik thought it a good idea :(

Here's a tip to cover the transaction fee :)

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Mate, we've all bee there!

I've now got four different addresses I just in case this happens, so at least if a transaction gets stuck I can still use another address to do stuff!

It is shit though.

Hive is better you're right.

I just don't get the price tanking!

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This just shows that market cap and token price do not tell the story of value.

Hive is obviously much better than Ethereum. The difference is ETH has a lot more developers. Over time, this will likely change as more tools are rolled out for Hive to assist developers.

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Hey, try uninstalling metamask and then reinstalling - just make sure to securely save your seed phrase for your metamask ETH addresses first so you can import them after reinstalling.

This usually works for me. It’s often a metamask error as opposed to an ETH blockchain error

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Unfortunately for us, ETH is more known than HIVE :-(

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That really sucks man, and the gas fee's are why I have not tried to send anything over it really, I get BAT in Uphold that I convert to Litecoin for easy transactions.

This is true. It's a real problem indeed. I hope they come up with some genius way to fix these high fees soon, because if the user experience becomes worse the price will have a hard time going up.