HIVE NEWS @ 3 March 2021 - LeoFi Airdrop, Hive Marketing Proposal and Keychain Mobile


Hive News is back with a jamboree of great Hive related news.

LeoFinance is going all DeFi, Lord Butterfly is going all Marketing and Keychain is going all mobile.

Also in today's edition there is news about PeakD, BlockTrades, the Ledger Hive app, D.Buzz, CryptoBrewMaster and Ruslan Bolgov, dGoal and inactive witnesses.

1. New LeoFi Products Announced by LeoFinance

@leofinance has announced details of their new LeoFi DeFi products that are launching shortly.

bLEO represents BEP20 LEO - a wrapped version of the LEO token on the Binance Smart Chain. CUB is a DeFi-based smart contract application on the Binance Smart Chain.

A snapshot of WLEO and Leo Power holders was taken earlier today for the CUB token....

2. Hive Marketing Proposal on the DHF

@lordbutterfly has launched a proposal on the Decentralized Hive Fund to fund a professional marketing compaign to be run by Ignite Visibility.

The marketing campaign will have multiple strands - Conversion Rate Optimisation, Influencer Marketing, Advertising on Social Media, Digital PR, and Email Marketing.

The 4 month campaign will have a monthly cost of US $24,625, with a total cost of US $98,500.

The proposal is bidding for 1620 HBD per day for 119 days to allow the funds to be gathered quickly enough.

At the time of writing the proposal has already gathered 8.72m SP of votes. 22.4m SP of votes is needed to cross the funding threshold...

Ignite Visibility is a high profile, multiple award winning, top 10 US marketing agency based in San Diego...

3. Hive Keychain Mobile for Android and iOS

Developer @stoodkev has announced that the first version of Hive Keychain for Mobile has now been accepted on both the Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (iOS)...

@nateaguila, who did the design work for the project, has posted further about the new mobile release...

4. New Version of

A new version of has now been released.

The new version features a new home page, availability on IPFS, post layout changes and a number of wallet improvements.

The PeakD team has also posted in more detail about the new home page and how it promotes their focus on Communities...

5. BlockTrades Blockchain Work Update

@blocktrades has posted another update on their development work on the Hive blockchain.

Work this past week has included SQL account history plugin improvements, syncing hivemind from SQL account history plugin databases, experimenting with Postgres extensions for fork handling, and fixing some Condenser bugs.

They have also finished testing official hivemind release v1.24.2...

6. Finalising the Ledger Nano S HIVE application

@engrave reports that he is doing some additional work on @netuoso's Hive Ledger app so that it can get official support from Ledger.

He has been reviewing the code to ensure that it is secure and stable...

7. D.Buzz Longform Content Feature

D.Buzz has released a sneak peek at a new longform content feature that is being added to their dApp...

8. CryptoBrewMaster and Ruslan Bolgov NFT

@CryptoBrewMaster has teamed up with real world NFT artist Ruslan Bolgov (aka @axeman) to produce a limited edition NFT card...

9. New logo & Keychain Integration for dGoal

@dgoal has announced a new logo and improved Keychain integration for its Rabona Football Manager dApp...

10. Low Ranked and Inactive Witnesses

Top 30 witness @quochuy has produced a list of all the retired, zombie and disabled witnesses. Please make sure you are not still voting for any of these.

If you are, you might want to check out the list @quochuy has also produced of active lower ranking witnesses who would be grateful of a vote...

Decentralized Hive Fund

The Decentralized Hive Fund (DHF) today has a daily funding budget available of approximately 12,397 HBD.

There are now 16 proposals receiving funding from the DHF - @howo (core blockchain development), @keychain (Hive Keychain development), @good-karma (Hivesigner), @guiltyparties / @spaminator (Spaminator), @hivebuzz / (Hive Gamification), @smooth / @hbdstabilizer (HBD Stabilization x 2), @arcange / @hivesql (free HiveSQL), @steempeak / @peak.proposals (PeakD), @ecency (Ecency), @klye / (Hive.Loans), @hivewatchers (Hivewatchers), @inertia (Banjo hosting), @hivesearcher (Hivesearcher development), @fullalt (HiveTips, MyAltWallet, Hive Patron), @inertia (Hive Developer Documentation) and @martibis (app development - Haveyoubeenhere, Pinmapple, Buymeberries).

These successful proposals are currently receiving a total of 8940.5 HBD per day from the DHF...

@lordbutterfly's new Hive Marketing Proposal is very much the hot proposal of the moment.

It has already gained votes totaling 8.83m HP and is only 5 spots away from crossing the Return Proposal threshold for funding.

@tarazkp has posted about why the proposal deserves support on the DHF...

Communities & Tribes

What makes a good community?

@curatorcat has posted about what makes a good community...

Natural Medicine

@naturalmedicine has posted their weekly newsletter for Homesteaders...

Contest of the Day

Tiny Earthship Design Competition

Design a tiny home that is no larger than 40 meters squared or 430 sq ft. Up to 500 HIVE for a winning design. Organised by @eco-alex...

KEY DATA [ from CoinGecko & @arcange ]

Hive price (USD) US$ 0.301 03 Mar '21 05.11pm UTC
Hive price (BTC) 0.00000588 03 Mar '21 05.11pm UTC
CoinGecko MarketCap Ranking #235 03 Mar '21 05.11pm UTC
HBD price US$ 1.12 03 Mar '21 05.11pm UTC
No. of Whales 32 02 Mar '21
No. of Orcas 296 02 Mar '21
No. of Dolphins 1813 02 Mar '21
No. of Minnows 8913 02 Mar '21
Alexa rank ( #27,011 03 Mar '21 04.52pm UTC
Alexa rank ( #27,565 03 Mar '21 04.52pm UTC
Alexa rank ( #36,565 03 Mar '21 04.52pm UTC
Alexa rank ( #51,454 03 Mar '21 04.52pm UTC
Unique visitors ( 138,038 / day 03 Mar '21 04.52pm UTC
Unique visitors ( 123,248 / day 03 Mar '21 04.52pm UTC
Unique visitors ( 83,809 / day 03 Mar '21 04.52pm UTC
Unique visitors ( 59,159 / day 03 Mar '21 04.52pm UTC
Page views ( 483,133 / day 03 Mar '21 04.52pm UTC
Page views ( 751,814 / day 03 Mar '21 04.52pm UTC
Page views ( 444,186 / day 03 Mar '21 04.52pm UTC
Page views ( 337,207 / day 03 Mar '21 04.52pm UTC

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This is #8 (3 Mar '21) of the Hive news service.

For more Hive news check out Hive Today that comes out every Saturday...

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Some nice developments going on. I need to find an idiot's guide to these 'wrapped' tokens. A lot of that stuff goes over my head.

$Hive is holding pretty well around 30c. I'd love to see it go higher. Someone pointed me to an account that is milking $300 posts on 'the other place'. They need to sink without trace now it's gone to pot, but someone is propping up the coin.


Lots of updates and that is what I talked about "The Market is Active"
and this is the best thing

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It seems odd that peakd and could have the same numbers on anything, let alone two different things.
Is this correct?


I love these news posts! There is sooo much going on it's hard to keep up! Thank you


Awesome compilation and blog post @pennsif! Great accomplishment. Awesome to have all this info here. It's great to see all things blockchain humming along!


Thanks for mentioning dGoal!